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Hosgame - High School Of Succubus [Version 1.22] (2018) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: Female Protagonist, Corruption, Masturbation, 2DCG, Fantasy, Animated
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS
Type of publication: license
Tabletka: Not required
Version 1.22
Language of the game (story): English
Language: English
Language of voice: English

You are the succubus and you have a task to corrupt your target to complete the course. The start of the game is a visual novel type but then it changes. Our game is not a typical visual novel so you will need to manage time, work, study and obviously corrupt main character and the others. We have clothing system, shops, and corruption based events and some of them have animations.
(what the Patreon page says)

- Brenda and Dan meet Kelly at her shift (no panties on the lest shift)
- Meet Rebecca (Walk on a beach topless)
- Becca calls Kelly to the beach.
- Peep on Viki at PE shower (More progress)
Other changes:
- Added new character and emotions.
- Rebecca added to the Lustonomicon.

Changelog Version 1.20
- No panties fun with Ash (progression event/repeatable)
- Brenda interrogates Steve (After class)
- Morgarith making Kelly buy a bikini!
Other changes:
- You can now purchase bikini.
- Kelly can now walk on a beach.
- “Pants off” button added for last shift in Cafe.
- Ash now have a personal event.
- New emotions added.

version 1.18:
- The girls and the nude beach.
- Peep on Viki at PE shower (Progression event/repeatable)
- Viki’s photofap pictures (Progression event/repeatable)
- Viki’s new swimsuit (Viki’s corruption 210)
Other changes:
- This update we added a new system of other character corruption. Fist will be Viki.
- Kelly can sunbath with no top.
- Book changed.
- Corruption levels added.
New system is containing some changes that will allow us to make different personal events for characters. So there’ll be 3 types of events: 1) Farm events that will be needed to corrupt characters around Kelly. 2) Events that will unlock on certain corruption level. 3) Story events.
Also we are showcasing Corruption Levels system. The system includes the character progression between levels. If character’s corruption lever is higher – Kelly can’t corrupt that character but they can corrupt Kelly.

Changelog 1.16:
- Boss blowjob event (When you’ll come for handjob bonus, boss will offer you to increase it)
After that boss blow job will become repeatable with bonus scenes.
- Brenda’s next training (She will call you, just wait)
- New upgrade for school girl outfit (New toy in the sexshop – magic wand)
- New random event in café while Kelly serve tables. (Random event while working)
Other changes:
- You can now buy Magic wand at the sex shop.

- Joint lecture with Brenda (On the lecture)
- Library occasion (Ash will came up to you after lectures)
- Dan breaks a lecture (Dan will catch you before lectures)
- Kelly masturbation with dildo (You can find it in a bedside table, repeatable)
Other changes:
- New character added: Steve
- New background: Library
- You can now buy Dildo at the sex shop.

Changelog Version 1.12
— Maid outfit got first upgrade! (Ears and tail plug)
— PhotofAPP event in school girl outfit.
— Nude beach peeping events (4 different girls added)
— Succubus finishes her job (Invade event)

All of those events are repeatable.
To repeat the succubus invades even you need to check the book and the event will happen at night.

Other changes:
— (Patron-only version only) Gallery button added on the main screen.
— You can now buy school a girl outfit.
— Added a tail plug, cat ears, and a collar.
— New location: Nude beach.
— New mechanics for nude beach and succubus invades.

New version 1.9:
— Gloryhole for two (triggers on the lectures)
— Succubus detention
— Viki’s naughty hobby

— Succubus lectures
— Succubus swap (patron suggested event)
— Trying out some public stuff (Lectures and then at work)

— Event with Brenda (she will call you,corruption 160+, after institute)
— Peeping into classroom (after institute)
— John will make a move (no bra, in café)
— Girls will have a party (call ash)

v.1.2 fixed
For patron update we have 4 new events.
(Little tips) Visit sexshop and after event with Ash don’t forget to visit work without bra.

— Visit sex shop and buy a toy
— Visit café with no bra
— Random event with Brenda after PE
— Ash and Kelly sunbathing topless
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