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GeeSekiVN - A Town Uncovered [Version 0.23e] (2019) (Eng) Update

Year of issue: 2019
Genre: Ren'py, Visual Novel, Adventure, Big tits, Fantasy, Oral, Anal, Group sex, Fantasy, Hardcore, Futanari, Feet
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to delete
Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.23e
Language of the game: English
Interface language: English

You play a high school student who just moved to a new town, but right now, you have a feeling that this is not the usual town that one would expect. This town holds a secret that causes locals to disappear and act strangely. It's not going to be a smooth ride for you, it seems like trouble and weird events are attracted to your way.
What features are going to be in this game?
This game features a main story, character relations and development, skill stats, a wide variety of fetishes, side quests, a city to explore with many locations and even more interior locations, and of course, H-scenes.

Alpha 0.23e
+Fixed bug that crashes game when you try to use the bed
+Fixed trigger and sprite bug with a conversation with Violette

Changelog 0.23a:
Alpha 0.23a – The Miss Allaway Update
+Miss Allaway Story Progression and Completion (96%)
+Jane Story Progression
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Compressed Some Previous Scene Assets
+Code Restructuring involving the Sex World
+Added Art Assets for Jane Story
+Added More Customization for Chapter Selecting each Character’s Side Story at the Start
+Added Jacob’s Dad and Step Mom at his house
+Added Effie’s Dad at her house
+Added Sprites for Phil
+Added Flipped Versions for Brock’s Sprites
+Added Minor Character (Goon)
+Added Lights to Hospital at Night
+Added Sexworld Interaction with Effie in the Classroom
+Added Sexworld Sprites for Effie in the Classroom
+Added Character Button for Jaiden in the School Gym in the Morning
+Added Character Button for Jack in the School Gym at Night and the Street in the Afternoon
+Added Character Button for Coach Fistem in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Brock in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Phil in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Meghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added Character Button for Teghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added Character Button for Chieghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Hitomi
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Hazel
+Added Additional Information from Effie about Living next to Jacob
+Added Dialogue with Jane about Missus being Missing
+Updated and Modified Effie’s Chat Structure in the Cafe
+Updated and Modified the Fight Club Interaction Button
+Updated and Modified Coach Fistem’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified the Facial Structure of Dad’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified Jack’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified the School Gym Background Size
+Updated and Modified some Notifications Ability to Skip and Time on Screen
+Updated Handjob Scene with Missus in Bed so you’d lose 5 Stamina Points if you cum
+Updated Tutoring Scene with Miss Allaway so you can’t do it on Friday
+Updated Parent’s presence in their bedroom to have continuity with the side stories
+Updated Janer’s presence in her bedroom to have continuity with the side stories
+Fixed Inaccurate Jane Story Objectives
+Fixed Some Bugs with Missus’ Movie Date
+Fixed Reset Trigger Bug for Missus’ Story
+Fixed and Modified Jane’s Phone Objectives to be more detailed and accurate
+Fixed Bug relating to ‘Povdadrole’
+Fixed Day Bug when in Effie’s Room on an 8th Day of the Week
+Fixed and Redid the Coding for Missus’ Handjob when watching TV together
+Fixed a Mis-pathing when talking to Miss Allaway in the Cafeteria for the first
+Fixed Minor Art Error in the Street Background
+Fixed Bug at the Changeroom Glory Holes when it’s the 1st of the Month
+Fixed Incorrect Lipsyncing during 20 Questions Scene with Jane
+Fixed Some Intersecting Storylines with Missus and Jane
+Fixed Trigger Bug when Maxing out Intelligence Points in Miss Allaway’s Story
+Fixed Trigger Bug when Missus calls you downstairs as someone is at the door for you
+Fixed Trigger Bug when ‘Exploring the House’ in Jane’s Story
+Fixed Time so After Scene with Jane at the Beach, it becomes Late Night and not Evening
+Fixed Continuity Error where Effie is at the Park at Night even when she invites you to her House
+Fixed Continuity Error where Knocking on Effie’s Door during the time she’s taking care of Jane says that she’s at the Cafe
+Fixed Continuity Error where Allaway is in the Boys’ Bathroom and in the Classroom at the same time
+Fixed Continuity Error where Dad can destroy the Fort when he’s out of Town in Missus’ Story
+Fixed Bug where Cuddling with Jane in the first Fort leads to having 0 Jane Points if you had max RP points
+Fixed Bug with 69 Scene with Jane that makes RP points go over 10
+Fixed Jane Increasing and Decreasing Bug with 20 Question Scene
+Disabled Ability to Increase any Skills when looking for a Job
-Jane Post H-scenes Not Included
-Miss Allaway Dream Sequence Not Included
-Miss Allaway Driving MC Home Art Assets Not Included
-Buttsex Option for Miss Allaway H-Scenes Not Included
-No Crowd in the School Gym in the Day
-No Crowd in the School Cafeteria

Changelog 0.22:
Alpha 0.22a – The Shooting Star Update
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Jane Story Progression
+Added Jane-story related job at the Adult Store
+Added Character Button for Zariah in the School Hallway
+Added Character Button for Luna in the School Hallway and the Classroom
+Added Character Button for Jaiden in the School Yard
+Added Character Button for Edward in the School Yard
+Added Point Reward and Loss when Attacking Dad when Destroying the Fort
+Disabled Ability to Play Cards in the Comic Book Store during Main Story
+Fixed Undefined Variable Error during Effie’s Milkshake Date
+Fixed Crash when choosing ‘Continue’ in Fort BJ Scene
+Fixed Jane’s Objective so that meeting her at night is accurately instructed
+Fixed Entering Camgurl Username Bug
+Fixed Time and Day continuity after spending a night with Miss Allaway
+Fixed Dream Sequence Transitions
+Fixed Funnelling Trigger so that the Player is forced upstairs to meet Jack and Miss Lashley at School
+Fixed Funnelling Trigger so that the Player is forced in the Living Room after coming back from the Police Station
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in her Bedroom even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in the Bathroom even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in the Beach Change Rooms even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jacob is standing in the halls when he’s meant to be in the middle of class
+Fixed Continuity Error where Violette is in the Beach Change Rooms in the Sex World
+Updated the Text Trigger so that it would only trigger after a certain date of the month
+Updated School Yard Background Coloration and Student Placement
+New Student Characters have unfinished Throwaway Dialogue
-Some Student Character Buttons are not Implemented
Alpha 0.22b
+Fixed Sister Story Trigger
+Fixed Stacking Character Sprites at the Beginning
+Disabled Developer Mode

Cheat code: frozenlamb

Changelog 0.21a:
+Jane Story Progress
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Added a ‘Set Character Name to Default Name’ Option when Naming Characters
+Added Shocked Sprites for Miss Lashley
+Added Sprites for 2 Existing Characters (Xina, Vi)
+Added Shocked Sprites for Miss Allaway in Front of Class
+Added Force Enable Map Button on Phone without a Cheat Code Requirement
+Added CG Art for Main Story Scenes
+Added Option to Leave Effie’s House or Continue having Sex to Trigger Post Sex Scene
+Added Changelog and Time Travel (Bug Fix Fail Safe) to the Desk PC
+Added a ‘How to Fix a Computer’ Option for Learning a Skill as part of Missus’ Story Trigger
+Added CG Art for Trapped with Allaway Scene
+Added Additional Information when Trying to get into Missus’ Room in her Storyline when needing to have 9 or more points (now 8 points)
+Updated and Improved Sibling in Jail CG Art
+Updated Miss Lashley’s Sprites
+Updated the Calendar so that the Current Date is better annotated
+Updated the PC Interface and the Features
+Updated and Lowered the Point Requirement for Missus’ ‘Eating Out’ Scene From 9+ to 8+ Required
+Updated the Smart TV Box Item so it says ‘Smart TV’ on the box
+Fixed Bug that Forces you to the Main Menu in the Main Story
+Fixed Bug with Skill Points and Skill Max Limit
+Fixed Repeating Effie talks about Jane outside of School Scene
+Fixed Repeating Dialogue Lines
+Fixed Incorrect Sprites
+Fixed Missus’ Side Story Triggering in the Sex World Bug
+Fixed Trigger Bug with Miss Allaway’s Story and the Main Story Intercepting in the classroom, school bathroom, and cafeteria
+Disabled Map After Beating Brock to Funnel the Player through the Story Trigger
+Optimized the Town Map
-PC Features aren’t yet working (Trash Bin, Gallery)
-New Student Characters don’t have proper buttons
-Missing Jane Story Scenes and Sprites
-Jane still appears around the House even when she’s not supposed to
-Added 4 New Character (Eloise (can’t meet yet), Effie’s Dad, Jacob’s Dad, Jacob’s Step Mom) but are not coded in yet

Changelog 0.20b:
-Fixed a trigger bug for bumping into Jacob and Effie at the front of school in the Main Story
-Fixed a trigger bug for meeting with Miss Lashley in her office in the Main Story

Changelog 0.19b:
+Grammar and Spelling Error
+Added Point Increase when you tell Missus that she doesn’t owe you anything for the Smart TV Box
+Fixed Bug during the Softcore H-scene when Trapped with Miss Allaway
+Fixed Bug where Beach in the Sexworld is still occupied with people when you visit before going to school
+Fixed Amount that Missus pays you back for the Smart TV Box
+Fixed ‘fbpwmag’ bug when Missus visits you at night for some fun while you sleep.
+Fixed Trigger for when you talk to Missus in the hallway about her eye looking healed.
+Fixed Naming for the porno title on Missus’ PC
+Fixed Naming for the text that you get from Jane in the school hallway

Changelog 0.17b
+Disabled Developer Mode
+Compressed the New Scenes
+Some Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Added Crugeon Shocked Sprite
+Added Lord Kevlamin Shocked Sprite
+Added Lip Sync to Mom during the Action Dream Sequence
+Added Lip Sync to the Sister scene before the basement kiss and after the 20q sequence
+Added Conversation Lines to Effie and Jacob’s Cafe and Comic Book Store Invitation
+Changed dialogue option with Miss Allaway about having sex with Effie to ‘staying over’
+Changed Effie’s text trigger so you have to meet certain characters around town first
+Fixed Mom’s conversation about your job before you get a job
+Fixed Bug where you can run across Miss Lashley behind the rocks before you formally met her.
+Fixed Jacob Sprite location when meeting the Role Players
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite in Lord Kev’s Throwaway Chat
+Fixed Incorrect Sprite in Conversation with Mom and Sister about getting a job
+Fixed Bug with Jacob’s Throwaway Chat in the Comic Book Store
+Fixed Bug where Parents are in their room and in the living room at the same time
+Fixed Popup Notification Text when dad counter-tackles you with a reason as to you ‘losing’ points rather than ‘using’ points
+Fixed Bug where Effie is on the Park Bench at night in the Sex World
+Fixed Bug where after Mom gives you a handy in bed and you cum, it takes you to your bedroom at night instead of the next morning
+Fixed Bug where Grundle Sam just says ‘stuff’ when you talk to him instead of having chat options
+Fixed Bug where Dad is still at home on the weekend when he’s supposed to be out of town
+Fixed Incorrect Dialogue with Mom’s Anal Scene at the Desk
+Fixed Bug where during the 20Q with Sister, it occasionally says ‘qc’
+Fixed and Improved Kiss Rejection after 20Q with Sister
+Fixed bug so that Mom isn’t in the living room when you’re supposed to meeting Sister in the basement
+Fixed bug where if you choose not to stay with Sister in the box fort, the phone objectives says ‘Head upstairs’
+Fixed bug where you can visit the cinema location when you’re meant to head straight to school in the Sex World
+Fixed bug where Grundle Sam’s store isn’t accessible in the sex world
+Fixed bug where Mom is in other parts of the house when she’s supposed to be in her room flicking the bean
+Fixed Timing with Notifications after meeting dad in the first morning

+Miss Allaway Story Progression
+Added New Artist
+Added Miss Allaway Casual Outfit
+Added Miss Allaway to the Cafe as a Talkable Character
+Added Crowd on the Dance Floor at the Nightclub
+Added Casual Wear for Dad
+Added Missus Horror Dream Sequence
+Added Missus Action Dream Sequence
+Added Throwaway Chat with Dad in the Living Room
+Added Throwaway Chat with Dad in the Parents Bedroom
+Added Throwaway Chat with Miss Allaway at the Cafe
+Added Throwaway Chat with Davendithas
+Added Throwaway Chat with Crugeon
+Added Throwaway Chat with Lord Kevlamin
+Added Bar Counter for Steve’s Sprite
+Added Office Desk for Miss Lashley’ Sprite
+Added Store Counter for Hazel’s Sprite
+Replaced the Exit sign in the Nightclub with a Street Navigation Button
+Replaced and Updated Grundle Sam’s Store
+Updated the Phone layout so that there isn’t an Achievements Tab
+Updated and Improved Grundle Sam’s Sprite Proportions
+Updated and Improved Cafe Outside location
+Updated and Improved Cafe Worker Buttons
+Fixed Effie appearing at the Park at night on the first night and when you ask her to have some fun at her house any other night
+Fixed and Improved the Phone Skill Tab
+Fixed Bug where nothing happens when you try to Access Jane’s Stream at correct time with no story trigger
-Missus' Romance Dream Sequence not added
-Crugeon Shocked Sprite not added
-Lord Kevlamin Shocked Sprite not added
-Missus’ mouth doesn’t talk during Saving Scene in Action Dream
-New Scenes Not Optimized
-Developer Mode On (It's late, I was tired, I forgot to disable it...)

Alpha 0.16a - The Troublemaker Update
+Complied to Patreon’s Guidelines by disabling the ability to go down any of the banned routes
+Jane Story Progression
+Compressed Town Map and Phone Assets
+Grammar and Typo Fixes
+Added New Characters (Mina, Grundle Sam, Steve)
+Added the Roleplayers as clickable characters in the Comic book store backroom
+Added Effie as a clickable character at the park at Night
+Added Effie as a clickable character in the classroom in the Morning
+Added Steve in the Nightclub
+Added Miss Lashley to the Principal’s Office
+Added Grundle Sam and an introduction conversation in the Stuff and Things Store
+Added Skill Items Assets
+Added Dialogue with Hitomi where she mentions the Adult Store
+Added Dialogue with Jane where the MC mentions interacting with the bartender
+Added Art Asset for Cheer the Missus Up Errand Scenes
+Added Art Asset for Jane’s 20Q Scene
+Added Art Asset for Jane in the Adult Store Scene
+Added Adult Store Backroom BG
+Added Principal’s Office as an accessible room in the school after you visit the fight club
+Added Website Link to the Game’s Main Menu
+Completed Adult Store
+Improve Miss Allaway button in the Classroom
+Fixed Trigger in the Sex World so you can’t initiate any Jane Side Story
+Fixed Bug in the Sex World where dad is meant to be there sleeping with the Missus
+Fixed the Missus Cunnilingus’ trigger scene
+Fixed Bug that assumes you already asked the Missus out on a Dinner Date and awaits for you to buy a suit
+Fixed Map Disabling Bug before asking the Missus out on a Dinner Date
+Fixed Jacob’s Sprite position so he’s facing right when touring the MC in the comic book store
+Fixed the Missus’ Dialogue where she treats the anal scene as if it was her vagene
+Fixed Jane’s Phone Objectives
+Fixed Bug when accessing Jane’s stream at the wrong time and or day
+Fixed Bug where the Missus is in bed sleeping when she’s suppose to be out in the Park
+Fixed Bug at the cinema where you gain $60 if you ask your date to pay for the movie
+Fixed Bug that didn’t allow allow an option before watching a Romance Movie with the Missus

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