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Eekllc - House Party [Version 0.13.0] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of issue: 2017
Genre: ADV, SLG, 3D, Striptease
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to delete
Platform: Windows / MacOS / Linux
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.13.0
Language of the game: English
Interface language: English


House Party, in its concept and sense of humor, is a throwback to the adventure style games of the 80s and 90s like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, but it is rendered in a beautiful full-3D first-person context.

3D simulator of the party. You can fulfill the requests of the girls and for this they begin to undress. For the time being I did not understand it to the end and I will admit it honestly, as the description passes through, and so far.

When downloading / unpacking problems with the game's main story story:
1. Download the story from the author's site.
2. Unpack in% USERPROFILE% \ Documents \ Eek \ House Party \ Mods \ Stories \ (two folders - Original Story and Tutorial appear)

Changelog Version 0.13.0:
In the Original Story: began to implement the following Opportunities for Patrick: Patty’s Striking Resemblance, Story Time with Patrick, Genie in a Brahttle
In the Original Story: began to implement the following Opportunities for Rachael: Turnt Up, Benedict Brahrnold
Added new Character “Leah”
Removed Floating Hand (Control Hand) in favor of a new right-click interaction system
Optimized most pickup-able items in the house to be used with right-click option
Added a “breathing” effect to Leah, Madison, Stephanie, Amy, and Rachael (Will eventually be ported to all characters)
Added physics to Leah, Madison, Stephnaie, Amy, and Rachaels’ butts (Will eventually be ported to all characters)
Added Leah to the Main Menu Screen
Added “Compubrah” environment
Added Vape Model
Added Music Dock Model
Added MP3 Player and Headphones Models
Added Trash Can model
Added Keys on a Ring model
Added Magazine model
Added burnt face Patrick
Added avatar image for Leah
Save games will now be forward compatible (Starting with versions greater than 0.13.0)
Created an audio pooling system to increase performance
Restructured Story Creator Data to be more user friendly and intuitive
Official stories and translations are now kept in the game data folder. (Mod data remains in Documents)
Fixed an issue where Background Chatter would not play in custom stories
Created LOD system for Leah, Madison, Stephanie, Amy, and Rachael (increases performance. Will eventually be ported to all characters)
Fixed an issue where background chatter delays were not working properly
Added background chatter delays to various events
Fixed an issue in the CSC where an error would be generated when adding a new value on the fly
Fixed an issue with female orgasm meters recharging too quickly
Modified the position and size of some redirects in high traffic areas to reduce chance of overzealous automated roaming events being sent to NPCs
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could prevent Madison from confronting Ashley at the end of Madison’s “Drunk and Disorderly” opportunity
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player’s “Recharge” bar to get stuck after intimacy with Ashley at the finale of “Sibling Warfare”
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Orgasms with other NPCs or caused by “solo actions” by the player to result in Ashley using her post-intimacy lines/events
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could lead to Ashley walking out of her room to engage with the Player in Sibling Warfare or Smooth Operator-related intimacy
In the Original Story: minor tweaks to thought bubble timing and appearances while progressing through Ashley’s prank/Sibling Warfare path
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player’s “Recharge” bar to get stuck after the Player and Ashley were caught spying on Derek and Madison, if the Player was vigorously entertaining themselves at the time
In the Original Story: the Player can no longer interact with the slider door for a few moments during the finale of Madison’s Drunk and Disorderly opportunity
In the Original Story: using the microwave with the coffee after the microwave is fixed no longer gives an outdated/confusing inspect text message
In the Original Story: certain dare-related lines that are not intended to be spoken “to” the Player will no longer force Rachael to walk to the Player if the Player is out of line of sight
In the Original Story: miscellaneous tweaks to make Rachael’s dare content unfold a bit more smoothly and reduce duplication of certain events
In the Original Story: reworked various scripted aspects of Rachael’s dare content to prevent situations where saving and loading would completely break her behavior. Rachael should now either a) reset the current dare she is on or b) continue performing the dare that was in progress when the game was saved
In the Original Story: the Player can no longer talk to Rachael while she is pleasuring herself…at least not without repercussions
In the Original Story: minor adjustments to prepare new 0.13.x/Patrick-centered content to work alongside Rachael’s existing Dare content
In the Original Story: corrected minor inconsistency between Amy and Katherine during a Background Chatter exchange
In the Original Story: refactored spawn placements and methodology for all NPCs that previously used individual and repeated warpTo events for NewGame positioning (should help cut down on random objects being on the floor when a game starts, or NPCs seemingly bunched on top of each other, etc.)
In the Original Story: fixed a handful of typos in Madison’s story
In the Original Story: addressed an issue that could cause Patrick and/or Derek to continually chase after Frank if the Player wakes Frank up after he gets knocked out, under specific circumstances
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Katherine to exit the master bedroom naked while the Player is pursuing Ashley’s Drunk and Disorderly opportunity
In the Original Story: the “Training Day” quest should now fail if the Player makes the wrong dialogue choice with Vickie prior to her hot tub intimacy sequence
In the Original Story: fixed an issue where Frank could attack the Player upon giving the Thermos to Rachael, even when he is concussed
Modified the position and size of some redirects in high traffic areas to reduce chance of overzealous automated roaming events being sent to NPCs
Tweaks to the NoLoitering system to reduce CPU usage in certain situations. Will also not run within the first 30 seconds of a new or loaded game
Added in thirteen new move targets outside the house for use in stories
Added the ‘cancel’ subcommand for use with the WalkTo console command. Can be used with one character or ‘all’ characters
Added new console command: ‘timescale’. This allows the user to slow down or speed up most mechanics and visuals in the game outside of audio clips/voice acting. Most appropriately used for detailed observation of swaying cocks.
Optimized physics calculations

Changelog Version 0.12.3:
Added Background Chatter System
Small tweaks to Navigation
Improved hair and textures on most characters
Improved “End of Sex” animations and nuances transitioning out
Fixed an issue where dialogue audio would sometimes stop working when you pause the game
Fixed an issue where GameEvent timers would get cut short when saving the game
Auto-Save now saves to memory so it does not interrupt gameplay FPS
Disabled Auto-Save for the time being. Still some issues to work out that we will address next cycle
Save games not save roaming allow and prohibit locations correctly
Added new dialog avatars for all characters
Fixed character lighting artifacts in main menu
Improved menu environmental effects
Fixed an issue that could cause Save Games to appear without a timestamp
Saved games are now sorted in the Load Game interface in descending order
Fixed an issue that could cause Saved Games to not load if they contained a specific set of non-alphanumeric characters
Fixed an issue that could cause the washer and/or dryer to clip into/against the Player when running and enter a new plane of existence
Periodic Event Triggers will now also be logged into the Debug Log, just before their associated child events attempt to execute and log. Repeated, short-delay Periodics will not be logged multiple times in a row in, order to avoid spam
The Debug Log will now show the number of events that an Event Trigger is attempting to execute as part of its log entry
The Debug Log will now more accurately log story event-based NPC Change Locations, and will now also log character movements that are triggered by a ChangeLocation-based “Invite To Hang” (when characters change location they can invite other NPCs they have relationship values with to come with them)
Addressed a few model references that were preventing the ‘bodypart’ console command from adjusting the size of certain male parts
The Player can now use the command console (via the bodypart command) to adjust the general size of the ejaculate particle. Get yer buckets
Talking to Madison in the middle of Like a French Girl now results in the reaction you need, but perhaps not the reaction you deserve
Madison will no longer keep her Shoo Others state should the player decide to side with Derek and not sleep with her
Restored a temporarily available line from Ashley where she will comment on the Player being topless, but added some randomness to it so it wouldn’t be spammed
Fixed an issue that would allow the Player to throw the voice recorder out the window for High and Dry, and then reach Derek to trigger the special Muse “Ending”/failure
Fixed an issue that would make Derek seem happy to see the Player during The Muse, despite the competition going on between Derek and the Player
Fixed an issue that could occur if the Player called Madison out for painting by numbers if Madison’s “art show” was already underway
Addressed another issue that could cause Derek’s warp in during a potential High and Dry failure to not work as intended
Fixed an issue that allowed the Player to push Derek around during the very beginning of High and Dry, even though Derek should be having none of that
Fixed an issue that allowed the Player to escape Frank a bit too easily during a special “ending”/failure of The Muse
Tweaks and presentation improvements to special “ending”/failure of The Muse
Fixed a few additional issues related to the success or failure (and the timings of associated dialogues) of the “stamina test” near the finale of Like a French Girl in order to reduce the chance of some confusing pairings feedback from Madison
Fixed an issue that could cause Ashley to wander around naked and become generally unresponsive to conversation attempts or attempts to give her her clean/dry clothes back, if the Player had failed to lock one of the bathroom doors as part of Humiliate Ashley
Fixed an issue where duplicate thought bubbles could occur during Magnum Opus if the Player re-mounts the Penguin to the Dresser
Fixed an issue that could cause conflicting game messages to appear when the Player tries to use the coffee in the cup with the kettle while the kettle is on the stove
Fixed an issue that could cause Derek’s boxers/underwear to stay on after the end of Sibling Warfare
Resolved another issue that could cause Derek to not be kneeling if the Player saved/loaded the game at a certain moment
Fixed an issue that could cause Ashley to stay in a Running state permanently if the Player had failed to lock one of the bathroom doors during Humiliate Ashley
The Player will no longer be able to trick Stephanie into going to Madison by turning off one of the speakers, if the Player is currently pursuing some of the more involved scenes of The Muse
The Player can no longer give items to Madison at highly inopportune times during a select few key points of The Muse
Added the Event Trigger “MadsEnableSimonSays” for command console use and tweaked a few old story events
Tweaks to a few Shoo Other event timings or add/remove delays for characters that used it in the Original Story
Removed all instances of SetInspectText events to prepare for event deprecation
Fixed additional small issues with value settings should the Player fail Humiliate Ashley by leaving a door unlocked
Fixed an issue in the special ending/failure of The Muse that could cause THE DOOD, THE FISTER, THE GAME ENDING MISTER (hey I tried, are you even reading all these?), to walk away from the Player mid-dialogue, as if re-evaluating every life choice that brought him to the party
Fixed an issue that could prevent Derek from Roaming again after the special ending/failure of The Muse
Fixed an issue with Amy during her intimacy scene that would allow the Player to start multiple rounds of oral at once. Sorry, you only have a limited number phalli…phalluses? Pharoahs?
Player will now automatically undress prior to engaging in maximum intimacy with Amy if they are not already undressed, preventing the need to back out of dialogue with her to see the option. You leave your shoes and wizard hat on out of sheer excitement
Amy will no longer wander around naked after intimacy with the Player at the finale of Chasing Amy; this is to contrast the intimacy reward against her heightened sense of exhibitionism at the end of the Scavenger Hunt opportunity
Player can no longer ask Amy to get dressed, etc. while already in the middle of certain intimacy acts
Fixed some of the issues with Amy’s available responses during/transitions between intimacy states, and the availability of those responses when other characters are nearby
Fixed an issue that could cause Derek to have two nearly identical response options available to the Player that would explain how to get on Ashley’s good side under certain circumstances
The Player can obtain the Penguin item a bit earlier in The Muse…you know, for fun
Added some protections into the Original Story to prevent Vickie from ceasing her pose and getting dressed again if the player saves and loads between her offering her panties and being intimate with her
Slight timing tweaks to the “paint and pose” scene in Like a French Girl to help prevent against niche bugs with the Opportunity failure that is possible here
Sprinkled a few additional emote usages throughout the story
Added a mechanic that allows the player to ask Vickie to go back to the hot tub as long as the Scavenger Hunt finale is not active, and that Vickie is not currently involved in certain parts of the Ashley vs. Madison prank
NPCs will clear the area more reliably before the Player and Madison get their art on in Like a French Girl
Vickie will not be as aggressive when commenting on the Player’s lack of stamina after her first “test” in the hot tub

Changelog Version 0.11.3:
Implemented ability to unlock achievements both locally and on Steam
Implemented logic for upcoming DLC Explicit Content Add-On (Uncensored Patch) for Steam
Implemented partial Russian localization
Fixed an issue with some phantom shadows
Fixed an issue where the camera audio and visuals weren’t working when snapping a picture
Fixed an issue where the escape menu can sometimes get stuck on the screen
Fixed an issue where Amy wouldn’t change into her alternate outfit
Increased the radius of Ashley’s Top hit box slightly
Fixed an issue where some Interactive Items weren’t initializing properly
Fixed achievements so they won’t fail to pop up if a dialogue or other important UI element is on display
Fine-tuned lip syncing
Improved animations for laying and oral sex
Fixed Brittney’s crooked head in her sittings animations
Fixed Ashley’s eyelids blinking trough each other
Added more achievement images
Made the mound of dirt brighter
Ashley’s prank vs. Madison (if not caught in the closet) will now break/remove the Madison Smooth Operator reward if the player did not use it yet
Fixed an issue that was keeping Madison bra-less after any Sibling Warfare/prank “ending”
Being needy af towards Madison after she clearly indicates that you should leave her general vicinity will fail Smooth Operator: Madison.
Fixed a couple typos
Madison will no longer follow the player past the slider during the finale of her Drunk and Disorderly, and will instead pause dramatically near the slider door for her final showdown with the “worst of her stock”
Added two other sensible dialogue routes to the game that will allow the player to ask Katherine about hacking phones
Amy will no longer mention her stubbed toe via dialogue if the player is already speaking to another NPC
There are now overhears programmed for Frank to beat the player up if the player gives Madison a beer while near him.
Fixed reference in Ashley’s story for more “Quest : 0” naming issues.
Madison can now be given beers again after the player fails out of Humiliate Ashley by leaving a door(s) unlocked.
Ashley running into an unlocked bathroom during Humiliate Ashley will now actually fail the quest that was the catalyst for her running into a bathroom in the first place.
Frank’s overhears during Madison’s Drunk and Disorderly now take into account possible mental injuries he may have sustained in pursuit of getting a better look at Katherine.
Once Madison is well on her way to being shitfaced, she will redirect her default dialogue to a more appropriate drunk line until her D&D is completed.
Fixed an issue that would cause Madison’s interactions to break if she reached the master bathroom before yelling at Patrick near the finale of her Smooth Operator opportunity

First pass of achievements added for Original Story
Madison recovery mechanic and reward implemented for Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Improved Madison’s follow behavior with the player during the finale of her Drunk and Disorderly
Decreased the chance that the closing of the sliding door would compromise her Drunk and Disorderly finale, or other content
Removed some duplicate lines and fixed several typos
Fixed an issue that would cause Derek to not attack the player based on choices made in Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Tweaked the ability of the player to talk to Madison during certain WalkTo’s in her new content
Changed some vicinity and vision checks for Patrick as part of Madison’s new content
Added a missing “goodbye” response at the end of Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Decreased the chance that Patrick would walk away from the player’s conversation about Sky Animals.
Sky Animal PTSD value reduced by 200.
Decreased the chance that the door close/lock sequence at the finale of Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity would break the end of the content
Added a dialogue for Madison to let the player know she really, really meant it when she said she didn’t want to throw up at her own party
Ashley will not talk to the player about Sky Animals if Patrick is unconscious (still needs tweaking for in-combat states)
Added new Stephanie Model
Updated Stephanie’s Avatar Photo
Upgraded to Unity 2018
Completely revamped user input to be much smoother and consistent
Re-EQed Madison’s VA files to get them sounding closer to her older lines
Implemented groundwork for supporting playing the game as a female MC
Added Player Gender criteria to the Story Creator
Added hard wood floor to the downstairs area
Added new HD wall textures
Added new HD carpet textures
Upgraded some furniture to improved shaders for fabric
Added room dividers downstairs – Added new soda model
Added new path lining
Fixed small issues with madison and stephanie’s textures
Various material and texture tweaks
Kitchen now has more effective reflections
Added screen space reflections – adjusted bloom brightness
Improved shadow quality
Added shadow models to the ceiling lamps for more accurate shading
Fixed the dancing room’s floor not being properly aligned
Fixed an issue with light flickering
Added a “videoclip” to the dancing room tv screen
Fixed an issue where Stephanie’s stomache would become invisible when her dress was removed
Updated the glass material on the sliding door to be more visible
Removed stephanie’s hair shimmering – Fixed a spacing issue in the credits
Lighting updates all around – Added laxative model to replace eyedrops
Fixed color mismatch on the tv cabinet.
Fixed Frank’s shirt disappearing under certain viewing angles
Hand cursor tweaks

Changelog 0.10.4:
Completely revamped lighting and post processing
All rooms now have their own lighting “feel”
Added rocks to the back yard flower bed
Madison’s clothes have been updated
“WantsToBeAlone” state no longer spams the Debug Log
Fixed rare occurrences where you could see the back of Rachael’s head through her hair
The “Turn” GameEvent is not logged correctly
Tweaked new sex animations
Stopped sex from starting in problematic places, the characters are now moved to a safe location first
Added extra code to check to make sure characters don’t get stuck after sex
Added Gamma slider
Added new Study room lamp
Added new Master bedroom lamps
Added rocks for the flower bed
Added a new moon
Added illuminated windows to the neighbourhood
Animated the outside fire light
Changed room colors for Ashley’s and Study room
Fixed vickie’s top becoming invisible sometimes
Fixed some cabinets having different color doors
Fixed upstairs doors having different colors in shading
Tweaked the fog effect
Tweaked the lighting in the menu
Frank can no longer get stuck in the bathroom during the concussion route — FRANK SMASH
Katherine will always be able to leave the bathroom, regardless of progression/failure of “Follow your calling.
Nothing can be taken freely from the liquor cabinet unless Frank is in a state that allows it.
Brittney will no longer follow Steph at/in situations that wouldn’t allow for it.
Steph will approach the “Kat sick” situation without the player if needed — after 500 seconds since Kat entered the bathroom.
The “Crunched bag” will no longer appear in Amy’s hand after a save.
“Follow Your Calling” can now be achieved through 5 different routes, ensuring that Kat will not be stuck in the bathroom without some kind of follow through.
Fixed an issue with a graphical trailing effect in the Anti-Aliasing
Fixed an issue with light bleeding into the garage from the bedroom
Fixed an issue in the Custom Story Creator where values would default to “Amy”
Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes spin in place after a sex act
Fixed an issue where characters wouldn’t get re-dressed correctly after getting out of the hot tub if another character sat there before they left the area
Fixed an issue where sometimes characters won’t go to an important location after a game load if they were blocked previously
Fixed an issue where Motion Blur settings are not remembered correctly
Fixed an issue where saving a game with the file-name “1” or “2” caused a crash on load
Fixed an issue where Frank sometimes couldn’t see you through the liquor cabinet door
Fixed an issue where the escape menu can get stuck on the screen
Fixed an issue where the save menu takes a reaaaaaaallly long time to come up
Fixed an issue where Amy would have the bag in her hand on a game load
ChangeLocation events are now logged to the Debug Log
Beer Pong balls can no longer be grabbed in mid-air when in the middle of a practice game
Fixed a bug that was preventing Beer Pong balls from spawning in the right place or always returning to their container/spawner
Minor tweaks to beer pong and minigame physics attributes
Tweaked kitchen and slider door colliders in order to prevent small items from getting stuck or disappearing
Various ChangeLocation events and their reasons for occurring are now logged in the debug log
Further save/load game naming convention and file system constraints added to prevent some of the rarer Save/Load issues
Minor UI typo and debug log formatting tweaks
Tweaked NoLoitering zone sizes to better reflect the geometry of high-traffic areas that the NoLoitering AI uses to prevent pathing “traffic jams”
Changed NoLoitering behavior to take into account a wider array of possible character states

Changelog 0.10.3:
Added new Missionary Sex Animations
Added new Doggiestyle Sex Animations
Added new Cowgirl Sex Animations
Adjusted Stephanie’s stories so as not to disrupt other opportunities
Any characters put into an indisposed state (like concuss or drunk) will now eventually return to normal
Added polish to all new content
Added new Staircase lamp
Added 2 new standing lamps
Added new frank lamp
Added new nightstand lamps
Added paint covered Stephanie
Added paint covered bag
Changed scene lighting
Changed hot tub reflections to be more accurate
Optimized post processing
Optimized/reduced performance on reflections
Fixed disappearing characters during sex scenes sometimes
Fixed some clothing clipping trough characters
Fixed a bug that was causing beer pong items to move or clip into each other upon loading a saved game
Beer pong balls can no longer be accidentally grabbed out of cups between scoring and resetting their position
Fixed a bug that allowed the player to become detached from the beer pong table and move around with partial and unexpected levels of camera control
Overwriting a save game will now properly overwrite or add to the Photos collection attached to that save
Debug Log now correctly Logs True/False Values for EventTriggers -> Set Enabled
Saving and Loading a game Named ‘1’, ‘2’, etc. that had pictures attached no longer causes a hangs or crashes on the Loading screen
Debug Log timestamps now shown in the in-game debug window
All debug log timestamps are now evenly formatted
Tweaked areas of the house that would force a change in character location due to excessive loitering, and these events are now logged in the debug log
Fixed typos in the UI

Changelog 0.10.2:
You can now go “All the Way” with Stephanie in her ending
“Special Tutor” Added refinement to the 4 new endings, ensuring that failing any of Stephanie’s new quests won’t necessarily fail other quests
Added 5+ lines between Katherine and Stephanie (Some currently unvoiced.)
All around polish to the current state of Stephanie’s revamp–including Frank’s head-butt scene.
Added new voice acting for Stephanie, Katherine, Derek, Madison, and Frank
Added a new kitchen light
Added new standing lamps
Added a state where characters will not slow down when approaching their move target
Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash when loading the game
Fixed various bugs in Stephanie’s new story content
Fixed some areas where NPCs were getting stuck when pathfinding
Fixed an issue with the hand cursor where it would sometimes disappear
Added a response from Ashley if you give her beer before you “meet” her
Fixed an issue where Kat would drop dialogue if you ask her to take a nude photo and you haven’t used the Camera on the SD card yet, but they are both in your inventory
Beer pong balls return to the spawner/container area after being used after a short delay, regardless of if they miss or score
Added a help text radial option to give instructions for how to play
If the beer pong container does not detect that enough playable balls are present, it will spawn more upon starting a new practice session
Further tweaked handcursor grab collider + grab functionality to improve player’s ability to pick up small objects
Fixed an issue that was causing character state transitions to be logged incorrectly in the debug log

Changelog 0.9.6:
Added new main menu
Updated loading screen
Added hints to the loading screen
Added new interactions with Patrick
Added new lines to Amy and Rachael after finishing their stories
Added new garden light models
Added 10+ lines of new dialogue to Patrick
Added 3 new lines of new dialogue to Rachael
Added 4 new lines of dialogue to Amy
Patrick will now accept (or reject) every form of alcohol around the house
Removed Kitchen Table for better player navigation and NPC pathing
Added party lights model
Added wine rack model
Added painting easel model
Added painting stool model
Added painting tarp model
Added painting canvases model
Added creepy owl painting model
Grass Improvements
Changed Spare Room ceiling lamp color (no more rainbow)
Changed all character skin tones to fit the lighting and match each other
Added Gut Grip model
Added Motor Oil model
Added new garden light models
Added garage divider model
Added new Patrick voice acting lines
Added new Rachael voice acting lines
Added new Amy voice acting lines
Updated and Enhanced Katherine’s model
Upgraded Character Textures to 4k
Standardized brightness of all character models
Improved Ragdoll physics
Fixed an issue with characters ending up in weird places on loaded games
Fixed an issue where NPCs could end up outside of the navigational area
Fixed an issue where saving and loading would sometimes not save ALL current NPC walking targets
Fixed an issue where characters’ skin would poke through clothes on the main menu
You can now hold Alt when starting the game to pull up the old splash launcher
Improved upon Ashley’s post conversation route where players were unable to interact with her
Improved upon Madison’s confrontation with Ashley after Humiliate Ashley
Improved upon Vickie’s foreplay where players were unable to interact with her
General typo cleanup
Fixed an issue where the game would unpause in the Graphics Menu
Re-mastered voice acting audio files
Fixed an issue where “Opportunity Missed” messages would not display if you didn’t already have the quest
A Vickie Vixen Valentine: Vickie is Still Somehow Getting Stuck in the
Master Bath Bathtub is fixed
A Vickie Vixen Valentine: Fixed an issue where Vickie would scold you if you didn’t go upstairs
Debug Log now logs console command events
Debug Log now saves to \DebugLogs instead of \Errors
Combat console command now accepts ‘all’ parameter for all subcommands
Whereis command added to console; will give location of a target character, their current move target, etc.
Miscellaneous cleanup of command console and debug log
Re-positioned light switches to a more logical height
Updated toilet model to a more natural curvature
Fixed an issue where some characters were overly shiny
Fixed a bug where Ashley and Amy could get stuck in the floor or furniture the spare room after sex
Fixed a bug where toggling the volumetric lighting could cause a mysterious unnatural fogginess
Fixed a bug where characters, after being knocked out, would wake up stuck in furniture or walls
Stopped Patrick from dancing in Date Night with Brittney
Added credits scene
Adjusted and polished lighting
Kitchen and garage graphical touch ups
Improved areas where light was leaking
Fixed an issue where the fire light wasn’t baking into the scene correctly
Adjusted Front Door textures
Optimized lightmapping (Shorter load times)
Added extra code to keep characters from getting stuck or being outside the playable/walkable area
Added some extra handling to prevent debug log crashes and inability to export
Added timestamps to the debug log
Shortened some console commands such as eventtriggers, modifyvalue, and displaygamemessage; reference the ‘help’ command for their replacements
Download Keep2share (k2s.cc)

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