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Bold Bash Studios - Life in Santa County New Version 0.6.0

Language: English
New Version 0.6.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

INC Patch:
Patch Instructions
Put the “patch.rpy” file into the “/game” folder.
Info: Santa county… A symbol of wealth and peace. But what if it really isn’t? A young man, living in a neighborhood where everything seems so ordinary and innocent and then discovers the dark and lustful lifestyles lurking within. Witness all the destructions he will experience and the great change he will make. This city has only one rule. Trust… No one.

v0.5.4 :
– Added 20 Animations.
– Added Point tracker.
– Renpy Version Updated.
– Bugfix.

Added 22 Animations. (TOTAL 40-50)
Added secret gallery.
Coded from scratch.
Several bugs fix.
Isnumeric error fix
Added credits.

1200+ Render
40 Animations.
Coded from scratch.
The interface has changed.
Renpy version has been upgraded.
losseless compress.
-Added new achievement.
-Your old saves will be working. Please report otherwise.

* We currently have 1800+ scenes. This number may increase slightly in the last release.
* New scoring and path system. (RISE&FALL)
* The perk system that you choose the path and perk you will follow.
* Reworked Chloe and Iris.
* 6 new female characters.
* New phone system.
* Slide menu for you to navigate free-roam sequences more easily.
* Hint menu.
* Inventory system.
* Money system.
* Freedom to associate with or ignore any character you want.
* Detailed selection and result. Every choice you make may have a different response, even if you don’t realize it.
* The setup is prepared in accordance with the main planned game concept.

v0.2 bug fix
The password and bag idles in Sarah's house have been updated.
Font brightness problem has been fixed.
The save limitation has been removed.
Some pointing errors have been resolved.
Gui and menu opening speed has been increased.
Few minor bugfixes

Bold Bash Studios - Life in Santa County  New Version 0.6.0

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