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SVS Games is more than just a catchy name. As alluded to before, we offer a handpicked collection of free online porn games. At the time of writing, there are split into five main categories:

  1. Adult Games;
  2. Porn Games;
  3. Hentai Games;
  4. Japanese Games;
  5. Android Games.

The first one is a bit of an “anything goes” kind of a category. There are many different genres explored within this category, including family sex and cuckolding. The “Porn Games” category is more straightforward and is more suited for people that want to experience the kinkiest fucking that the world of hardcore interactive entertainment has to offer. Basically, these games are “meatier” (they have more gameplay mechanics) and raunchier on average. Our collection of hentai online porn games? That is pretty much self-explanatory, we feel like. Nobody’s going to confuse hentai games with anything else, we feel like.

Japanese games are the ones that were produced/developed by Japanese companies/independent creators. They are more inventive and way freakier than the sex games porn games developed by the western devs. Basically, if there are only a few interactive porn games you’re willing to try, go for something from this category. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the hotness of it all.

The last but not least – Android Games. We all know that mobile porn games are extremely en vogue nowadays. People really seem to dig the opportunity to enjoy porn flash games without having to boot up their PC or laptop. Playing sex games on the go has become the latest trend within the adult gaming industry and we don’t think it’s going to leave any time soon.

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