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Fasder - Life [Version 0.04.03] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Incest, Big Boobs, Romance, Brother-Sister
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Type of publication: license
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.04.03
Language of game: English
Language: English

Life is about Mark living his day to day life.

Changelog 0.04.03:
– Added 98 new renders.
– Replaced 15 renders.
– Added three new scenes with Sarah in the kitchen.
– Added three new scenes where you have lunch with Helen.
– Added six new questions for when you work at the school(two sets).
– Added a new mechanic where 40% of your combined strength and agility is added onto your total energy.
– Moved where energy is displayed from the stats menu to the right of the stats menu button.
– Added strength, agility, intelligence and cooking to the cheat menu.
– Added a possibility to make sandwiches in the kitchen if cooking is above 10.
– Extended the pool scene with Jenny, she will no longer talk about shopping with Sarah after the fact.
– Added a new activity at the home location.
– Changed how E-mailing Helen works. You will no longer forfeit the possibility to work if you forget to send it after the introduction(You still have to e-mail her for it to work).
– Added a scene in Diane’s bedroom.
– Added a scene with Sarah in the livingroom.
– Changed how the questions at the school work. Once you’ve successfully answered all the questions within a set, these questions will no longer repeat.
– Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t be able to work out(strength) in the evening.
– Added a scene with Sarah at the pool.
– Added a bonus question for when you work at the school(requires 10 intelligence or more).
– Added a new lecture for when you attend lectures and have above 11 intelligence or more.
– It is now possible to work on Mark’s thesis in the library(Needs to be triggered).
– Added website progress and thesis progress to the stat menu.
– Fixed a continuity problem when you choose to not focus on the lecture during the intro.
– Helen is no longer shown as having an important interaction available when the only interactions are working/attend lecture.
– Added a scene with Jenny at the store.
– Added a scene with Sarah in the kitchen.
– You can now order the dildo in the online sex shop(Needs to be triggered).

## Changelog for Life 0.02.01

Added a new renders.
## Added 9.5 minor scenes.
## Added 2 longer scenes.
## Added edgescroll to the navigation bar.
## Added scenes and options at the home location.
## Extended the first gym workout scene with Sarah.
## Extended pool scene with Sarah.
## Added tracking for all characters. Only tracks characters when you are able to interact with them
## Added an interface tutorial after the introduction.
## Changed Jenna and Jenny's schedule, they now have Satudays and Sundays of, the pizzeria and store is still open on these days.
## Added a Patreon button in the top right corner of the main menu screen. You can also find the link in the "about" screen in the main menu.
## Added tooltips for all items in the inventory.
## Added a cooking skill (Currently has no use).
## Removed the sextoys from the Store.
## Added sextoys to an onlinestore accessible from Mark's Bedroom (Currently has no use).
## Added the ability to eat items in your inventory.
## Removed "Get a Snack" option in the kitchen.
## Added Burger to the store.
## Added the opportunity to buy wine even if the wine from the introduction has not been delivered, the difference can be seen in the tooltip (This item is currently has no use).

Size: 583
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