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Red Pixel Games - Resident X PC New Version 0.0.6

Language: English
New Version 0.0.6
Censored: No

1. Unpack the archive.
2. Look for the executable.
3. Run it.
Info: Resident X, is an adult visual novel with puzzles, exploration and adult scenes. You play as Lucas, after his parents die at a young age, he now lives with his parent’s closest friend and long-time neighbor, Sadie. Strange occurrences have happened ever since he’s lived this new life and it’s up to him to solve whatever is going on in that house.​

– Gameplay:
– Continue the main story and open a new attraction: The Club!
– NEW Kaisa training quest – Level 20.
– NEW and FINAL Hana training quest – Level 50 (Awakened)
– NEW ‘job scene’ for Kaisa at the canteen – level 20+
– NEW ‘job scene for Hana at the canteen – level 50+
– NEW attraction introduction quests – Job Interviews. Do a small quest when Hana is awakened to make
her work at the Club and unlock a new outfit.
– NEW ‘outfit event’ with Lily’s Maid outfit.
– 3 NEW variations for Lily’s Maid outfit plus the ‘Awakened’ version with two color variants.
– NEW ‘job outfit’ for Hana – Canteen (Awakened) with two color variants and two ‘extra’ variants.
– NEW ‘job outfit’ for Hana – Club (Awakened) with two color variants.
– NEW variation for Kaisa’s ‘job outfit’ – Canteen.
– 1 NEW ‘room decoration for Hana.
– 1 NEW ‘lewd room decoration’ for Hana.
– NEW ‘chibi room event’ with the new ‘lewd decoration’ in Hana’s room.
– 2 NEW ‘room decorations’ for Kaisa.
– NEW topless option for Hana’s underwear when she is level 21 or above.
– NEW forced event for Kaisa – Miss Hana.
– Events with girls now need to be activated in Eros computer. He will send the girl an email and she will respond!
– Added ‘credits’ button in Eros’ computer to thank our higher pledgers <3 - Re-write of some events and dialogues (To better fit our new philosophy of not making Eros the sole protagonist) - Fixed small bugs - Art: - NEW scene: Lily's Maid outfit event with variations. - NEW scene: Kaisa's lvl 20 quest with variations. - 3 NEW Kaisa frames for the canteen. - 6 NEW Hana frames for the canteen. - 3 NEW Hana frames for the club. - NEW animated Background for the club. - 1 NEW lewd decoration for Hana. - 2 NEW room decorations for Kaisa. - 1 NEW room decoration for Hana - 1 NEW animated 'room chibi' for Hana (The Big Man decoration) - 3 NEW Maid outfit versions for Lily. - 1 NEW Maid outfit Awakened version for Lily. - 1 NEW canteen outfit Awakened version for Hana. - 1 NEW canteen outfit version for Kaisa. - NEW attraction (map) - The Club - NEW heart lock icon for Awakened girls.

Reworked Sadie’s Rig
Reworked Sadie’s Scenes
New Scenes
Infinite money Cheats implemented
Sadie’s exclusive clothes options
New Quest Log
New Dialogue
New Audio
Reworked Journal GUI
Reworked Map GUI
Added map for Konami’s home
Reworked Inventory GUI
Reworked HUD
Added Hud button
Added Dialogue buttons
Reworked Dialogue
Reworked Home Menu
Added Save slots
Added Quicksave option
Added Autosave option
Many more fixes

Red Pixel Games - Resident X PC New Version 0.0.6

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