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Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4

Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4

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Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4 Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4
Version 4 Change Log:

A lot has been added this time, please bear with me if you run into any issues.

Added clothing, once unlocked you can switch between them with the R and F keys. They function similar to how your normal outfit did in version 3, except now all of them come with special effects. They can be destroyed by getting grabbed the same way as well. If you're naked you can simply switch to another one on reserve or use heal to repair it. The only time you can't switch outfits is if you're covered in cum or in battle. Hold the I key to get detailed info on their status.
Added minibosses to the first two dungeons, defeating them will grant you one of the new costumes. They are non-hostile enemies you need to approach and interact with. The first one is a mandatory fight, however the subsequent ones will be optional.
Game over screens added, there are 15 of them so far (almost every enemy up to this point). At the moment the only way to see these is when you lose, but in a more final version of the game they will be added to a gallery by simply defeating the enemy (sorry, gallery mode hasn't been implemented yet).
The restriction on the Heal ability has been removed, you can now use it repeatedly so long as you have the LP.
Traps may now cum all over you, there is always a small chance of this happening when caught but higher LP will increase the likelihood. All but the moving enemies in the ice area can do this. When covered in cum you cannot change clothing and LP will increase while moving. This is removed by either using heal (to clean yourself up first, another use is needed to repair clothing), a fountain, or a newly added item.
Fountain locations will now give you an item that will clean your body, but only if you aren't carrying one already. This item also drops from some monsters.
You can no longer save at any time, all saving must now be done at healing/fountain locations. This is a big change so please play with more care, don't be afraid to backtrack a bit to a save point if you've made progress (there's one on almost every map, but there's one stretch in the ice dungeon without), use the new lust ability to top off LP and use heal to keep HP/Clothing, and when desperate run away from battle. You should have plenty of tools to survive.
The starting areas have been made a bit easier. The wurm enemy now first shows up on the third map but is a bit stronger as a result, the Eyeball-Goos now also show up on the second map and have a bit more HP to compensate. Your starting outfit also has the property of all stats +1 at level 1.
The minimap is now a little more detailed. Walls, doors and fountain locations will now be shown (using wait still only maps tiles, the map is still a WIP).
Weapons will no longer be removed when naked, they will become disabled instead and can still be equipped. Once clothing is recovered they will become usable again.
Lust ability added, use this to gain some LP. It has a cooldown based on the amount of steps steps taken or wait used.
New battle ability "Dress", this will repair your currently equipped outfit for 30LP and does not take up a turn, it can be used repeatedly so long as you have the LP for it. However, should you be covered in cum it wont be available, so be careful.
New battle ability "Defend", this will reduce LP by a small amount, reduce the damage you take that turn considerably, and protect you from grab moves just for that turn as well (the enemy will simply take another action instead).
New battle ability "Escape", this will guarantee you escape a battle but it comes at the cost of 1 point of max HP, a reduction in XP of what the enemy would've given you, and a chance to drop a random item you are carrying.
Counter will now only be triggered while in normal and offensive stance, as well as when naked.
Damage dealt by Yell slightly reduced.
Damage dealt by Heat slightly reduced, however the attack now also raises enemy LP.
The cost of HP based skills now scale along with your max HP rather than being a set cost.
The lewdness stat scales LP generated in lewd stance and when naked properly now. It won't max out at generating 50 LP so early anymore.
The thief enemy will now return all items he stole once defeated. He will now also grab you.
You can now press F5 at anytime to reset the game window if you changed it's size.
Audio settings will now save properly and carry over across all save files, even if you start a new game on another file.
Fixed that bug that caused the game to hard lock when grabbed by two traps at the same time, I was finally able to replicate this and fix it (I did some extensive testing to make sure it doesn't happen.anymore, but if it does for whatever reason, please let me know.). BIG thanks to everyone that let me know about it.
Some art was redrawn.

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