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Sacred Sage - Reclusive Bay New Version 0.36.0 - Male Protagonist

Year of issue: 2021
Genre: 3DCG, animated, big tits, harem, male protagonist, oral, sandbox
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
New Version 0.36.0
Game language: English
Interface language: English

1. Extract and run.

You have no memory at the start of the game and know nothing of the town you live in. You find out you have a house and a starting business called the Royal, a restaurant. The town is a ghost town and off the charts but, is an escape for those that don’t want to be found. As the story progress you will learn more about your memory and more about this strange town while meeting beautiful women along the way.​

-Remade Paige spanking scene
-Remade Lily Sleepjob scene
– Added a new main story scene with split paths
– Added a main story scene trevor has had enough
– Added a main story scene with lily with split paths
– Added a side story scene for Vivian Vivian flips out
– Added a side story scene for Vivian vivian feels guilty

– Added a New Main Story Scene (Marcus and Lynn come clean)
– Added a New Main Story Scene (Summer moves in)
– Added a New Main Story Scene (Checking on Eve)
– Added a New Main Story Scene (Warehouse spies)
– Added Summer’s morning date
– Added a Summer Side Scene (Paige and Summer)
– Added a Summer Side Scene (Summers proper thank you)
– Remade first_memory
– Remade eve talks about visiting
– Added Summer Eye Candies bought from Vivian
– Got Summer’s room started on development
– Added a way for you to actually get drunk at the Mermaid’s cove now.
– Increased the chance to trigger the Morning Date Encounters
– Changed it so you can quickly talk to who you see in the bar VS having to move to certain areas to talk to someone
– Fixed it so after the SL went back down from FwF if you are below 5 SL the repeatable isn’t available
– Fixed it so when you talk to Leah on monday her animation shows up.
– Fixed is so when you talk to Marcus late night the animation shows up

*There is a typo for the Summer repeatable scene that causes an error. Just ignore it. It will be fixed next patch.*
-Added a new Main StoryScene (Memory Lane)
-Added a 10 SL repeatable for Vivian in The Royal
-Added a 5 SL repeatable for Leah in Cuppa Joe
-Added a 5 SL repeatable for Eve in the Police Station
-Added a 5 SL repeatable for Summer in the bar at night
-Added a scene side scene for Marcus with Leah
-Added a Leah side scene
-Added a side story scene for Leah
-Added Paige Eye Candy Pack
-Remade Vivian Coffee Date Scene
-Remade Lily Coffee Date scene

-Added a Main Story scene Eve visits Merlot
-Added a Main Story scene vivian shower thoughts
-Added Lilys 30 RS repeatable lewd
-Added Main Story Scene Investigating Merlot
– Added Main Story Scene Trevor’s Concerned
-Added Eye Candy pack for Cascade enjoy them because she won’t get anymore for a while
-Remade Cascade book work
-Remade Vivian house break in
– Added a UI to world map (skip time and time of day etc)
– Made it so lock-picking scenes work at Late Night as well.

added a repeatable scene for cascade
added a new location to the map Recluse Beach
-new main story scene going to the beach
-new side scene with Leah (Leah thinking)
-new side scene with (Leah deans office)
remade leah visits the royal
– fixed several with cascade and marcus

-Added a Main Story Scene (Trevor’s Past)
– Added a Main Story Scene (Meeting Lily’s Family)
– Added a branching scene (Rebecca Wakes You Up)
– Added a branching scene (Lily Wakes You Up)
– Added a small scene to of going home.
– Remade the scene with Paige and Cascade arguing in the kitchen
– Remade Leah’s first side scene
– Changed it so you have different font set ups now in preferences .
– Fixed a typo that caused an error in the scene with Summer at the pool.
– Fixed the eye candy bug some players got when reloading.
– killed around 400 more typos. They just keep appearing :(

– Added A Main Story Scene (Meeting with Lynn)
– Added a Main Store Scene (The Discussion)
– Added a repeatable lewd (scene with Vivian)
– Added a few flashback renders at the start of the game and
in meeting Cascade to give meaning to the lost memories.
– Added the option to name your saved game
– Added a wallpaper of Summer.
– Added a wallpaper of Eve
– Added Cascade Eye candy Pack
-remade Lily finds out shes an exhibitionist
– fixed more typos that endless struggle

– Added a Main Story Scene (Mayor Troubles)
– Added a Main Story Scene (Marcus and Lynn catch up)
– Added 2 wallpapers 1 of Lily and 1 of Summer
– Added a Side Scene for Vivian (Vivian finds out about Merlot)
– Added a Side Scene for Vivian (Vivian runs into trouble)
– Added a Side Scene for Marcus (Vivian)
– Added Summers Eye Candy Pack to Vivians shop.
– Added Paiges special name for you in the coffee date repeatable scene.
– Added Vivian’s side hussle (Talk to her at the bar to unlock. Then buy from her in her bedroom.)
– Remade Paige’s scene (Paige’s coffee date)
– Remade Lily’s side scene (Park Yoga)
– All navigations are switched over to change based off of time of day.
– Fixed Marcus not actually giving you money in Eve’s scene.
– Fixed a bug where Paige would refer to player as none in her repeatable
– Fixed a typo in the Lily park scene that would cause errors to some players.
– Took care of a lot of typos throughout the dialogs.

– Added a Side Scene with Eve (Eve starts to open up)
– Added a Side scene with Summer (Summer wake up)
– Added a Side Scene for Cascade (Cascade’s Struggle)
– Added a Side Scene for Lily (Lily’s Sister)
– Added a Side Scene for Lily (lily morning bedroom yoga)
– Remade the scene where Paige visits the MC.
– Remade the MC_bedroom free roam area.
– Remade the Cascade coffee date repeatable.
– Added a new feature with FwF.
Putting a girl in favorites gives a +1 RS.
Putting a girl in Hotest gives +1 SL.
when you switch them out their RS or SL goes back to normal.
– Fixed a bug when you clicked another upgrade when buying an upgrade already, it would error.
– Fixed the bug where places would say it was closed when it doesn’t (No more double clicking YAY!)
– Fixed a bug at the Mausoleum at late night.
– Fixed a bug in the bar where Summer talked to you at places she shouldn’t have.
– Fixed a bug in Cascade’s replay.
– Fixed a couple replay bugs if you rejected the girls advances in replay.
– Fixed a bug that could cause errors when talking to Paige at the bar on Saturday.
– Fixed a bug with a scene with Cascade that was getting an error.
– Fixed a bug in replays from the main menu where you would get an e-mail alert.
– Fixed a bug where some players would have an error in the scene pool time with Summer.
– Changed it so after you buy a new area if automatically shows the scene rather than going there.
– Changed it so while in game can only view scenes for that playthrough and out of game menu.
you can view all the scenes you have seen across all playthroughs.
– Started converting navigation images to change depending on time of day and location.
– Fuck them typos…

– Added a Main Story Scene (Digging for information)
– Added A Side Story Scene for Cascade (Showing Cascade The Ropes)
– Added a Side Story Scene for Summer (Inviting Summer Back)
– Added a Side Story Scene for Summer (Pool time with Summer)
– Added a Side Story Scene for Vivian (Vivian busy at work)
– Remade Paige’s Side Scene (Smoking in the Royal)
– Remade Cascade night time lockpicking even
– Fixed a bug where late night would error out in Lily’s room.
– Fixed a bug where park renders wouldn’t load when it was Late Night.
– 172 renders and 1 animation

– Added Main Story Scene (Cascade Trade Deal)
– Added Main Story Scene (On The Run) (Decided by choice)
– Added Main Story Scene (In Jail) (Decided by choice)
– Added Main Story Scene (You were sleeping)
– Added a scene for building the showers with the construction guy.
– Added a scene for building the sauna with the construction guy.
– Changed Opening screen to an Animation instead of Images.
-Added A Logo to the beginning of the start of a new game.
– Split the Pool 10k purchase into 3 sections (4k, 3k, 3k)
This will help when I add in more scenes in the future so you don’t need the full 10k.
– Added an app to give money for those that hate lockpicking, hacking, and working.
– Added a subscribstar link on PC.
– Remade The hot tub scene with Paige.
– Remade a small scene with Lily talking about saving with the girls.
– Remade Cascade’s saving Scene. (8 renders)
– Remade the building corridor scene with the construction guy.
– Remade the building swimming pool scene with the construction guy.
– Remade Paige’s Eye Candy Renders.
– Remade the Quick Trader free roam area’s.
– Added in a small fail-safe for folded money.
– Destroyed spelling errors some more. The on-going struggle.
(141 new renders)
(8 new animations)

VERSION 0.20.3
– Added a new scene Side scene for Leah. (Leah studies)
– Added a main scene (Merlot talks to the mayor)
– Added a side scene for Vivian (Vivian still mad)
– Added a side scene with Eve and everybodies favorite character Marcus. (optional)
– Added a delivery quest for Vivian first time gives +1 RS
– Added Vivian to The Royal (left side in the morning) after meeting her.
– Changed out all of the main menu renders for better ones.
Definitely gives it a better feel.
-Remade The free roam park area.
-Remade the free roam area for The Royal.
-Remade Cascade’s night visit.
-Remade The hot tub scene with Paige
-Remade the scene where you talk to Paige after Jake hits you.
-Remade the scene where Jake hits you.
-Remade Paige Shop encounter.
-Remade the scene where Cascade tells you about Paige moving in.
-Decreased corridor to 4,000 from 5,000.

0.19 update
-Added main story Scene (Following Paige)
-Added a side scene for Eve (Setting up Vivian) *optional*
-Added a Lewd scene for Eve’s side scenes (Threesome with Vivian and Eve) *optional*
-Added Vivian’s sleep scene for lockpicking *optional*
-Added a Main story scene with Cascade. (Cascade Overheard)
-Added an awesome departing exit screen for when you exit the game
-Added wallpapers. Two per girl. Purchasable from Cascade in her bedroom after the scene (Cascade Overheard)
-Added in a daily revenue from the girl’s that are moved in. After they agree to help you save money for construction.
-Added a navigation so you can travel without arrows if you don’t want them. (check preferences)

-Email issue fixed for saved games.

-Added a side scene with Paige.
-Added a scene main story scene with Vivian.
-Added side scene with Lily.
-Added a side scene with Vivian.
-Added a new area to explore (No scenes there yet however)
-Changed Marcus dialog so it is better understood.
-Changed the energy required to work. It was 40. Now it costs no energy, but can only be done once per day.
-Changed the amounnts for working from 20, 35, 50 to 100, 150, 200
-Changed the hacking and locking success rate from 70%, 80% and 90% (based off skill points) to 80%, 90%, 100%
-Changed the base amount of earnings for hacking and lockpicking from $10, $20 and $30, to $30, $50, and $75 per successful attempt.
-bonuses from tiers of increased money for hacking annd lockpicking from 5, 10, 15 to 10, 15, 20 per level
(These amounts may change in the future.)
-Icons for the PC redone.
-Added Town Map.
-Emails now sit in the inbox by order of date received.
-That pesky pillow will no longer jump at you after resting.
-Fixed the reward system for the girls for saving. Now they aren’t as eager to get naked for you.
-Fixed scenes being skipped because you talking to paige early after talking to lily.
-Added a navigation tool tip letting you know where you are headed too.
-Water gives 1 energy now.
-Coffee gives 5 energy now.
If you acquired Restaurant Equipment. money increase after sleep went from $25 to $50.
Hundreds of typos have met their demise.
Redid Hacking interface so it looks pretty boss
Redid image for Lockpicking Job interface so it looks fancier.
put cookies in fridge.

Sacred Sage - Reclusive Bay New Version 0.36.0 - Male Protagonist

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