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Sunsetriders7 - Injustice Unlimited (Something Unlimited) [Version 2.222 ] (2017) Update

Year of manufacture: 2016
Genre: ADV, Animation, Adult, All sex, Big tits, Striptease, Prostitution, Hero, Dance, Blowjob, Corruption
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version 2.222
Language of game: English
Language: English
Language of voice: English

System requirements (minimum):
Windows Xp / Vista / 7/8/10, 4.46 GB HDD

Description: (from the developer's site)
This is my true passion; I really love this method on the distribution of my artwork. Not to mention the different levels of creativity I get to express in this format. My current project is Injustice Unlimited, which is set in the DC animated universe. You play as Lex Luthor, and use your influence and power to capture heroines, run heists, collect items, and manage your criminal empire.

SU 2.2.0 –> SU 2.222 Changelog
– Miss Martian’s face missing in the stable
– Miss Martian strip scenes in the wrong order
– Raven slut costume unlock locking scenes

SU 2.1.999 Changelog:
Here are the major issues that were fixed:
– Killer Frost lesbian scene system overhauled
– Blackfire and Mercy Killer Frost scenes unlocking, with older saves as well
– Starfire switching costumes in her cell during conversations
– Yacht event locking out when replaying the game
– Audrey cloning event locking out when replaying the game
– Raven’s Special menu back button not working
– Terra’s Private Room scenes showing wrong costume in vault
– Lex staying on screen during Terra leash scenes.
– Cheetah, Livewire and Giganta vault scenes not unlocking
– Penguin Henchwoman Blowjob scene
Remember, if you have bugs to report, it’s best to use the Discord “bugs” channel.
SU is still a work in progress, so expect bugs.
Besides, it’s still more playable than Fallout 76.

SU 2.1.9 Changelog:
Fixed —————————————
– Wonder Woman costume menu sometimes locking up
– Faces overlapping during Wonder Woman lasso scenes
– Lord nickname changed to my Lord in private rooms
– Killer Frost lesbian scene with Blackfire not triggering (requires new game)
– Killer Frost lesbian scene with Mercy not triggering (requires new game)
– Menu overlapping in the main city
– Camera hanging on wrong views in cloning process
– Terra not showing up in some of her leash scenes
– Cheetah yacht scenes not unlocking
Added —————————————
13 Backgrounds
– Harley Content
– Leash Scenes
– Tala Content
– Leash Scenes
– Sex Scenes
– Anal 1 Scenes
– Anal 2 Scenes
– Terra Content
– Glamour Slam Dance Variant
– Private Room Strip Scene
– Private Room Blowjob Scenes
– Private Room Cumshot Scenes
– Private Room Sex Scenes
– Private Room Anal Scenes
– Cell Sex Scenes
– Cell Anal Scenes
– Cell Anal Cumshot Scenes
– Exhibition Intro
– Exhibition Sex Scenes
– Exhibition Cumshot Scene
– Yacht Event
7 Backgrounds
– Blackfire Content
– Anal Scene
– Black Manta Content
– Victoria Blowjob Scene
– Galatea Content
– Anal Scene
– Giganta Content
– Party Dress Costume
– Dance Scenes
– Sex Scene
– Jinx Content
– Naked Party Portrait
– Sex scene
– Morgaine le Fay Content
– Portraits
– Handjob Scene
– Body Scene
– Penguin Content
– Raven Blowjob Scene
– Rose Content
– Naked Party Portrait
– Sex Scene
– Star Sapphire Content
– Party Dress Costume
– Sex Scene
– Superwoman Content
– Anal Scene
– Talia al Ghul Content
– Handjob Scene
– Sex Scene

SU 2.1.8 --> SU 2.1.888 Changelog
Fixed ---------------------------------------
- Cheetah and Livewire Yacht scenes not unlocking in vault
- Galatea Yacht Intro not unlocking in vault
- Cheshire's Yacht Anal scene not unlocking in vault
- Audrey showing up in other costumes when returning her to Savage
- Blackfire/Lex scenes positioning in on the Yacht
- Harley's ending sometimes locking up
- Blackfire's ending sometimes repeating scenes
- Harley disappearing after double stripping in her cell
- Ivy conversations resetting dialog menus
- Circe jacuzzi scene not showing
- Rose dialog sometimes looping improperly
- Penguin jacuzzi scene not working in right order
- Various characters in the wrong areas at times during yacht
- Blackfire sprite appearing in Superwoman in scenes

Added ---------------------------------------
- Yacht Event
1 Background
Ravager Content
Penguin Content

Changelog Version 2.1.8
Fixed ---------------------------------------
- Audrey's clone choice dialog being backwards
- Rewrote the Killer Frost lesbian scene picking
- Ivy's second lesbian scene going to first in the vault
- Wonder Woman's head disappearing during lasso scenes
- Wonder Woman's dance scene unlocking
- Simplified Terra's blowjob scene and fixed it
- Added disabled buttons to some vaults for slots without scenes
- Superpowers menu item removed from the Labs
- Fixed Blackfire's vault scenes from locking on the second set
- Audrey leash scenes unlocking too early

Added ---------------------------------------
- Terra Content
Terra Blowjob Scene redone

- Yacht Event

26 Backgrounds
- Blackfire Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dress Intro Scene
- Titjob Scene
- Sex Scene

- Black Manta Content
- Yacht Costume
- Victoria Portraits

- Cheetah Content
- Dance Scenes
- Sex Scene

- Cheshire Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dress Intro Scene
- Dance Scenes
- Handjob Scene
- Sex Scene
- Anal Scene

- Circe Content
- Red Dress Costume
- Blowjob Scene
- Jacuzzi Scene

- Deathstroke Content
- Tuxedo Costume
- Galatea Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dress Intro Scene
- Dance Scenes
- Titjob Scene
- Sex Scene

- Harley Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dress Intro Scene
- Dance Scenes
- Blowjob Scene
- Sex Scene
- Anal Scene

- Jinx Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Jacuzzi Scene
- Blowjob Scene

- Lex Content
- Yachting Costume

- Livewire Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dance Scenes
- Sex Scene

- Mercy Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dress Intro Scene
- Handjob Scene
- Sex Scene
- Anal Scene

- Penguin Content
- Portraits
- Jay Portraits
- Raven Portraits
- Lark Portraits

- Poison Ivy Content
- Party Dress Costume

- Ravager Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Jacuzzi Scene

- Talia al Ghul Content
- Party Dress Costume

- Superwoman Content
- Party Dress Costume
- Dress Intro Scene
- Titjob Scene
- Sex Scene

Changelog Version 2.1.777
Fixed ---------------------------------------
- Audrey's Maid costume dance showing Ballerian instead
- Killer Frost cell rerouting to Terra's sometimes
- Vixen's cell stripping not unlocking properly
- Superwoman scenes showing up in Wonder Woman cell
- Multiple go back buttons showing up in the Office
- Some cells not reseting, even with a new game
- Some variables locking up Killer Frost's cell
- Superwoman's head disappering during conversations
- Sprites overlapping in Wonder Woman's vault scenes
- Wonder Woman Scene 3 showing wrong costume in vault
- Superwoman's Marvel costume intro with wrong sprite in vault
- Being unable to exit Superwoman's Suit Intro in vault
- Superwoman's Slut costume intro showing wrong sprite
- Wonder Woman's Slut intro not appearing
- Terra showing the wrong face on costume changes in cell
- Killer Frost lesbian scenes showing wrong characters
- Ivy, Bane and Metallo added to Villain Status
- Audrey clone stages showing up as other girls
- Vixen's costume changes not showing up right away
- Terra locking up the controls when being posted in Meta-Bordello
- Superwoman's Slut intro not triggering

Added ---------------------------------------
Option to keep Audrey clone or original

SU v2.1.7
Added ---------------------------------------

8 Backgrounds

- Audrey Content
- Maid Costume
- Maid Variants for Scenes
- Cell Stripping Scenes
- Leash Scene
- Cloning Sprites

- Killer Frost Content
- Henchwoman Lesbian Scenes
- Cell Dance Scenes
- Cell Strip Scenes
- Leash Scenes

- Superwoman Content
- Intro Scene
- Normal Costume
- Suit Intro Scene
- Suit Costume
- Prison Costume
- Ivy Prison Scene Variants
- Ms. Marvel Intro
- Ms. Marvel Costume
- Slut Intro
- Slut Costume
- Summon Scene

- Terra Content
- Nighty Costume
- Nighty Intro
- Nighty Variants for Scenes
- Nighty Strip Scenes
- Cell Blowjob Scenes
- Cell Blowjob Cumshot Scenes
- Cloning Sprites

- Vixen Content
- New Portraits
- Hero Costume
- Suit Costume
- Slut Costume
- Hero Intro Scene
- Suit Intro Scene
- Slut Intro Scene
- Cell Dance Scenes
- Cell Strip Scenes
- Leash Scenes

- Wonder Woman Content
- New Portraits
- Casual Costume
- Casual Intro
- Hero Costume
- Hero Intro
- Business Costume
- Business Intro
- Slut Costume
- Slut Intro
- Cell Lasso Scenes

SU 2.1.555 Changelog:
Fixed —————————————
– Killer Frost’s second intro scene not showing up in the vault
– Going back from Prison Menu leaving the menu up
– Stargirl icon showing up for Starfire in Metabordello Stables
– Batgirl portrait staying on screen over actions
– Tala’s costume switching during conversations
– Miss Martian’s naked haridband costume not unlocking
– Lex showing up over Terra’s strip scenes in cells
– Terra’s Special not showing up in the vault
– Issues with Artemis assets and scenes
– Blackfire’s spanking scene costumes in the vault
– Only Cheshire’s dialog showing up on Killer Frost’s second intro
– Blackfire’s strip only showing her first costume
– Making multiple Galatea clones
– Many problems with Artemis assets not showing in game
– Ivy vault scenes causing black screens
– Tala vault scenes causing black screens

SU 2.1.5 Changelog:
Added —————————————
3 Backgrounds
6 Bordello Backgrounds

– Artemis content
– Tigress Costume
– Glamour Slam Dance Variants
– Glamous Slam Strip Variants
– Glamous Slam Special Variants
– Private Room Strip Scenes
– Private Room Blowjob Scene
– Private Room Cumshot Scene
– Private Room Sex Scene
– Private Room Anal Scene

– Blackfire content
– Cell Strip Scenes

– Killer Frost content
– Villain Intro
– Villain Costume
– Slut Intro
– Slut Costume

– Miss Martian content
– Glamour Slam Dance Variant
– Glamous Slam Strip Variants
– Glamous Slam Special Variant
– Private Room Strip Scenes
– Private Room Blowjob Scene
– Private Room Cumshot Scenes
– Private Room Sex Scene
– Private Room Anal Scene
– Cell Strip Scenes
– Naked Costume
– Naked Hairband Costume

– Roulette content
– Prison Anal Scene

– Terra content
– Glamour Slam Dance Scene
– Glamous Slam Strip Scenes
– Glamous Slam Special
– Bordello Sex Scene
– Hero Intro
– Hero Costume
– Schoolgirl Intro
– Schoolgirl Costume
– Trashy Intro
– Trashy Costume
– Cell Dance Scenes
– Cell Spanking Scene
– Cell Stripping Scenes
– Naked Costume

SU 2.1.4 Changelog:
Fixed —————————————
– Metallo’s cell acessable in the prison
– Roulette’s prison intro not appearing
– Batgirl’s Older costume not unlocking in private room
– Most of the Batgirl Private Room consistency problems
– Starfire in the stables leading to blank screen
– Cheshire sometimes having a black screen when entering her cell
– Camera locking up in older vault sections
– Finished switching about 80% of dialog to the shorter dialog boxes
– Replaced most of the posing system
– Most of the Heist system replaced
– A lot of GUIs in the game replaced or fixed
– Mercy’s business suit costume no longer missable
– Villains being able to be clicked on too early when hiring
– Being able to click next night over other buttons
– Supergirl popping up behind Stargirl in Device menus
– some general posign issues with characters overlapping
– Duplicate characters popping up or staying on screen at the wrong
– Lexcorp Office GUIs, removed temporary prison reset
– Most of the issues with Lex switching costumes midscene
– Tala’s meditation RNG fixed for once

Added —————————————
2 Cell Backgrounds
– Bane content
– Hire Portrait
– Blackfire content
– Secretary costume
– Secretary Intro Scene
– Secretary Dance Variant
– Starfire Inspection Variant
– Spanking Scenes
– Livewire content
– Blowjob Cumshot Scene
– Metallo content
– Hire Portrait
– Poison Ivy content
– Hire Portrait
– Strip Scenes
– Blowjob Scene
– Cumshot Scene
– Roulette content
– Poison Ivy Scene

SU 2.1.3 Changelog:
Fixed —————————————

– Lex’s costume channging in some newer scenes
– Shrunk the dialog box height by a third
– Cheshire’s Suit costume not showing up talking when talking to Artemis
– Esc Menu options added in when in Prison
– Stryker’s Island intro shouldn’t replay more than once in Prison
– 20-25% of the dialog boxes/portraits switched to new system

Added —————————————

2 Prison Backgrounds
5 Bordello Backgrounds
– Metallo content
– Guards content
– Batgirl content
– Roulette content
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