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SunSity - SunSity New Version 1.85

Language: English
New Version 1.85
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Our game is not a familiar visual novel. This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements. The game is actively developing and it will depend on you what it will be in the final.​

SunSity 1.85 changelog:
Start of a new quest – “On the benefits of tests”.
New Action – “Masturbation for you”.
Continuation for the action “Peeping” on the beach.
Editor: 4 new underwear.
Added fantasy story with Katniss – ‘Hold me, hold me (never let me go)’.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.80 changelog:
Added sleeping pills that can be bought at the pharmacy and used in the kitchen in any apartment.
Added events related to sleeping pills (3 stages).
Added lockpicks that can be bought from a dealer in the park.
With the help of lockpicks, you can get into any apartment while there is no one there. Then you can use sleeping pills, set up a camera, or rummage in the fridge.
Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part II’.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.75 changelog:
End of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
New interactions in Love and Submission. Unlocks after completing the ‘Beach season’ quest.
Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part I’.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.70 changelog:
Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
Added fantasy story with Priyanka – ‘Before the World Fell At Our Feet’.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.60 changelog:
Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
Added fantasy story with Daenerys – ‘These wounds won’t seem to heal’.
Minor changes (danger of drowning drunk, etc.)
Fixed several bugs.

-introduced 3 new characters.
-updated new dialogues.
-added new animations!
-updated “Special Thanks” message to supporters in Game menu menu screen.
-added “Special Thanks Splashscreen”
-fixed bugs, typos.

SunSity 1.45 changelog:
A new girl has been added – Ava.
Random events no longer interrupt the gameplay. The random event is now activated by icons.
New random street event – “Peep street 1”.
Added location – “Beach”. You can swim there. This is a more effective way of pumping immunity (X1,7), it does not increase thirst and improves hygiene.
Editor: Added 2 sets of clothing from 3 items of clothing.
Added fantasy story with Diana – ‘ A Spirit Still Untrammeled ‘.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.40 changelog:
Added a new girl.
End of the quest “A piece of heaven”.
After completing the quest “A piece of heaven”, the girl can be invited to the hotel.
Added a system of small random events.
Added 3 new random events: Naughty wind 1, Naughty wind 2, Chikan 1.
Now you can make money on your home computer using online poker. Profit depends on intelligence. The maximum bet is capped at 2000.
Editor: Added a new 6-piece clothing set.
Added fantasy story with Lara – ‘Privileged’.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.35 changelog:
Start of the quest “A piece of heaven”.
Now you can go shopping with the girl. The opportunity opens when you complete the “Passionate dates” quest.
The new girl is Lena, who is in college.
Editor: New 3-piece «casual» set.
Editor: New 3-piece «sleep» set.
Added fantasy story for Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.
Fixed several bugs.

SunSity - SunSity  New Version 1.85

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