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Andrealphus - Love and Sex: Second Base [Version: 21.2.0b] Update

Name: Love & Sex: Second Base
Genre: Life Simulator, All sex, Dating, Teasing
Version: 21.2.0b
Censorship: No
Language: English

About game
Love & Sex: Second Base: is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

The game is structured around a year of 4 months/seasons (summer, autumn, spring, winter) of 30 days with holidays, the protagonist and girls have a birthdays and can react accordingly with the calendar. Moreso they can react to each others and if the player is two timing he can get in trouble, the game has a date and a phone systems so you can invite girls to dates, ask their numbers and send them dirty texts. The hero lives in a small house and work a boring office job in a cubicle, during the course of the game he has the possibility to get promoted. Each girl has her own schedule and is at different places at different times, dressed differently and having different activities, when the hero meets a girl he can talk to her, give her gifts, compliment her, ask her on dates, ask her number or her birthday...

Version: 21.2.0b

- 900 new voiced lines (Morgan, Sasha, Samantha)
- New location: Karting track
- 9 sex scenes (Bree, Sasha, Minami, Samantha, Aletta)
- 4 story events (Bree)
- 2 new outfits for Bree
- New bookstore background
- Hottub art
- Added Morgan to all the dating scenes
- Reworked Kleio's sprite
- credits update
- Added love loss to phone calls delay
- excluded special chars from save names, fix ui issues
- Lots of bug fixes

Version 21.01.1

– New fashion shop & cinema backgrounds
– 15 new story events (Bree)
– 160 new lines of voiced dialogue (Harmony)
– 4 new CG/scenes (Emma/Kiara/Bree)
– Updated kissing scene for Bree
– New secondary character: Bree’s dad
– Free cheat menu
– Lots of bug fixes

Version 20.12.1
– New sprite for Kleio
– Updated sprite for Minami
– 18 new story event (Anna, Bree, Sasha, Minami, Kleio, Ayesha)
– 10 new CG/scenes (Anna, Sasha, Kleio, Ayesha)
– 390 new lines of voiced dialogue (Bree, Sasha, Jack)
– collar for Kleio
– Bugfixes

Version 20.10.3b

– New kitchen meal art
– New skills: Shibari & SM
– 1 new sex scene (Kylie, Ayesha)
– 7 new story events [Mike MC] (Kylie, Bree, Ayesha, lexi, samantha, shiori)
– Improved calendar – Bugfixes

Version 20.10.1

– New hallway and bakery background art
– New watching TV, drinking and sleeping art
– New skill: Small dick
– 10 new story events [Mike MC]
– 9 new story events [Bree MC]
– 380 new lines of voiced dialogue (Ayesha, Sasha, Angela, Kiara)
– Bugfixes

Version 20.9.2

– New arcade and pool background art
– Added ways to gain KP during dates
– New hike icon
– bug fixes

Version 20.9.1

– New kitchen, Bree’s bedroom & Sasha’s bedroom art
– 11 new story events [Bree MC] (Mike)
– 7 new story events (Minami 2, Shiori 5)
– 2 new sex scenes (Minami)
– 287 new lines of voiced dialogue (Cassidy, Ayesha)
– Edited a lot of Bree’s dialogues to use Daddy/Master when appropriate
– Bug fixes

Version 20.8.2

– 1 new sex scene (Hanna)
– 274 new lines of voiced dialogue (Hanna)

Version 20.8.1c

– Kissing art for Hanna and Morgan
– Kissing art for Sasha [Bree MC]
– New bathroom & living room art
– Updated peeking scene
– Beach volley artwork during dates
– New location: Trailer Park
– 14 new story events (Palla 7, Kylie 3, Lexi 4)
– 3 new sex scenes (Emma 1, Kylie 1, Ayesha 1)
– 749 new lines of voiced dialogue (Sasha, Kleio, Lexi, Bree)
– Bug fixes

Version 20.7.2c

– New girl: Ayesha
– Kissing art for Ayesha
– Missionary sex with Ayesha
– 4 new story events
– Changed the cheat code
– Bug fixes

Version 20.7.1e

- Named saves
- Cuddling art after sex
- Concert art for the band
- New bedroom art
- 26 new story events (Minami 12, Kylie 3, Anna 3, Kleio 2, Sasha 2, Samantha 1, Band harem 3)
- 736 new lines of voiced dialogue
- Bug fixes


- 2 new sex scenes
- 4 new story events
- Bug fixes

- 4 new sex scenes
- 13 new story events
- 110 new lines of voiced dialogue
- New kissing scene for Anna
- New outfits for Sasha and Samantha
- New dance scenes for Sasha and Samantha
- Close ups for Sasha and Samantha
- Updated kissing scenes for Sasha and Samantha
- Sunscreen art for all girls (except Morgan)
- Playing in the water art for all girls (except Morgan)
- Bug fixes

Version 20.4.1a

– Added Harmony to the story tracker
– Updated Mall with new backgrounds
– New locations: the Police Station, Nightclub bathroom, Nightclub VIP area
– New secondary character: the Police Inspector
– 420 new lines of voiced dialogue
– 9 story events
– 5 new sex scenes
– 5 new random events
– 1 new outfit for Harmony
– Bug fixes

Version 19.12.2

– New expression for Sasha
– New sex scene with Sasha
– Updated milk scene for Shiori
– Updated bitches scene for Bree & Sasha
– New event for Ayesha

Version 19.12.1a

– New cheat commands
– New smartphone option: Booty call
– Being late to dates!!
– New street, alley and park backgrounds
– Updated Sasha sex scenes (doggy, missionary, stand, bj)
– Pregnancy for Audrey and Kylie
– Released the kraken!
– Kissing scenes for Kylie, Audrey, Aletta and Shiori
– Spanking scene for Palla
– Updated pub date scenes
– Sexy swimsuit and collar for Audrey and Kylie
– Playing dart art during pub dates
– Full rewrite of Kylie’s events
– New missionary art with Kylie
– Doggy and cowgirl with Kylie
– A lot of smallish stuff

Version 19.10.1a

– New art for Lexi
– New sub dialogues for Bree
– Status updates for the girls
– After date sex , collar and pregnancy for Cassidy
– New outfits for Bree & Sasha: wedding dresses
– Endings for Bree, Samantha and Sasha
– New gift from Kylie
– Kissing scenes for Bimbo Sasha and Cassidy
– 22 story events
– 5 new activities
– 8 new CG
– 4 new items
– 10 new random events at work
– 5 random events during park dates
– 105 new lines of spoken dialogues
– Fixes

Version 19.9.2b

Additional bonus sex scene

Version 19.8.1e

– New girl Morgan
– New teaser girl Ayesha
– 250 new lines of voiced dialogue
– Rewritten Bree’s after date sex scene
– Anal sex with Bree
– 6 new CGs
– 15 new events
– Fixes


- New girl: Morgan
- New teaser girl: Ayesha
- New NPC: The Master
- New room: the beach
- New date location: the beach
- Pregnancy, sexy swimsuit and collar for Shiori
- 3 new items to buy
- 268 new lines of voiced dialogue (Sasha, Samantha, Ayesha, Bree)
- Rewritten Bree's after date sex scene
- Anal sex with Bree
- 5 new CGs
- 16 new events
- 9 new activities
- Fixes
Compatibility notes: You might have some inventory issues with old saves and have to buy some items again.

Version 19.7.2c

– New gift: Yuri Manga
– 4 new story events
– 2 new sexy CG
– 1 updated CG for Bimbo Sasha
– Improved dialogues for Mike and Scottie (Bree’s side)
– Improved dialogues for Anna (Mike’s side)
– Fixed Bree’s collar
– Shopping improve

Here is the planned update schedule for the rest of the summer:
– Today (19.7.1): Mostly Samantha scenes
– Next week-end (19.7.2): Alexis
– Last week-end of July (19.7.3): Aletta stuff (mainly) including some new voice work
– First week-end of August (19.8.1): Morgan (sponsored girl) If I can I’ll try to roll up Morgan in 19.7.3, but I am not sure I’ll be able to
– End of August (19.8.2): Cassidy

- New guy: Scottie (Bree's side)
- Bree's collar
- 3 new sexy CG
- 1 updated CG for Bimbo Sasha
- 2 new story events

19.5.4 is out, with breast implants and dyed hair for Sasha!
As Sasha has a lot of CG for now it only shows during dialogues, I'll update the sex CG during the coming month.
Now, I'll be off working on Alexis!
As usual report any bug and I'll try to fix it asap :)
- Sasha's breast implant
- Sasha's dyed hair
- 1 new sex scene
- 4 new story events
- Bugfixes

Version 19.5.3 Changelog:
– Sasha’s pregnancy
– 2 new sex scenes
– 4 new story event
– Collar for Sasha
– Bugfixes

Version 19.5.2 Changelog:
– New girl: Palla
– 1 new sex scene
– New activity: Steal shit
– New activity: Play video games with Bree
– Improvements to Bree’s tittyfuck scene
– Improvements to Lexi’s pimping scene
– Fuck lexi in the nightclub
– Order your roommates to do your chores
– Bugfixes

Changelog Version 19.2.3b:
– More dialogues to Shiori
– Kissing Lexi
– New presents from the girls
– Lots of bugfixes
The files have been updated, fixing the Fuck and Compliment activities.

Changelog Version 19.2.2f:
– New activity: Fuck
– New girl teaser: Cassidy
– 1 new sex scene*
– 1 new story scene
– Even better UI
– Lots of bug fixes

Bugfix 19.2.2d
Hi guys :)
We just uploaded a new bugfix, it will hopefully correct most of the bugs you have been encounetring in the current release...

Changelog Version 19.2.2:
– New activity: Fuck
– New girl teaser: Cassidy
– 1 new sex scene*
– 1 new story scene
– Even better UI
– Lots of bug fixes

Changelog Version 19.2.1e:
– New girl: Shiori*
– 4 new sex scenes*
– 13 new story events*
– 1 new background*
– Kissing Anna*
– Drinking with Hanna*
– New UI
– Corrected some bugs
* Patreon version only (at least partially)

Changelog Version 19.1.1f :
– 5 new sex scenes (7 pieces of art)*
– 17 new story events*
– 3 new girl teasers
– 1 new background
– Kissing Kleio*
– Pregnancy for Kleio*
– Kissing Samantha
– Samantha wedding improvements
– New dialogues for Hanna*
– New dialogues for Lexi*
– New dialogues for Kleio*
– Watch TV improvements
– Even less randomness option

Changelog Version 18.12.1g:
– New girl: Anna
– New girl: Hanna (dialogues to be done)
– New guy: Shawn
– 4 new sex scenes
– 6 new story events
– Improved cinema date
– Hindrances
– Improved work activities
– Buy & use condoms
– Girls can be on the pill
– Date cancelation
– Pregnancy for Lexi
– 8 new activities
– 4 new rooms
– New item: Medicine
– New item: Drugs
– Lexi, Anna and Kleio drinking CG
– Danny hitting on Audrey CG
– Smartphone chibis
– Gift events for all the girls
– Save cross compatibility between Patreon and Public editions
– Lesbian, skills & location cheat
– Fixed some bugs
– Aletta is now Public

Changelog Version 18.11.2 :
– Lexi*
– 1 new sex scene*
– Bugfixes for Samantha
– New cheat mod

– Ryan
– Getting caught
– More kink for Bree

Here is the final content for this version:
- 3 sex scenes
- 6 story events (including pregnancy)
- 2 date locations (home and mall)
- Dynamic piercings and pubes (don't show on CG yet)
- 5 secondary girls (Kleio, Anna, Audrey, Aletta, Natalie)
- Hint system
- Dynamic sexy swimsuit for Sasha
- Dynamic sexy swimsuit for Samantha
- 4 new backgrounds (church, Sasha's bedroom, hallway, recording studio)
- 2 new outfits for Samantha (wedding dress, sexy swimsuit)
- Reduced the size of the game to 71 Mo

I also added a bug report button

- Fixed a bug in the sleeping action that could cause crashes
- Fixed a bug whan watching tv with Bree

- Fixed a bug happening on the morning of any girl's birthday
- Fixed a bug in the flags that prevented some of them to update
- Skill books can only be used once a week
- Added 3 activities to the park date
- Added 4 new items to buy at the mall
- Need books can only be used once a day
- A girl's personality traits can now be discovered and displayed on the phone

- Added the final background for the gym
- Gym memberships now last a month
- Changed the way attributes are retieved to prevent bugs

- Fixed a bug in the "watch tv with Sasha" activity
- Fixed a bug in Sasha's schedule
- Fixed a bug in Sasha's "spiked collar" gift
- Fixed a bug in the initialization of girls, leading to shared flags
- Fixed a bug in Sasha's chat lines
- Added missing CG for the meal scene
- Added a new path to Sasha's sex scene
- Sasha & Bree now takes their breakfast in sleepwear
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