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Sandlustgames - Glamour [New Version 0.37 Offline ] (2021) Update

Sandlustgames - Glamour [New Version 0.37 Offline ] (2021)  Update

Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Handjob
Censorship: N / A
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
New Version 0.37 Offline
Language of game: English
Language: English

Main character Kate lived her whole life in a small rural town with her older sister, brother, father and her strict Christian mother. But one day her family falls apart, her father leaves, and her older sister moves out to the big city.
Kate is 18, she recently graduated high school and it's time to look for a higher education. Her older sister Julia invites her to move in with her and apply to the same experimental college she's attending herself. The college is free, but it has very, em, unique take on education. Kate accepts Julia's offer and is hoping to start a better life in a new place. But maybe her life won't be as glamourous as she hopes it to be…

0.37 has around 30 events and 20 dialogs, so it’s about as big as some of our latest updates.
0.37 also has some bug fixes:
Sometimes Julia would ignore Kate turning her down and would visit her at night multiple times.
Nick had a similar problem where he would pester Kate too often. These are bugs and weren’t intended.
Sometimes Kate saw Nick with Julia and the basement, and Nick would come back after leaving when he wasn’t supposed to.

People have been waiting for Lisa to lose her v-card for multiple years. Since this is a monumental occasion for both her and Max, we’ve decided to make this update extra special.
As we’ve already mentioned it in the previous post, 0.36 is our biggest update yet. It’s about 50% bigger than usual, which of course took some extra time to develop.
We don’t want to spoil too much in the change log, so just jump into the game and see everything for yourselves!

Version 0.28

Kate can finally earn money on the villa
New events with Nick and Julia in the basement
Kate can now tan topless
Extra scenes with sophie
Reduced waiting time between implementing optional and the mandatory medical exams. People had nothing to do but wait, and it wasn’t super obvious, so we’ve decided to cut it down.
Removed an outdated line in of the old quests.
Fixed a bug where sometimes Julia would bug Kate every night, even if Kate turns her down. The game was mistakenly updating the wrong cooldown, specifically one for the events with Nick and Julia. Now, when turned down, Julia will leave Kate alone for 7 to 14 days. Same goes to Julia and Nick inviting Kate to have fun together.
Increased cooldowns for the side effects from the Zoe’s pills. It used to have basically no cooldown and could possibly happen every day. Now if Kate turns someone down, the next event will have a 10-16 days cooldown (every character has their own cooldown, too). Now if Kate agrees to do stuff with Oscar, the next event will happen in 3 to 5 days.
Fixed a bug when a certain step in the massage office (in Julia’s fitness club) would display the wrong step and make things confusing.
Added a line in the Special chemistry quest when Kate would need to take the pill, and she needed more Nick and Julia progress but the game didn’t tell about that requirement.
Now Max is more than a background decoration in the villa and Kate can now talk to him.
The College committee quest becomes inactive once players complete all available content in it.
Same goes to the Cheerleading squad quest.
Now the game correctly shows Kate now wearing any underwear when she’s changing in the college medical office.
Fixed many various bugs in the offline version of the game, as well as countless typos.

Changelog: Glamour v0.27
It’s time to release 0.27. We spent a month and a half on it, but it was worth it. First of all, we did everything we planned for 0.27. We didn’t have to cut anything, it’s all here. So even though it took us a month and a half to make, it also has a month and a half worth of content. Second of all, like the last time, it has a whole bunch of various fixes. And lastly, we also have the offline client ready.
So, here’s the list of new content in 0.27 (every item on the list is a series of events with a periodic event at the end, sometimes with different options):
Lessons with Kira. Lisa decides her lessons with Ann are too one sided and now Max needs to learn how to repay the favor.
Midnight porn. Continuation of the midnight porn events with Lisa.
Yoga. More events with yoga and Ann. More specifically, in the shower after the yoga.
Bathroom. Continuation of the series of events when Max barges into the bathroom while Ann is taking a bath.
Punishment. Now Max gets an opportunity to prove himself and earn some development with the punishment system in the house.
Cams will start to make money
For now it will all be automatic and simplified, with no gameplay mechanics. The money will also cap out at $2000 to prevent inflation. Don’t worry, $2000 will be enough to buy everything Max needs in this update.
Here’s the list of bugfixes and changes in 0.27:
Added a line about the quest log after the first breakfast.
Reworked the New home quest, adding hints about breakfasts and dinners, and other basic information to ease new players into the game.
Catching Alice when she’s smoking is now a lot easier. Decreased some related cooldowns.
Added a hint when Max needs to visit Alice’s website in the story. Some players had problems noticing the new button in the bottom right corner.
Drastically improved chances of Ann finding Alice’s cigarettes. If Max hides cigarettes only 2 hours before lunch or dinner, the chance is 100%.
Decreased chances of the spider crawling away from Alice’s room. If Max hides the spider after 22:00, the chance is 100%.
The chance to find a spider in the backyard or by the pool is buffed to 80%.
The New house quest shows as “complete” once it’s done.
The Big problem quest becomes inactive when there’s nothing to do. It become active once again later and shows a new hint about the next step.
Decreased the required number of punishments to get to the new levels (in the underwear and naked). It was 5 and 10 before, it’s now 3 and 5.
Added the new quest Consequences with various hints how to advance the punishments. It now keeps track of Max’s warnings, etc.
Added hints about helping Lisa with homework, and consequences if Max deliberately makes a mistake.
Added a new tracker in the quest log about the cigarettes. Stuff like whether there’s a point to look for them, whether Max tried to search for them and what was the result, what happened and what to do next, etc.
Now Lisa retires to her room earlier so she could watch porn with Max. In the past she would often stay in the living room until very late and then would go to sleep right away.
Now Lisa goes to Ann’s room only after a certain point in the Mentor quest. Because of this mistake, Lisa often didn’t do her homework and Max had a very low chance to progress in the Mentor questline.
Decreased the pool cleaning cooldown to every other day so Max has an easier time earning enough money for the cameras and Lisa’s presents early game.
Ann had a house dress she would only wear before lessons with Lisa and Max. She now wears it more often around the house.
Now once Max reaches a certain point in late night events with Kira, the game will automatically unlock the new Balcony quest that should help guide players to stargazing.
In the past, players were able to start the next quest step right after installing the telescope so we fixed that.
Now the balcony keeps track whether Max already used the telescope that day. We finally know who watches the watchers. It’s the balcony.
Fixed another out of sequence mistake where the series of events with the telescope was available before watching porn with Kira at night.
The Big problem quest now has a new hint about finding late night events with Kira and new hints about the time of day the events become available.
New Yoga quest. In the past players could easily miss Ann doing yoga after 17:00, now it’s part of an official quest.
Fixed a bug where sometimes Ann would forget about yoga and tan almost until dinner.
Glamour tries to download files after the start make sure you disconnect from the internet or block it via firewall!
Saves are encrypted and won’t work if shared, so please do not ask for save files!

Changelog Glamour – Version 0.21 Offline Dark Silver
Usually we try to release updates closer to the start of every month, but we had to delay this one for a bit since I had a mini vacation. Which is also the reason why this month didn’t have many news, we focused all our work on 0.21 so it will be released in December for every Patron tier. Thankfully, the update itself wasn’t hurt by the vacation.
0.21 is a story heavy update. It’s really hard to describe without spoiling anything, so that was pretty much the change log )
Skip the rest of the paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers. We mapped this story over a year ago, and we’re excited to finally share it with all of you. It’s related to Julia’s fitness club, college, and Candy. The hotel got a new resident Neil. Unlike most characters in the game, Neil is an episodic character and his entire storyline starts and ends in 0.21. At some point in the story players will have an option to choose a long and pretty intense sex scene (periodic, too), which will also allow Kate to earn some money.
Most of the new images are 18+, so we can’t show any of them without marking the post Patrons only. We realize this post might look like we’ve just released the smallest update ever, but this post’s length is not indicative of the update’s size )
As you might remember, 0.20 had a hint system, helping players to meet requirements to unlock new content. We have a similar system for 0.21, too.
Now, about 0.22. It’s going to be focused on Max. This time we’re aiming for two smaller storylines: mostly around Lisa, Kira, and Ann. A good chunk of the story beats will be really different from BB, hopefully for the better. We’re not going to set any strict deadlines, but we’ll try to release it as early as possible. Definitely sooner than this one. We will also try to post a lot more new images and news.

Glamour tries to download files after the start make sure you disconnect from the internet or block it via firewall!

Saves are encrypted and won’t work if shared, so please do not ask for save files!

Version 0.19 Offline
Changelog Glamour – Version 0.19 Offline Dark Silver

0.19 is focused on Max and villa in general. This time we’ve done almost everything we planned. We decided not to end dialogs between Ann and Kira on a cliffhanger so we pushed them in one of the future updates. We also didn’t do everything we planned for sounds. But we also added some extra stuff we didn’t plan on initially.

So, here’s the change log:
Cameras. Now Max has a quest that will unlock an option to install hidden cameras all over house. For now they don’t earn any money since Max doesn’t really have many ways to spend it. Max will start earning money once he’ll start buying presents, inviting people to expensive dates, etc.
For now you can just buy first three cameras on a sale and install them in the three rooms with most action. Spying through cameras is already implemented, even in the bathroom.

Online shop is now working. You can order a couple of new things (like cameras) once you unlock them. Max will be able to order sunscreen if he didn’t get one for free in 0.16.

In house delivery. New character Sarah (you’ve already heard about her). Funny girl with her own story, there will be more content with her both with Max and with Kate in the future. For now she’ll only be delivering stuff for Max.

Telescope. Max can order one on Epay and Sarah will deliver it. Since the cameras don’t earn anything yet, the telescope is on a huge sale so you don’t have to grind ridiculous amount of time. If you haven’t seen our previous posts, we’ll let you figure out how Max will use it for yourselves.

Peeking in the shower. Now Max can peek on Alice, Lisa, and Ann through the window. Sometimes he’ll get caught. At some point Ann will decide she’s had enough and Max will have to face consequences.

Punishments. Eventually Ann will announce the new punishment system. Lisa will be punished for failing grades, Alice for smoking, and Max for peeking. Max has an exception with two warning system. Once there’s been 5 punishments before breakfast/dinner, Ann will make punishments more severe, and she’ll do it once more after 10.
From now on Max can make mistakes in Lisa’s homework and look for Alice’s cigarettes so she gets caught by Ann.

Spiders and Alice. Max can now throw spiders in Alice’s room. She will run to Max for help. There’s a series of events, keep throwing new spiders until the quest log tells you there’s no more content.

Yoga. Ann had a change in schedule so now she does yoga about an hour before dinner. Max can join and have lots of fun. For now this storyline doesn’t have a lot of content, but there will be much more in the future.

Sounds. We’ve done a lot of work implementing sounds into the game. They help with living up the game and adding atmosphere. It’s also completely optional and you can turn it off, if you want. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a small snag and decided not to delay the whole update just for sounds since they’re not absolutely necessary. For now all sounds are turned off, but we will turn them on in a couple of days.
NPC mapping. Technically, it was added in 0.18, but now you can actually see it in new dialogs and events. There will be a dedicated post going into more details about it soon.

As you can see, we’ve done a lot of work. The poll is still open, but it looks like the next update will be focused on the basement, Julia, and home punishments (new college rule). If we have enough time, Kate will be able to invite Alice or Sophie to her house.

Version 0.17
Changelog Glamour – Version 0.17 Offline Dark Silver
It’s time to release 0.17. Hard to say if we’ve managed to do all we planned. On one hand, we didn’t have the time to implement some important events (medical exams and side effects), but we did implement all technical stuff, even the parts we were originally planning for 0.18.
Now, about 0.17:
It’s all about the main story, more specifically, college, committee, and rules. A long series of events and over 40 dialogs.
Implemented college committee interface (Kate will need a laptop) where she can check out current and future college rules.
Implemented punishment mechanics in the principal’s office. Some text is currently missing, but it’s temporary. Overall we added about 300 sprites.
In short, we’ve done all mechanics we planned and now we can easily add new college rules we need.
Right now the game only has one type of punishment: in the principal’s office at 14:00, in uniform. But, implementing all graphics, logic and events for new rules (including naked punishments) is almost there and should be implemented in 0.18. Also, Kate can be punished without her skirt (and even naked) in some events already.
0.17 and 0.18 were always planned around the same theme, so separating them turned out to be a bit more complicated than expected. Some parts are too intertwined and won’t work properly until 0.18. For example, in 0.18 Kate will be able to go commando in college, and of course people who catch her will react accordingly. For example, when Kate will be punished without her skirt. We already have the graphics, but it’s not currently implemented in the game so you won’t be able to see it until 0.18.
This month we’ve created a lot new graphics, including images for 0.18. Because of that, it should be released soonish. We’re just starting to work on it so the release date might-and probably will-change, but we’re hoping to release 0.18 around September 5th.

Changelog Glamour V0.15 Offline Dark Silver
It’s finally here. We hope you were waiting on it as much as we were. You gave us your trust when you said we can move away from strict deadlines, and we really tried not to let you down. This update has plenty of images, dialogs, events (most of them are periodic, too!) and new gameplay mechanics.
You gain access to 0.15 content right after you finish with previous Veronica content from 0.10 (committee quest, line about Veronica). You will get a new quest in case you get stuck and don’t know what to do next. The events will start in college when Nicolas comes up to Kate in order to talk about her progress.

Version 0.14 Offline
v0.14 Offline

0.14 events start right after finishing Special Chemistry quest (right after giving Julia the last pill). We didn’t have the time to add a quest log [NOTE: Quest Log should be active for Offline version], so here’s what you’ll need to do:

After Kate gives the pill to Julia, as long as Nick is at home, there will be a late night event with him.
Next you’ll need to talk to Julia. Kate will say as much at the end of the event.
Next late night event will happen when Nick is at home.
Again, you’ll have to talk to Julia.
After that the game opens up a series of long and interesting events in Julia’s bedroom.

There will be a point where Kate will get to decide if she wants to go with Nick all the way. There’s where you say no if you don’t want this kind of content. In the next couple of days we’ll add more events for this option, with Kate and Julia only.
If you want to see new sex scenes with Nick and Julia, say yes. The last event is quite big and you’ll have to repeat it several times to see all the variations. Don’t worry, it’s periodic and you won’t have to save/load to see everything. Kate will be able to join Julia and Nick in her bedroom every time they have fun.

Fix #1:
Now every characters’ lines in events have their own unique color and display their name correctly.
Fixed a serious bug from 0.13: if you get a pill from Zoe, take a quarter in the villa and then take another one at home on the sofa, then it would start the event with Nick which in turn would break the Special Chemistry quest. The bug should be fixed now. The event shouldn’t be available after you’ve already done it. This fix should also apply to the old “broken” saves.
Everything should be working properly and you won’t have to restart the game from scratch.

Fix #2:
After you complete 8th night with Julia and Nick in their bedroom (0.14 content), if Nick isn’t home there’s a 25% chance Julia will visit Kate at night
After you complete 9th night with Julia and Nick (after Kate has sex with Nick), if Nick is home after Kate goes to sleep there’s a 25% chance Nick will come over and Julia will join them.
There are new events when Kate watches TV with Julia and Nick.

Fix #3:
dded new events in the bathroom. Now Kate can join Julia in the shower regardless of how aroused she is.
Now Kate can enter Julia’s bedroom when she’s asleep (alone, or with Nick) or when Julia isn’t in the room (we added a new image with the correct lightning).
If Julia is asleep, Kate can join her on the bed. She could go to sleep, or… See for yourselves.

Version 0.12 Offline
Max as the MC and then wander around the villa to look at Anne, Lisa, Alice, and Kira. Max can spy on them changing or bathing, but he cannot interact with them in any way.

Changelog 0.9:
If you’ve finished Candy’s investigation quest, Sophie might come up to Kate between classes and ask her about sitting next to her in the classroom. This will unlock an option to talk to her during lessons. Talking in class is, of course, against the rules and can have consequences.

Nicolas and Karen
Certain events will show college in a new light. Kate will also start working on getting closer to the college committee members. For now it’s Adam and Zoe. Maybe we’ll also add other teachers in 0.10.

College rules don’t forbid relationship between students and teachers, which means Kate has an opportunity to get to do know Adam in a more romantic setting. She can also talk to him after classes.

Zoe and working in the medical office
Kate can not earn fines for breaking college rules and work off her fines in the medical office by helping Zoe. But first she’ll have to go through an interesting medical exam…

Female NPCs now have improved behavior on PE lessons. You’ll see the full cycle: changing into sports uniforms with several stages, the lessons, undressing in the locker room, showering, etc. Unfortunately, we didn’t add any events for Kate, for now she’s just a silent observer. In the next version of the game we will add cheerleading practice and interactive PE lessons for Kate.

Two new locations
New and improved medical office and fully functional principal’s office. You can interact with characters in both locations.

Changelog 0.3
Worked on save menu interface. Now it shows correct in-game date in the loading menu.
Main menu now remembers your language choice when you start the game.
You can now open main menu by pressing ESC button.
Added several background images for the main menu.
Fixed a bug locking the players from bathroom events and related dialogs.
Changed mall's and fitness club's schedules. Now they close at 21:00.
Kate doesn't know about the mall until she talks about morning runs with Julia.
Added cooldowns on job related conversations with Julia.
Now Kate doesn't watch erotic channel if Julia is in the room, even before they talk about it.
Added events where Kate can play with herself while she's watching erotica.
Julia can catch Kate, there are dialogs about it.
Added more events in the bathroom. They become available after Julia catches Kate in the living room.
Added several dialogs about modesty. They become available after an event in the bathroom.
Now when Julia is watching TV in the living room, images on TV change from time to time. Same with the laptop in her room.
Fixed bug when list of save files wasn't updating after sleeping.
Fixed bug where conversation with Julia could change to the conversation with an NPC Kate was talking before talking to Julia.
Added functionality to save system so new content shouldn't break old saves.

Changelog 0.2:
Latest changes: We added city map (including night version). You can access it from the hall. The map has college, mall and Julia’s fitness club. We’ll include sex shop after adding the inventory and shopping interface. Most of locations are only available at some specific time and you can’t go there if it’s too early/late/wrong day. In the future players will be sent to the city map after shops close. We’ll also add an option to move around the city on taxi. It’s going to be free for now, but it will start costing money after we add income sources for Kate. walking around the city will cost energy after we add it in the game. College has many different locations, you’ll be able to see NPCs doing their things after we add them into the game. Julia will start working in her fitness club. You’ll see several NPCs there too. We also added a new menu on top of the screen (it’s not active for now), updated side panels on top of the screen. Soon we’ll add characters’ stats like hunger, energy and arousal. Many minor fixes and changes, improved usability and interface in general. In the coming month we’ll be adding new features, functionality and a bit of content in 0.2, then we’ll rename it into 0.3, and after that we’ll probably return to our traditional monthly updates system. “Traditional monthly updates system” means we’ll be releasing big updates once a month (after 0.3).
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