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Vren - Lab Rats 2 - Down to Business - Version 0.15.1 Update

Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, group sex, hardcore, mind control, teasing, vaginal sex, anal sex, cosplay
Censorship: No
Language : English

This is a very early tech demo version of Lab Rats 2
Lab Rats 2 – Down to Business.
Lab Rats 2 is set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.

Changelog Version 0.15.1 :
– Refactored and redesigned serum design system.
– Eliminated status effects from game.
– Serum traits now have on_turn effects that are processed directly.
– Added primitive serum production trait that begins the game researched.
– All serums now require a production class trait which dictates how many traits and production points it costs.
– All serum traits now have a chance to generate a side effect when they are included in a serum design.
– All serum traits now have a mastery level. The chance to develop a side effect is divided by the mastery level.
– Added long list of side effects.
– Added new class of morning crises. These only trigger at the beginning of a new day.
Added new “morning suprise” crisis at home.
– Added new “mom selfies” event.
– Updated research screen to support trait mastery.
– Spending time with a girl who is under the effect of a serum increass mastery with that serum.
– Serums can be studied indefinitely to reduce the side effect creation chance.
– Improved date descriptions for family members
– Added “Cowgirl” image set. Currently used for one event.
– Added internal support for girls taking charge during sex.
– Added presplash image to desktop and mobile versions.
– Added new Mom and Lily morning event.
– Section of date dialogue is now differentiated by personality type.
– Added new tutorial screen explaining serum mastery.
– Added new Lily only morning event.
– Serums that change sluttiness no longer contribute to goals that require active corruption.
– Serum completion crisis no longer teleports employee in on the weekend to present you the thing you just made.
– Arousal now resets after having sex on a date.
– Corrected Sunday being considered a paid day and Friday being considered a weekend.
– Fixed winner of catfight crisis not having obedience or happiness raised.
– Fixed inverted obedience check when highly aroused and stripping.

Changelog Version 0.14.1 :
– Added “love” stat for girls. Characters wtih high love will have higher sluttiness when you are in private and be more devoted to you. Characters with low love will have a penalty to sluttiness all the time.
– Family members do not recieve the positive sluttiness modifers from Love.
– Added support for sub maps on the main map screen.
– Added distinct homes for each character.
– Added ability for MC to discover where characters live and visit them.
– Added character home sub map, to let you visit characters who’s home you know about.
– Updated “out of uniform” crisis. Characters who love “not wearing anything” now gain love and have no happiness drop when they are told to strip and work naked.
– Updated all existing role events, crises, and actions to affect love when apporpriate.
– Added support for menu tooltips.
– Created “Employee” role, which is given to all employees when they are hired.
– Moved all existing employee based interactions into the “special action” menu.’
Refactored “Action” class. Added tooltip support and much more comprehensive control over how buttons are displayed.
– Crises involving Mom and Lily now take Love into account when deciding how comfortable they are with you.
– Added 4 new panty clothing items and 2 new bra clothing items.
– Added new random event for Lily.
– Added new outfits using new clothing items.
– Added new “performance review” action for employees. Can be performed once a week.
– Rewrote sections of night time visit crisis to work better with new living arangements.
– Removed mandatory “Talk with” action that was associated with the new serum crisis to avoid double time skips.
– Characters are now more likely to ask for permission when stripping if they are highly obedient.
– Added new nightime crisis involving mom at moderate sluttiness and love.
– Clicking on a text input field in the character creation window now auto clears the default text.
– Characters who are fired will now stop showing up for work.
– Characters no longer recieve a happiness boost when you insult their work.
– Added clock symbol to menu options that will advance time.
– Expanded small talk option. Knowing a girls opinion on a topic will result in a larger love increase.
– Refactored “Chat with her…” menu screen to make future content additions easier.
– Removed limitations on how often you can chat with a girl.
– Added time advancement to most events where you chat with a girl.

Changelog 0.12.1:
* Wardrobes are now imported from .xml files stored in the /wardrobes folder.
* Exported outfits are now placed in the Exported_Outfits.xml file in the /wardrobes folder.
* Character last name is now entered on the character creation screen.
* Created unique “Lily” personality type.
* Created unique “Mom” personality type.
* Added Mom’s Bedroom and Lily’s Bedroom locations.
* Added tabboo modifier to sluttiness when trying to seduce someone related to you.
* Rewrote game introduction to include new family members.
* Removed personal funds from the game. The business bank account now also acts as the players reserve of cash for all purposes.
* Added position specific orgasm descriptions.
* Rerendered tube top clothing item to reduce clipping (more work still needed).
* Added Summer Dress clothing item.
* Added Wide Lace Choker clothing item.
* Added new Mom specific crisis.
* Added several new Lily specific events which come up several days after the game has started.
* Characters now have internal schedules that they will try and follow. Currently this duplicates previous work-home schedule with the exception of your family, who go home earlier.
* Added new facial design.
* Added Patron rewards, including new outfits and a new predefined character.
* Added “Ahegao” sex goal: give the same girl multiple orgasms in a row, in a single session.

Changelog 0.11.1:
* Major additions to “against_wall” sex position descriptions.
* Major additions to “blowjob” sex position descriptions.
* Major additions to “deepthroat” sex position descriptions.
* Major additions to “doggy” sex position descriptions.
* Major additions to “kissing” sex position descriptions.
* Major additions to “missionary” sex position descriptions.
* Major additions to “piledriver” sex position descriptions.
* Added tubetop clothing item.
* Added vest clothing item.
* Added eyelid shadow makeup item.
* Added full eyeshadow makeup item.
* Added lipstick makeup item.
* Added blush makeup item.
* Added large “workplace flirting” crisis with several tiers and multiple branching paths.
* Girls arousal gain from a position that she does not think is slutty when she is highly aroused is halved.
* Rebalanced sex position arousal gains to be more uniform in the time it takes for someone to climax.
* Added kissing facial modifier and implimented it in the kissing scene.
* Deepthroat scene now makes use of blowjob facial modifier.
* Outfit manager now has text readout of RGB values
* Outfit manager now allows direct text input to set RGB values
* Fixed bug in AC stripping crisis.
* Fixed bug in workplace flirting crisis.
* Fixed improper logging event in broken AC stripping crisis.
* Fixed typo in “conservative outfit” opinion.
* Fixed character not reassuming sex position after having clothign stripped off.
* Fixed facial design not being used despite art assets existing.

Changelog 0.10.1:
* Serums that increase sluttiness now increase core sluttiness and temporary sluttiness.
* Added support for sprite animations when pieces of clothing are removed.
* Changed all appropraite uses of clothing being removed to use a fade out animation.
* Orgasms can no longer increase core sluttiness any higher than the position maximum allowed for temporary sluttiness.
* Added “…” to menu options that lead to more menues instead of being an instant action.
* Added extra actions in water spilled crisis.
* Added character opinions. Characters will love, like, dislike, or hate a large number of topics.
* Character opinions are split between regular opinions and sexy opinions/kinks.
* Character opinions are partially tied to their personality types. Characters with the same personality are likely to share some opinions.
* Overhauled NPC detailed information screen. Now shows character opinions, special roles, and is in general far more visually appealing.
* Character opinions are now hidden when you first meet a person. Interactions will reveal likes/dislikes as they are relavent.
* Added option to make small talk. Characters will reveal an opinion that they hold. Opinions about sex or other risque topics will only come up at higher sluttiness levels.
* Characters who dislike or hate smalltalk will become less happy when you make small talk with them. Characters who like or love it will have a larger happiness boost.
* Overhauled interview screen.
* Added four new business policies that reveal character opinions. The last level aslo reveals applicant sex skills.
* Overhauled popup screen. Popup information is now stored in a text log in the bottom right of the screen that can be moved up and down to show more or less.
* Added multiple approaches when trying to seduce a girl. Obedient girls are more likely to listen to demands, slutty girls are more likely to be swayed by offers of pleasure.
* Added situational modifiers for your approach while having sex.
* Added situational modifiers for what you’re having sex on.
* Added option to “find somewhere quiet” or have sex out in the open. If out in the open other characters in the area will comment on it, with their reaction depending on their own sluttiness.
* Girls now respond back when having sex in public and another character comments on it.
* A characters happiness now floats back towards 100 over time. Each day their happiness will float 1 point towards 100 for every 5 points above or below 100 they are.
* Reworked staff overview screen. Select staff button will now always be visible when appropriate and visble appearance has been improved.
* Most opinions have minor effects spread throughout the game. Most normal opinions give small boosts or penalties to happiness. Most sex related opinions give boosts to sluttiness or arousal.
* Updated tshirt, long tshirt, tanktop, pencil skirt, and booty short renders to fix poke through issues.
* Expanded deepthroat scene description as proof of concept for future position expansions.
* Arousal now adds 25% of it’s value to sluttiness during sex instead of 50%
* Tweaked sluttiness values for some pieces of clothing.
* Changed suggestability description to %chance of temporary sluttiness into core sluttiness in main person UI.
* Fixed off by one error with heart displays that was resulting in them displaying one heart segment too few.
* Allowed temporary and core sluttiness to go negative to prevent any bugs when applying and removing negative sluttiness amounts.
* Fixed strip menu improperly returning to sex if a piece of clothing could not be removed.
* Fixed a number of improper random calls that skewed probability to the last option provided in a list.

Changelog 0.9.1:
* Added improved internal support for characters stripping off clothing.
* Reworked strip branch of broken AC crisis. Girls can now strip down furthur, and you may watch multiple girls strip.
* Added new catfight crisis.
* Added two new hairstlyes: side-shaved short hair and short messy hair.
* Added new investent opportunity crisis.
* Added two new stat goals: employe count over X and bank account over X dollars.
* Added two new work skill goals: Personally Generate X supply and Add X number of uniform options.
* Added two new sex skill goals: Increase core sluttiness by X and cum inside X different girls.
* Refactored internal image drawing code for characters/outfits. No obvious effect but future changes will be easier to impliment.
* Refactored internal lookup method for clothing and body images. Should result in large performance increase across all platforms.
* Corrected opacity across all clothing items. Clothing should no longer be transparent unless it was suppose to be.
* Corrected brightness and contrast of many clothing items. Colouring should be more consistent across all items.
* Corrected brightness and contrast of hair colours. Colouring should be more consistent across all hair.
* Added new idle standing position.
* Characters now have 4 idle poses to choose from when they are randomly created instead of 2.
* Stamina is now considered a sex skill and can be improved like one.
* Stats, work skills, and sex skills are now capped at 4 during character creation.
* Stats, work skills, and sex skills are now capped during play. No stat/skill can be higher than 8.
* Added wait button available at all times, which is repalced by a “Sleep” button at the end of the day.
* Characters now use their default idle pose in the interview screen instead of all using the same pose.
* The size of your business is now capped, starting at 5. This cap can be raised with new business policies.
* Added six new status effects for use in future serum traits. Internal support provided for two more in the future.
* Added six new serum traits.
* Modified most existing serum traits. Serum production tiers no longer restrict what traits you can research from that tier.
* Office flirting crisis now makes use of walking away and back peek poses.
* Added garter belt and fishnets.
* Added lacy one piece underwear.
* Added one piece lingerie.
* Added initial kissing pose.


* Removed incorrect deepcopy in AC crisis that might have been causing general slowdown over long games.
* Fixed possible bug with dresses not being removed properly by some crises.
* Fixed crash in the uniform violation crisis.
* Fixed an improper reference to an employees name instead of the main characters name.
* Fixed possible crash bug caused by actions with disabled slugs.
* Fixed employee selection screen not displaying button to select employee if someone’s name caused a screen overrun.
* Fixed character font/colour not being shown properly in some crises.
* Fixed several crashes caused by improper event system calls.
* Fixed crash when opening “Do Something” menu while at max employee count.
* Fixed crash when it was impossible to construct a valid uniform out of provided uniform pieces.
* Fixed crash in rewritten AC event.
* Fixed “Face of the Business” goal not tracking progress.
* Fixed “Slow Release Dopamine” serum trait causing a crash when used in a serum.
* Fixed missing images for mouth cum dribble in the “walking away” pose.
* Fixed crash bug in uniform disipline crisis.
* Fixed crash caused when trying to complete the uniform creation goal.
* Fixed “Catfight” crisis not properly checking to see if there are actually two people around.
* Fixed crash caused by improper variable call in “Catfight” crisis.
* Fixed “Investment” crisis not properly checking to see if you had employees on hand.
* Fixed advanced serum research event improperly moving the main character before the event.
* Fixed “Investment” crisis not blocking out invalid choices.

Changelog 0.8.1:
* Added “Head Researcher” Role.
* Serum production traits now require special events triggered by the head researcher to unlock.
* Refined serum design and research selection screens as well as serum and trait tooltips.
* Improved serum trading UI.
* Expanded functionality of the business overview screen so it can be used to select employees during events.
* Added events unique to your head researcher that unlock improved serum, advanced serum, and futuristic serum production.
* Added ability to select and fire your head researcher.
* Happiness now tents towards 100 at a rate of 1/day if it is higher or lower at the end of the day.
* Added Stephanie as unqiue NPC.
* Expanded intro sequence. Stephanie now begins the game as your first head researcher.
* Added unique “Stephanie” personality with unique responses in several situations.
* Updated “Detailed Information” screen to be more visually appealing and easily readable.
* Updated serum completion crisis to allow you to select any of your R&D employees to test on, head researcher is always brought forward first.
* Added “Goals” system. Each catagory of experience (raw stats, work skills, and sex skills) have a goal associated with them. On completion you recieve a free point to put into any skill/stat in the catagory
* Added twelve basic goals to test “goals” based leveling system. More to be added over future updates.
* Improved character sheet screen, added ability to spend extra points on character sheet screen, and added goal updates to character sheet screen.
* Character sheet button now turns green when a goal is complete and waiting for you to collect your reward.
* Added new “wild” personality type.
* Employees now take the weekends off.
* Added goal UI to the standard main screen HUD. Shows current name and progress of your three active goals.
* Many dialogue branching options during sex now use effective sluttiness (sluttiness + arousal effect) instead of just sluttiness.
* Added new background for your apartment bedroom, kitchen, and lobby.
* Added special personality type used by one head researcher event.
* Slow Release Dopamine now lowers obedience by 2 instead of 5 per time chunk. Happiness gain remains the same at +5 per chunk.
* Starting character points lowered to 20 to balance the ability to increase them by completing goals.
* Added end of day message announcing the bonus to research based on their int. Each point of int above 2 of the head researcher gives +5% to research generated.
* Broken AC crisis event now requires the casual uniform policy before you can ask people to strip down.
* Characters are now only paid their daily salary on work days.
* Added “sitting” character position to be used in future events.
* Added sunglasses clothing item.
* Added modern glasses clothing item.
* Added big glasses clothing item.


* Fixed incorrect function call name causing crash.
* Fixed crash when assigning personal outfit to character.
* Fixed crash caused by displaying facial accessories.

As always ,a changelog (v0.6.1 to v0.7.1):
* Sluttiness below Core Sluttiness now returns to its default amount 4 times faster (4 per time chunk instead of 1).
* Clothing system has been redesigned. Outfits are now designed as one of three possible designations: underwear sets, overwear sets, and full outfits.
* Girl no longer asks if you would like her to wear an outfit when you add it to her wardrobe (redundent with option to ask her to wear an outfit directly).
* Added new underwear and overwear sets.
* Girls will have a 50% chance of picking their outfit each day from either a predesigned full outfit or a combination of underwear and overwear.
* Girls no longer remove overly slutty outfits from their wardrobe. They will instead only pick from the ones they consider reasonable.
* Modified all outfit view and selection screens to show full outfits, overwear sets, and underwear sets.
* Corporate uniforms are now stored as full wardrobes instead of being a single outfit.
* Girls will assemble their unfiforms from their departments specific wardrobe, the company wide wardrobe, and if nessesary their personal wardrobe.
* Modified uniform management system to accomodate new wardrobe system.
* Outfit creation screen now displays if an outfit is a valid overwear or underwear set, as well as it's sluttiness requirement for all three types of outfit.
* Standardized several main screen buttons to be the same size.
* Cumshots now leave visible effects on a girl.
* Highly Suggestable recruit policy removed as it conflicted with the new suggestability mechanic.
* High Obedience recruit policy now has no prerequisit and cost has been reduced.
* Expanded options to give serum to people. In the early game you now have several options available, including stealth, persuasion, demanding, and paying.
* The Mandatory Serum Testing policy has been divided into a paid serum testing and unpaid serum testing policy. Paid testing requires a cash reward each time it is used.
* Girls select a random assortment of underwear, overwear, and full uniforms to build their personal starting wardrobe from instead of having access to everything.
* Girls are now less likely to quit within the first two weeks of employment, with the total effect trailing off towards the end of the period.
* Refactored major sections of personality dialogue code to make it easier to add future personalities, roles, and tests to ensure all of the above work as intented.
* Added debugging support to personality dialogue to (hopefully) prevent dialogue branches from being introduced without being represented by all personalities.

Changelog 0.6.1:
* Fixed cause of massive slowdown, delays, and unresponsivesss.
* Fixed improper reference to character name in lab accident crisis.
* Disabled autosaves, which were creating a major slowdown in the game.
* Supplies can now only be integer numbers
* End of day screen panels no longer overlap.
* Revealing skirts and dresses no longer drastically increase sluttiness over nude levels.
* Serum traits list in serum design screen now scrolls to prevent text from running off the bottom of the screen.
* Rerendered camisole to reduce number of clipping issues.
* Fixed crash in strip tease crisis.
* Fixed bug with status effects where removing a trait would wipe all status effects from the serum.

Changelog 0.5.1:
* Base serum duration is now 3 time chunks instead of 1.
* Suggestability system completly rehauled. Suggestion is now max of all serums, not additive.
* “Core” sluttiness added – the base value that the girl tends to return to without serum influence.
* Temporary sluttiness that is bled off is turned into core sluttiness with a 1% chance per point suggestability per time chunk.
* Temporary sluttiness has a cap of core sluttiness + suggestability + 10. Sluttiness gained above this cap bleeds off quickly.
* Obedience is no longer modified by suggestability.
* Seducing a girl now only gives 1/10th as much sluttiness as before (but is no longer modified by suggestability).
* Your business now has multiple serum production lines, starting with two. This lets you manufacture multiple serums at once.
* Each serum production line can be set to recieve a percentage of the total production points created by you and your staff.
* Serum production selection, production line weight, and production line auto-sell thresholds have all been combined into one screen

* Added “Long Hair” hairstyle
* Added “Boot Heels” shoes
* Added “High Heels” shoes
* Added “Heels” shoes
* Added “Sandal Heels” shoes
* Added “Plain Panties” underwear
* Added “Pencil Skirt” skirt
* Added “Lace Crop Top” shirt
* Added “Nightgown” dress/underwear
* Added “Belted Top” shirt
* Added “Camisole” shirt
* Added “Dress Shirt” shirt
* Added “Lab Coat” shirt

* Upper body clothing items can be marked as “tucked” when defined so they are drawn under rather than over lower body items on the same layer.
* Serums are now produced in batches rather than individually. Default batch size is 5. Value has been adjusted to remain proportional, production is now 5x easier.
* Added three new policies for increasing batch size.
* Added two new policies to unlock additional production lines.
* Added scroll bars to long choice screens, guaranteeing access to all options.
* Added # of serums sold and # of serums waiting to be sold to end of day screen.
* Improved Research Selection screen.
* Improved Serum Design screen.
* Added May Patron names, outfits, and character designs.
* Added additional default outfits.
* Added ability to export outfits into a text file for easy sharing.
* Relabeled some actions to be more descriptive.
* “Spilled Water” crisis grants smaller situational bonus to sluttiness than before.
* Improved View Serum Inventory screen.
* Modified sluttiness values of many clothing items.
* Added “blowjob” sex pose as well as variant blowjob facial poses for all emotions.
* Moved confirmation button for character creation to right side to read more naturally.
* Updated blowjob sex scene to switch between blowjob and talking facial poses when appropriate.


* Disabled autosaving – General program responsiveness should have improved.
* Giving a bonus now comes out of the player’s personal cash, not business cash.
* Fixed twin ponytail hair style using low res image set.
* Increased default image cache size by x3, should result in faster, smoother games across most systems.
* Fixed improper function call while stripping in “office flirt” crisis.
* Selling serum action no longer attempts to sell non-integer amounts of serum.
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