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Red Hook Studios - Darkest Sex Dungeon: The Color of Madness - Version 24839

Developer / Publisher: Red Hook Studios
Tags: red hook studios, rpg, strategy, monsters, zombie, rape, guro, tentacles, bdsm, corruption, fantasy,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng / Rus
Version: 24839
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
Another my mod on my favorite strategy game Darkest Dungeon. As usual I collected all the sex fashion that I could find and also changed the game files inside. Added a bunch of female skins for all the characters well and a few from Bloodborne. Replaced all pictures of the events well, and in the city all the townsfolk became naked girls. There are DLC Crimson Court as well as Schitol and the Saber. Increased the number of backdrops and their variety. The compilation is collected according to the fan and is not a hentai game but just a sex variation of a good game for those not acquainted with it.
Add. Information:
In the collection there are mods that add new characters and simplify the game:
7 Combat Skills - allows you to select all 7 skills of characters simultaneously
Inventory Expansion - doubles the bag
Unique Items - new artifacts
Installation order:
Unzip the Darkest Sex Dungeon archive and then run Darkest Sex Dungeon \ _windowsnosteam \ Darkest.exe
Change the language. Enable mods:
After entering the game, go to the options and select Options (Settings) - Other (Other) and in the Language menu select "Russian" to translate into Russian the whole game.
After setting all the options you need to exit the game so that the change will take effect.
Turn on all mods after starting a new game.

Since the limit mods I literally exceeded twice, here are two examples of the inclusion of mods:
1) You can turn on all modes except All Skin Set and Fallen Heroes. As a mod for 7 skills, select the All 7 Combat Skills Equipable mod for all classes from the collection.
2) Leave only standard heroes and enable All Skin Set and Fallen Heroes mods for them by selecting All 7 Combat Skills Equipable (vanilla) as the mod for 7 skills mod. After that, do not include fashion from The Profligates - CoM Trinkets and ending The Twilight Knight.
You can also experiment to turn them on and off until the game ceases to fly when entering the dungeons (it is in the dungeon, as if the city is loaded, this does not mean that the game will not crash when entering the inst).
First update:
1. Fixed white skins on additional characters.
2. Were transferred the fashion Dark Desire, Army of Skeletons, Kraken, House full of Pigs, Unique things, Obsessed and Yandere. Librarian, Offering, Omen, Shrapnel, Tifa, Tusk were not translated because of laziness.
3. Fashion is redesigned Dark desire for new camp abilities and quirks (Necrophilia, Zoophilia). As a bonus, new replicas were added for the characters of Obsessed and Yandere using their camp skills.
4. There were more options for appearance for the Forge, Guild, Hospital, Ranger, Glasha and Statues. There is an option in clothes and with tentacles. It is worth choosing one option from the proposed.
5. Fixed 7 combat skill and now you can add 7 skills to all additional characters.
6. Added the LoadScreens Standart mod for older boot screens. For more epic boot screens, the LoadScreens Epic mod was added. Include one of them.
7. The Unique Items mod has been translated and additional artifacts from the Collector's heads, Clair collection and Cursed items have been added to it. Since the Expanded Inventory mod, which doubles the inventory, does not reduce new items, an alternative Inventory Expanded Lite was added, which does not increase inventory by a factor of two but only by a third. It also increases the number of wearable artifacts from two to three, and it looks more nice with new items even though they go beyond the slot, but not as much as with Expanded Inventory.
8. Added characters Arachnids, Seraphim, Sokolnitsa, Dark Spirit, Dragon Slayer, Crossbowman of the Order, Combat Slave, Musketeer with translation into Russian. They added a translation into Russian Daugheter of the second (Yandere) and Hollow (Obsessed) made by me. To them, without translation, Librarian and Omen Seeker.
9. A Berserker armor is added to the character of Yandere.
10. Added new monsters to the Crypt and Reserve area. They require testing to check if they overlap with new monsters in a complex dungeon.
11. The new boss of Kraken in the bay which rapes the girls with their tentacles.
12. Added the No More Hunger mod, where the team will no longer starve during the hike.
13. The limit of hired characters is increased by two.
14. The client is rebooted with the addition of the ability to play on Steam save. Just returned the old English voice acting.
15. Fashion Darkest Desire, 7 Combat Skill, Inventory should stand above all so that there are no conflicts.
16. As an experiment to the statues in the city where scraps are scanned and played inside the game rollers, new video clips plus one Tentacle video are closed until the necromancer is killed on 1 difficulty level. In the future I want to make a gallery from this section where after killing bosses you can watch hentai videos and watch pictures instead of scraps (finally it will be meaningful to collect them in dungeons).
The second update:
1. The distribution was transferred to the original version because during the experiments the game often took off and was not compatible with the steam save. All original customer changes are added to the fashion.
2. Russian voice acting is left in the game, but since the sound can not be downloaded through the mods, you need to extract the file Rus \ audio \ to the audio folder with the replacement of the file in order to announce the Russian voice acting.
3. Added a new Hentai Video I made, which when killing bosses will show hentai clips and in the statue menu they will be unlocked for re-viewing.
4. Inventory Expansion Lite is rid of all bugs and all new items are now normal size. A large version of Inventory Expansion was removed because I did not want to fix it and the icons were too small.
5. In all 7 Combat Skills Equipable removed restrictions on admission to the team and geek, a dark spirit, and arachnids can join a team with religious characters.
6. Added a new mode of the game the last of us at which the new hero does not come to the city, but gives all the characters in the singular. If all the heroes die, then the game will end. The hero can be resurrected for 30,000 gold after a ritual in the monastery. With the mod all hero to the standard heroes join all the hero from this collection that is a good opportunity to test them.
7. New sexy skins for the monastery and their tentacle counterparts.
8. Three new heroes of Tzundere, Loli and Fife, added to Yandera, who all come together on the event. Tzundere tank with semi-bow and mechanics, not allowing it to hit the same target twice. Fayfu Healer who does not deal damage, but buffs himself for damage, which can be thrown to the ally and the ability to control the enemy's progress. Loli is a support master with the strongest camp skills and who has spare firewood. Loli's skills are sharpened against certain enemies and you can assign them yourself.
9. The new divine elixir mod that gives an elixir that cures a scarlet curse for 10,000 gold.
10. Kindest dungeon allows you to meet another group of adventurers in the dungeon for communication.
11. Larger Roster Level 5 Hero increases the number of hired characters and allows you to improve the stagecoach for the arrival of heroes of level 5.
12. New boot screens from different authors.
13. More Stuck allows you to add all the same things in one slot.
14. Autosaving Journals logs are now saved when read and do not have to be left after the mission.
15. Town Event Hentai changes pictures in city events.
16. No More Hunge removed because it did not work.
Third update:
1. Added new backgrounds for dungeons and new skins for standard characters.
2. Removed the last of us mod due to the poor concept of single characters at the beginning of the game without a carriage.
3. The Inventory Expansion mod was returned in which the inventory is twice the standard.
4. Removed Army of Bones and House Full of Piggies due to game crashes.
5. Removed for the time of the darkestdesire mod that requires an update under the COM from the author (maybe I will finish it myself)
6. Added new items of both standard quality and crystalline.
7. All modes are numbered in the order in which they should be included. no longer need to put them yourself, but simply turn them on in order.
8. New quest Bosses Only Endless Quest in which you need to defeat all the bosses in a row.
9. Optional Faster Darkest Dungeon mod in which the entire gameplay is doubled in speed (don't wait more than your turn for a couple of hours).
10. The main menu and mod Haunting Background turns the game into a crystal version under the theme of DLC.
11. Mod Gluttony (Gluttony) allows you to eat without restrictions (hunger is still present, so do not gobble up).
12. The limit of heroes with the help of the mod More Roster Mods is increased by 99 and you can increase it even two times more.
13. Aesthetic mod Stacking Gem Icons clearly shows how many gems you have.
14. Mod Level 2 and 4 Quests allows you to go to dungeons 2 and 4 levels, respectively.
15. 3 new heroes Abysswalker (Traveler of the Abyss), Sisters (Sister) and Fool (Dura).
16. All the old characters are updated for COM and zerfleny so that now they are not imba who endure each and every one.
Fourth update:
1. The game has added Russian voice acting since the whole game and all mods have been translated into Russian and the crack created by the ZoG Forum Team in which the font becomes like in the original game.
2. All files have been removed from the collection, replacing its inside to correct for crash errors and version damage, so now you can put the collection on the Steam version by copying the mods and video folder.
3. New Mod All Skin Set in which for all standard classes added additional skins. Previously, they were inside the game itself, but now they are allocated to a separate mod and their dofig almost half a gigabyte. Anyone you like can be copied inside the game to the heroes folder.
4. Inventory Expansion now allows you to immediately wear 4 trinks instead of 2 for more beauty in the character window.
5. The All 7 Combat Skills Equipable mode has an alternative option, in which 7 skills are given only inside game classes and do not affect classes from mods. Made it for those who are tired of departures and do not want to add new classes.
6. I myself updated the Darkest Desire mod to version 2.1 and added both Russian and English for all other languages. I corrected the errors of departures in it and added support for all additional classes from the mods of my collection in it. The same sex dialogues are now found not only with the use of camp skills, but also with the usual communication between the characters.
7. New mod Full Roster Start in which at the start of the game you are given all the classes of heroes with which I updated the Darkest Desire mod as I needed it to test class skills. I also added quirks to heroes corresponding to their character. The mod is independent of the number of included mod classes, and they will appear in the barracks only if they are not included in the opposite cases, but the game will not crash due to their absence. The file quirk.txt inside the mod contains a description of all the queues with which I added them to the characters. Added an increase in the barracks so that all the hero fit into the game without conflict with the mod.
More Roster Mods which adds an increase in barracks while improving the same mod increases the standard size of the barracks.
8. Updated Video Hentai mod now hentai video is played not only during the task, but also when it starts. Also added video for DLC companies and added an alternative mod Video Hentai All Open with which I tested the video and when turned on, all video clips will be opened. Both modes can be enabled at the same time. The clips will be divided into Part 1 and Part 2 if both mods are included.
9. Town Event Hentai mod replaces event pictures with hentai ones and now affects not only the inside game event, but also the events from the mods and when you turn off its pictures from the mods will be standard. Also added Expanded Town Events mod for more events.
10. Updated the LoadScreens Epic mod and now it has loading screens for both the new DLC and the new bosses from Army of Bones and Unleashing of the Kraken. Also hentai loading screens are also updated and new authors aojiru, aka6, mjn and jlullaby are added.
11. Added sexy looks for the Pelagic Grouper Girl enemies, replacing the folk fish. Pelagic Shaman Girl replaces the folk of the shaman's fish and as many as 3 options for a Cultist Witcher with small tits, big tits and piercings.
12. New enemies returned from House Full of Piggies for the reserve, Unleashing of the Kraken for the bay and Army of Bones for the ruins with the new boss Homunkul. They also added a new area for fighting City of Town Wars mod in which you are waiting for new enemies and trials. The latest mod with new enemies is Fallen Heroes in which, when traveling with a small chance, you will encounter an enemy adventure team wishing to pick up your prey. With the victory, over which you will take their prey. All enemies are vanilla classes of heroes like yours and with the same skills, but the team is improved and more organized in tactics. By strength, they can catch up with the bosses. I also made them look sexy in contrast to the standard look.
13. A new Faster Combat mod has been added to the Faster Darkest Dungeon fashion, which generally removes the strike animation and leaves it only for critical attacks.
14. New mod Complex Compulsions replacing negative skills are especially harmful and logically adds useful buffs to them.
15. Added new classes of heroes Cataphract, Slayer, Lord Blade, Guts and Two-B.
16. Two new mods of Dungeon backgrounds increasing the rear screens in the rooms and More dungeon increasing the variation of the backs in the corridors.
17. New collection of sexy skins for the tavern called Barmaid. Choose your favorite.
18. All mods in the collection are translated into Russian and now there is no English text in the game.
Fifth update:
1. There was a Vertuna Anglican dubbing of the game and the previous Russian dubbing is now in the rus folder, along with an alternative Russian translation.
2. All hentai videos now work fine and without delays.
3. Many new skins in the fashion All Skin Set which has already exceeded their limit.
4. The new mechanics of the mod All 7 Combat Skills Equipable, in which now you do not need to include all the new characters from the mod so that the game does not give out a black screen with an error.
5. The new mod Better Nomad Wagon which improves the chance of loss of exotic items from the gypsy.
6. The new mod Loading Screen From The Stars which includes a special boot screen if there is a boss in the dungeon Something from the stars.
7. Fixed bug with repeating files in mods.
8. New mod Crimson Curse Potion which allows you to buy a cursed drink infecting crimson curse.
9. New More Quirks Mod which adds a bunch of new vices and increases their number from 5 to 6.
10. New enemies in the ruins with the Moonlit Dungeon Ruins mod.
11. New hardcore mod Arduous Edition Mod in which now all enemies will have random buffs, which greatly complicates their killing. He also changes the colors of all the dungeons and adds new difficulty levels such as 2, 4 and 6. Also, because of the complexity of the dungeons, the quest limit is removed and the maximum number of quests will always be displayed on the screen. So that the mod did not crash, all additional bosses were removed from the mod.
12. New mod Dimensional Havoc in which a portal opens in the city and enemies come from it from a parallel world. Added sophisticated enemies with new abilities. Fixed a conflict with the Fallen Heroes mod and now they do not conflict with each other.
13. Mod Kindest Dungeon fixed and now allows you to store special supplies between missions.
14. The new No Dark Color mod in the cat is blackout disabled and you no longer have to play a black and white game with no light.
15. New mod Warmth Meter in which the mechanics of the torch changed and now it does not shine, but warms.
16. New mod Shard Heirloom Exchange allows you to change the arms on the crystals.
17. New mod Hard Earned Districts which adds a bunch of new buildings in the city. Also now the mill is worth the current one Memory instead of ten. However, now Memories will be needed for a heap of other buildings, but if you, as I am tired of hunger in the corridors, it is worth building the first mill.
18. Updated More Roster Mods and now it will be possible to hire characters of the highest rank, but only after all the buildings in the city have been improved.
19. The new mod characters Succubus (Succubus), Ruler (Rulers from the Fate universe) are also known as Joan of Arc, Drowner (Drowned), Riftwatcher, Exorcist, and Monk (Monk). Character Falconer (Falcon) replacement for the updated version with a new plot task.
20. Also added new sexy skins for residents.
Last update:
1. Fixed bugs and crashes from the game.
2. A localization.bat file has been added to each mod that allows you to easily edit translation of mods.
3. Removed the Fallen Hero mod and instead of it now the Sexy Fallen Hero mod in which, apart from the standard heroes, there are now many classes from other mods.
4. The chance of dropping items in the Arduous Edition Mod mod has been fixed, and now Shambler and the Collector are throwing unique souls and artifacts.
5. The screamer incorrectly displayed a hentai video instead of a video that was transferred to the homunculus and the kraken from mods (for the sake of a test, to see if you can add videos for task mods).
6. In Darkest Desire, new dialogs have been added and a mod has been added to alternative icons.
7. Major Arcana Trinkets removed as clashed with Better Nomad Wagon.
8. The last task in Dimensional Havoc took off, so I left option 3 of difficulty level, but now it is repeated after the first victory, and so it was impossible to farm him so easily enemies in him 5 levels of difficulty collapsed (On Stigian enemies are left 3 levels).
9. More Epic Trinkets replaced by Mega Trinkets Pack as it was before.
10. Added skins from Niur.
Mod List:

001 all skin - Adds all alternative skins for standard classes (1.5 gigabytes weigh and because of it the game crashes most often, you can turn on only by turning off half of all mods or all new classes from mods).
002 Inventory lite - Increases inventory by 50% and adds 3 slots for trinky.
003 Inventory big - Increases inventory by 100% and adds 4 slots for trinky.
004 combat skill - Adds all classes of 7 active skills (include only if all classes from the mods are included).
004 combat skill vanila - Adds 7 skills to standard classes only.
006 all hero - Adds all heroes, both standard and from mods, to the barracks on the first day
007 darkestdesire - Adds new sex skills to all classes, both standard and modal.

008 hentai open - Opens all hentai videos in the galleries near the statues. In the game during the passage they will not appear.
009 hentai video - Adds hentai videos to the game when killing bosses or going to it. They play only once and no longer repeat, after which they can be viewed in the galleries near the statues.
010 hentai event - Replaces all pictures in city events with a hentai version.
011 loading epic - Replaces loading screens with epic ones.
012 loading aojiru - Replaces loading screens with hentai pictures from aojiru.
013 loading injuotoko - Replaces loading screens on hentai pictures from injuotoko.
014 loading aka6 - Replaces loading screens on hentai pictures from aka6.

015 loading j7w - Replaces loading screens on hentai pictures from j7w.
016 loading konarofu - Replaces loading screens on hentai pictures from konarofu.
017 loading devilhs - Replaces the boot screens on hentai pictures from devilhs.
018 loading kuroni - Replaces loading screens on hentai pictures from kuroni.
019 loading monster - Replaces loading screens on hentai pictures with monsters.
020 loading mjn - Replaces loading screens with hentai pictures from mjn.
021 loading pokonyang - Replaces the boot screens on hentai pictures from pokonyang.

022 loading jlullaby - Replaces loading screens with hentai pictures from jlullaby.
023 grouper - Replaces the monster fish war on the female version.
024 shaman - Replaces the monster shaman fish on the female version.
025 witch - Opens the chest at the monster witch kultistki.
026 witch tits - Unlocks a big chest at the monster witch cultist.
027 witch monster - Opens big breasts with piercing monster witch kultistki.
028 trinket overhaul - Adds artifacts from a set of donators (were available only to those who zadonatil into the game).

029 clair - Adds new standard artifacts to all classes.
030 collector - Adds new head artifacts when defeating a collector.
031 cursed trophies - Adds damned artifacts (set).
032 old trinks - Adds rare blue artifacts.
033 major arcana trinkets - Add tarot card artifacts.
034 location trinkets - Adds new artifacts associated with locations.
035 trikets lineage - Adds new ancient artifacts.

036 trinket dungeron - Adds special artifacts when defeating special enemies.
037 unique Items - Adds a bunch of epic-quality artifacts.
038 new quest - Adds dungeons 2 and 4 difficulty levels.
039 bosss endless quest - New endless mode with only bosses in the farm (no annoying mobs just hardcore).
040 bones - Adds new enemies and boss in the ruins.
041 kraken - Adds new enemies and a boss to the bay.
042 pig - Adds new enemies to the reserve (catacombs).

043 town war - Adds a new location. City for battles.
044 fallen hero - With a small chance, you will encounter fallen heroes consisting of standard classes (it weighs a lot because of the animation and class skins, you should disable a third of the mods to run).
045 a note - All notes while reading are saved and can no longer be worn until the end of the task.
046 extra - New city events.
047 divine elixir - A special elixir in the store that heals the crimson curse.
048 faster combat - Cancels the combat animation leaving it only on critical hits.
049 faster - The whole game gets faster.

050 kindest dungeon - in the campaign will meet other groups with whom you can communicate.
051 compulsions - changes harmful negative defects.
052 hunted manision - Changes the background of the city.
053 gluttony - The hero will never be full again.
054 more stuck - Allows you to put items up to 99 pieces in the slot.
055 roaster - Increases the number of heroes in the barracks to 99. Up to 200 can be improved with full improvement.
056 stuck gem - Visually displays the amount of gems.

057 profligates trinkets - Crystal trinkets for fool, fawn, hollow, hood, offering, shrapnel and tusk.
058 marvin cc trinkets - Trinkets of the purple yard for falconer, thrall, seraph, sisters and lamia.
059 marvin com trinkets - Crystal trinkets for falconer, thrall, seraph, sisters and lamia.
060 falconer - New class Falconer.
061 thrall - New class Battle Slave (thrall).
062 seraph - New class Seraphim (seraph).
063 sisters - New Sisters class (sisters).

064 lamia - New class Witch (lamia).
065 fool - New vain class (fool).
066 fawn trinkets - Trinki the crimson court for the Flap (fawn).
067 fawn - New class Flap (fawn).
068 hollow trinkets - Trinki of the crimson courtyard for hollow.
069 hollow - New class Obsessed (hollow).
070 hood trinkets - Trinki crimson courtyard for slut (hood).

071 hood - New class Slut (hood).
072 offering trinkets - Trinkets of the Crimson Courtyard for the Sacrifice (offering).
073 offering - A new class offering.
074 shrapnel trinkets - Trinqui of the Crimson Courtyard for the Machine Gunner (shrapnel).
075 shrapnel - New class machine gunner (shrapnel).
076 tusk trinkets - Trinki of the Crimson Courtyard for a Bitch (tusk).
077 tusk - New class Bitch (tusk).

078 tifa trinkets - Trinki of the crimson court for Tifa (tifa).
079 tifa - New Tifa class (tifa).
080 dragonslayers trinkets - Trinky of the Crimson Courtyard for Dragonslayers.
081 dragonslayers - New class Dragon slayer (dragonslayers).
082 cataphract trinkets - Trinki of the crimson courtyard for cataphract.
083 cataphract - New cataphract class.
084 omen - New class fortune teller (omenseeker).

085 slayer - New Ubitsa class (slayer).
086 arachnid - New Arachnid class (arachnid).
087 abysswalker - New class Abyss Trawler (abysswalker).
088 lord blade - New class Blade of the Lord (lordblade).
089 darkwraith - New Dark Spirit Class (darkwraith).
090 daughters - Adds new classes to Yandex, Fife, Loli, Ttsondere.
091 librarian - New Librarian class (librarian).

092 silver - New Class Crossbow Order (templar arbalest).
093 sword - New class Black Swordsman (black swordman).
094 twob - New class 2B (two-b).
095 twilight - New class Twilight Knight (twilight knight).
096 backgrounds - New rear screens in the rooms.
097 dungeon - New rear screens in the corridors.

098 abbey 00 = 138 abbey tentacles 20 - Replacing the NPC pictures in the church.

139 barmaid 01 = 178 barmaid tentacles 20 - Replacing the NPS bar image.

179 blacksmith 1 = 188 blacksmith tentacles 4 - Replacing NPS images in the forge.

189 caretaker 0 = 204 caretaker tentacles 6 - Replacing the picture of the Overseer in the stage.

205 guild 1 = 219 guild tentacles 6 - Replacing NPS images in the guild.

220 sanitarium 0 = 238 sanitarium tentacles 9 - Replacing NPS images in the hospital.

239 sign 0 = 248 sign 9 - Replacing the skeleton in the interface.

249 speaker 1 = 257 speaker 9 - Replacing NPS images in urban events.

258 trainer 1 = 261 trainer 4 - Replacing NPS pictures in the camp.

262 wagon 0 = 275 wagon tentacles 4 - Replacing the NPS image in the car.
Additional Characters:

Tifa - Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 which increases damage with decreasing HP

Fawn - A flap girl sewn from different pieces with a powerful attack

Hollow - Obsessed with the ghosts of a healer who nevertheless imposes darkness and stress on each one

Hood - Shlyushka the usual girl with a chaotic movement and a bonus of collecting loot in the form of mushrooms

Offering - Victim of a tank in BDSM attire with a flying heart on a chain

Shrapnel - Shards Transforming Girl with Limited Stock of Ammo

Tusk - Tusk control and damage berserk

Twilight Knight - Dusk Knight tank with self stress heal

Lamia - Witch healer and support with the ability to turn into a monster
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