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Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3

Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3

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Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 3
Version 3 Change Log:

A lot has been added this time, please bear with me if you run into any issues.
New enemies, traps and area added.
Battle speed increased. your skills will no longer be announced and the time between actions has been reduced.
Select enemies now have grapple attacks - the chance of this happening is determined by the amount of LP you have and how long a battle has been going on for. When this happens you will receive continuous damage until you break free, breaking free is quick, simply press the movement keys. You will be released even faster when alternating the keys, and since it's very easy to break free from these they are more of reaction time thing.
Clothing loss added, this will happen if you are caught by a trap or grabbed in battle, gameplay will change as such:
You will be locked into a special stance that increases the damage of LP skills but reduces HP skills.
Your attacks will no longer fail due to too much LP.
You and the enemy will both gain LP every turn
Strength and defense will be reduced.
Weapons cannot be used. if you have one equipped it will be removed, and attempting to use another will toss it.
Enemies will be more aggressive and the ones that can grab will do so more often, they won't try to raise your LP.
***It is not recommended to stay nude until you've learned some LP abilities (should you want to). Nevertheless this makes the game much harder, especially in the starting areas.
Added new skills and reorganized the level up screen, new abilities will now appear more frequently.
Changed the existing LP skills so they are more useful. Taunt now also debuffs the enemy strength stat in addition to increasing enemy LP, and Yell now deals low damage and reduces enemy defense even more.
The wait command now also functions as a mapping tool. Using it will reveal minimap tiles you would be able to travel to on your next move. Any tile that can be stepped on can be mapped, tiles that traps or water sit on do not need to be mapped.
Heal ability added - It uses 30LP to recover a small amount of HP and repair clothing, you can only use this once after every battle so it's good to be careful. I'm trying this out by giving it an LP cost first, it's possible that it may be free in the future
Consumable items like berries/antidote will no longer be capped at 3 turns and will stack if more than one is used. using a different item will still overwrite it.
Increased durability of weapons.
Added a new status ailment "sticky" - this reduces damage done by HP skills.
The steel panties item now has multiple uses and will also protect you in battle from being grabbed.
Getting at least 90% completion on a map will now increase the strength and defense stats.
Power fruit has been split into two different items for strength and defense.
The menu now has some config options. trap animations can be toggled, encounter rate frequency can be set and the BGM/SFX volume can be adjusted. Adjustments made to the encounter rate take place after the next battle.
Overall difficulty increased throughout. Also, with the new clothing loss mechanic the starting areas can be pretty unforgiving, prioritize your LP to use heal if you're having trouble. The first boss is now also more dangerous.

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