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Hurricane Dot Com - セクハラハイスクール

概要■ Overview

It is a dot animation SLG.
Out of the more than 1500 pieces of dots, we finish erotic.

物語■ Story

A certain school, a certain teacher is suddenly ordered to cool each other.
these two students decide to ignore cancer・・・
When you bang the touch and sexual harassment, naturally begin to feel w

ウ■ Uri

You can enjoy a variety of touches.
Depending on how to blame, the meter will change.
You can prank two people at the same time.
The meter accumulates when I touch it, and the female student climax at the end.
The number of days to play is unlimited.
There is also a combination technique.
It is a specification that both can proceed at the same time and sexual harassment.

責■ Blame list

- kiss.
-To blow (face sideways)
-To blow (brushing teeth)
- Footjob
-Facial cumshot
-Missionary position
-Standing back (with cut-in)
-Touch the buttocks (cut in)
-Touch the chest (left and right, both)
-Hand man (spread your legs a little)
-To cunnilingus (to lick and spread your legs wide)
-To cunnilingus (facesitting)
-Nipple licking (one side)
-Nipple pull (one, both)
-Teasing the nipple (one, both)
-Nipple sucking
-fuck you.
-take it off.

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