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zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen

zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen

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zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen zell23 FOBS 2017 Uncenzell23 FOBS 2017 Uncen Show / Hide text >Menu
Top button is new game, bottom button is continue game

Starting area
Go through the door by pressing up. To the left of the house is the "capture" area, to the right is a portal that leads to a teleport hub. Go further left to explore the world. The blue orb is a save point. To save or go through portals, press up.

Sex and capturing
In general, if you touch a girl they'll have sex with you. Mash arrow keys to escape. Your struggle progress is located on a bar near the bottom left next to the life and pleasure bars. When the sex progresses to the next "stage", you lose about a quarter of your struggle bar and you have to mash harder. Climaxing by filling up your pleasure bar causes you to lose part of your life. No life, you lose and restart from the last checkpoint

To capture a girl, you have to fulfill certain conditions. You know you fulfilled them when the girl has a "!" next to them. Press down to capture them. You can then have consequence-free sex with them in your capture area. Some girls can't be captured as of the current version, ones that can have a (!) next to their name.

Abilities and Uses
When you capture some girls for the first time you'll gain an ability related to that girl permanently.
In order to select the abilities you must press space and select the ability you wish to use.
- Forest Inhabitant ability - Allows you to jump and run faster
- Slime Girl ability - Press up and A to spawn a slime wall. It will protect you from projectiles and mildly hurt enemies.
- Kappa Girl ability - Press down and X to perform a dash that dodges MOST enemies. *You will need to use this in order to access the
- Yamabiko ability - Press up and A to shout at enemies. This ability is mostly useful to capture some of the girls.
- Rabbit ability - Double press X to double jump. Might come in handy to reach certain areas.
- Kobold ability - Press up and A to slam a hammer down. Can be used to destroy certain rocks and to capture some of the girls.
- Kitsune ability - Press up and A to change into a rock. Useful to hide from certain enemies.

- Jacking Off - You need to defeat the monkey girl to get this ability. Press up and X to build up your whateverthefuckyoucallit bar and release when it's full to perform a cum shot. This will stun MOST enemies in the game.
- Magical Stone - When helt, a portal will open in your safehouse that leads to the Mansion.

Capture methods:

Forest Area:
- Slime: attack her until she stops fighting.
- Forest Inhabitant (mask girl): hit her until she falls, then let her finish fucking you.
- Ant Girl: let one of two fuck you, then attack the other while she’s masturbating.
- Monkey: defeat her by hitting her.
- Kappa: hit her from behind.

Tree Area:
- White Rabbit: let one of the girls watch twice while you get titfucked.
- Mushroom Girl: cum on her three times.
- Great Tree Inhabitant (golem in the ground): masturbate in front of her until the hearts appear and she disappears, then hit her from behind when she reappears.
- Slug: dash towards her while she tries to grab you (use the kappa skill).

Desert Area:
- Yamabiko (Robe Girl): get hit by her heart spell, break out of it and hit her butt.
- Cat Sorcerer: hit her ball of light as she charges it until it explodes.
- Lop-ear (Bunny): run after her (using the forest inhabitant skill) and hit her from behind. Do this three times.
- Cat Girl: *

Swamp Area:
- Zombie Girl: hit her while blinded by her vomit.
- Preta (Belly Girl): masturbate on her, then use the slime girl skill to hit her out of her dash.
- Poison Lizard: cum on her as she’s out of the water, then hit her from behind. Do this three times.
- White Hunter: *

Mansion Area:
- Little Ghoul (Red Girl): masturbate in front of her and let her fuck you, then immediately masturbate again in front of her and let her finish again.
- Mummy: cum on all the statues (theres also one hidden in the wall on the right side) and then go all the way down.

Tomb Area:
- Caitsith (Thief Girl): make sure you have 100% health, hit her until she falls, masturbate in front of her and then fuck her.
- Kobold (Blue Hammer Girl): cum on her a couple of times, until she proceeds to give you a bj.
- Kitsune (Rock Girl): try to hit her, she will turn into a rock. Hit the rock nine times and then hit her with the Kobold Skill (hammer).
- Clay Golem: cum on her, then quickly use the Yamabiko skill on her twice.
- Little Boob Devil: hit her until she falls on the ground, then quickly cum on her.

Magical Forest Area:
- Fairy: hit her, then evade the magic balls she’s shooting and hit her with the Hammer Skill.
- Black Wolf: Use the Yamabiko skill to wake her up. Evade her grabbing and hit her with the Hammer Skill while she pauses. Do this until you defeat her.

Panel locations for extra animations:
Throughout the game are some panels to be found, which unlock extra animations for certain girls in the gallery.

- Forest Inhabitant: in the tree area, where there are two Forest Inhabitants, go to the right one, defeat her and go behind her through the wall.
- Kappa: capture the mummy, the panel will be all the way to the right.
- Monkey Girl: on the mansion, in the room with the falling trap girls, double jump using the bunny skill in one of the empty falling spots.
- White Rabbit: double jump using the bunny skill in the end of the swamp area with the blue vore girls.
- Yamabiko: defeat the black wolf in the Magical Forest and go to the right.
- Slug: in the area where you have to remove the rocks with the hammer skill, look to the ceiling. There’s a spot with a different color, double jump in there using the bunny skill.

- The Wolf Girl on the bench is also a marker for unfinished areas. However if you jack off in front of her she'll eventually give you a footjob. After this she'll appear in your yard.
- Girls respawn if you go a certain distance away.
- The following girls aren't capturable at this moment: Falling Trap Girl, Doll Girl, Canon Arms Girl, Weird Red Robe Ghost (seriously what the hell is that thing?).

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