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Aaryn - Straight!? [Version 0.11.1] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of issue: 2017
Genre: visual novel, gay, m4m, date sim, 3DCG, twink, bara, yaoi
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to delete
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.11.1
Language of the game: English
Interface language: English

Straight !? is a work in progress dating sim / visual novel that specifically focuses on M4M and gay content. The story follows the main character, Zack, from his first day of college after meeting his new roommate, Braden.

Changelog 0.11.1:
-Typo/Grammar changes based on beta feedback
-Tightened up a little of the writing

Changelog 0.10:
-Fixed a few random typos
-Concluded Chapter 5 (and pissed a bunch of people off)

Changelog 0.8:
-Adding coding in a few scenes to disable accidental skipping of scene transitions that are based on time or pauses
-Added Dinner Conversations for the following topics: Braden’s name(Unlocked during Chapter 2 intro), Braden’s past girlfriend history(Chapter 3 during massage), and Room Decorations(Unlocked randomly after fixing the heat and waking up the next morning) These can ONLY be unlocked through a new game.
-Finished the poker sequence and ended Chapter 3

-Moved story forward
-Fixed a couple clipping issues on CGs
-Corrected Typos
-Added a jump to the newest "Update" from the "New Game" menu. This will give some of you options for the upcoming updates. If you want to start the chapter from the beginning you can. If you want to jump to where you left off, now you have an option. The jump will move back a few screens into the previous update. Kinda like watching a recap from the "last episode" on your favorite TV series.
-There's now a warning at the beginning of the game to NOT use old save files. If I was a better programmer, I could probably avoid this but I'm not so I'm kinda stuck with it. The "jump to update" feature was my work-around.
-There may be some bugs with the dinner conversation. This was originally my goal for this update and I got distracted and moved the story forward more than I thought I would. Dinner talk was moved in the script file and I did a few changes to prep it for dialogue. Moving this sets me up for next update but may have caused a few bugs. If you run into any let me know.

Changelog 0.51:
-Fixed typos
-Corrected missing Zack visual

Changelog 0.4:
-Massive stat change: All visible stats and requirements have been removed. Game progression is now based on achieving the previous checkpoints or obtainting items. You just don’t have to grind stats or relationship points to move the story forward anymore.
-Game is now divided into Chapters based on the conclusion from last update
-Added chapter selection at beginning of the game. This will prevent players from having to start at the very beginning every single update.
-Updated Main menu graphic for better quality
-Corrected some typos (I feel like this will just always be included)
-Default font change

Change Log v0.31
-Bug fix

Change log v0.3
-Old saves will not work. I've added new variables
-The heat is now working in the dorm room and characters will dress appropriately
-Added a quick graphic for the screwdriver and other new items. This should add more attention when you obtain items due to there not being an inventory
-Replaced more old Zack images from v0.1 (Original render had blue eyes)
-Some basic grammar and writing changes in the earlier builds to make the story flow a bit better.
-There are now ways to open up further conversation and work with Ernie, the janitor. He gives a reoccuring event to build points
-Pool is now open but has some pre-requisites. You can unlock this through relationship with Braden during some evening activities if you have enough attendance
-Lightened more Braden sleeping pics
-Ernie relationship points are now more useful and will unlock more items, jobs, and may have a little something to do with that pesky shower wall and locker room lighting
-Added a cumulative stat feature. Now when you earn a stat or skill point, the game will immediately tell you what your current total is
-Slight changes to stats requirements for events. Initial discovery of Ernie now requires 5 Attendance (previously 3).
-The game now has full nudity in one scene
-Bug?: I still haven't figured out a way to cap the stats so that will be pushed off for now. Though, I'm unhappy about it (And it's annoying af). For now, all events are unlockable with Sneak = 10, Ernie = 5, Attendance = 9

Changelog v0.2
-Added Day 2 story
-Day 3 starts a Sandbox that is now repeatable and will slowly be modified based on choices, relationships, or items acquired. This is basically a base for Tier 1 of the story
-You can now meet Ernie the Janitor after school sometime after Day 3. If he's not there, you may try back after a few days
-Attendance Points are gained when you attend school. These only impact ability to find the janitor right now but will play a larger role in later updates
-Corrected some typos
-Relationship points for Braden and Janitor added. These do not do a lot now but will play a more prominent role later
-Replaced some v0.1 nighttime pics that were really freaking dark
-New Skill: Stealth. Stealth is gained and utilized as a skill when sneaking or peeping on people. The more you do it, the more points you get. If you gain more stealth points, you may have access to more scenes.
-Added in some creep stuff while Braden is sleeping. For those not interested, it's avoidable and won't impact the story. Just leave Braden alone during the night.
-The Save/Load screen is now working!!
-Added Adult content splash screen because this game is fucking naughty
-Adjusted some images during the initial meet between Braden and Zack. Hopefully this will make it easier to orient to characters in the beginning

Note: There is not a clear cutoff ending as in v0.1. If you get the heat working and have seen a boxer option during Braden's sleep cycle, you've hit the end of the content.
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I want to have sex on games to feel pleasure
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