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Chyos - A Struggle With Sin Version Update

Name: A Struggle With Sin
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Corruption, Incest, Milf, Monster girl, Vaginal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Blackmail, NTR, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Author: Chyos
Language: English
Made in: RPGM

About game
es and raids by orcs and bandits make each villager act according to their own needs first. Will you become like the others in this corrupt society? Or will you stay true to yourself and find a way out of the chaos that surrounds you?


And there it is, the first part of update 0.2.9.
The rest of the update will be released next week on Friday (if everything goes as planned).
As always you can copy over your old savefiles (see the readme inside the game folder)
More details about what’s new will be in the weekly report right above this post.
A small note on Kate’s bonus scene from last month:
For the scenes with Kate & Claire all you need to do is follow the walkthrough up until the point where you have a 3some. There is now a new option to change position.
For the Kare & Thomas scenes: After telling Thomas that he should stay away from Kate you can now talk to him during the evening when he’s at the bar. This will (if you choose to) bring the option to let him go back to the old scold system that you denied him before.
Now the new scenes will play if you do a serving minigame and fail OR if kate has >10 corruption and you don’t fuck her for 3days+. There is also a random 1/3 chance now that Kate fails the serving game even if you didn’t take part in it. Dialogue will change depending on if she failed to work or if she just was naughty.
OFC if you tell Thomas there is no deal non of this will happen.
For the new content with Gwen.. Talk to her and find out.
I will update the WT after 0.2.9 is complete. So for now I will repost the 0.2.8 WT


New content for Ophilia (3 animations)
Beginning of Ariannas quest (2 animations)
New character model for Arianna and Corven
The christmas event will now trigger if the ingame month is December
During the Serving minigame Kate can now talk to Grant (if things already escalated with him)
many bugfixes
And just finished updating the WT!
More details on my next steps will be in the weekly report


Bonus scene December with 2 animations
New relationship menu with additional information and statistics for each female character
Reworked hunters house map
3 New locations (Church)
New character: Natasha with a quest and 6 major and some smaller animations
Mira’s quest with 8 animations
in total 565 new images
New sprites for the wolf/deer
New option to mine copper in the woods


Frisha's November bonus scene with 3 animations
9 animations for Kate they come together with the quest for her with 3 different outcomes
I've also added some dialogue to some of Kate's old events like her first sex scene and some altered dialogue for the scene when Claire watches Kate fuck.
Rework of many old Images at the inn
In total 406 new images (not counting the reworked)
New crafting system with 2 small quests
New Icons for most ingame items
Rework of the inn map
2 new maps
A small event for Christmas (Can be completed in December and January)
Some quality of life changes:
You will create up to 3 vials of cum now (If you have that many empty vials in the inventory)
If you get hunting skill 3+ you will never miss a shot on a rabbit
If you get hunting skill 5+ you will never miss a shot on a deer
When you have to pay 2 gold at the inn you can pay them directly to prevent getting kicked out
Tia will now level up if the difference between the Players level and hers is to high
You can sell all your potions at once to Lucius

Version 0.2.2b
2 animations for Claire
Questline to save Frisha from Dave (4 animations)
Questline for Yasmine (mayors wife) (3 animations)
Continue Bianca’s quest
You can now pay your debt to the mayor and get your house back
4 new maps
In total 238 new images
Reworked the lightning system of the game to reduce lag
Option to spent time in every location (no longer restricted to Village)
Bugfixes of former events

Version 0.2 Changelog:
2 new scenes for Claire (3 animations)
Changed the male orc model and reworked all images with them
Changes to the intro and a few dialogues later in the game
Reworked 1 game map
Included a new level system with talents the player can pick from
New talent checks to determine the outcome of events
Changes to the energy resource system in the game
Hidden items the player can detect if he puts points into the perception skill (new items spawn every 3 ingame days)
Smaller fixes and slight adjustments to the tasks and events in the game

Changelog Version: 0.1.5
3 new locations
3 new scenes for Claire (4 Animations)
1 new scene for Kate (1 Animation)
2 new quests
In total 188 new images

Minor changes:
You can now use the defensive strike during the tavern brawl
After completing the new quest you can enter Emilys house at any time
Turning in potions to Lucius will increase your corruption
Bugfixes around activitys of the inn
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For PC

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