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Ura Pirochaki - YOUBAKU KITAN Apocalypsis

YOUBAKU KITAN (lit: Mysterious Tale of Ephemeral Bondage)

* A Sacrifice Raising, Spirit Simulation Game

Your objective is destruction.
To break the sacrificial girl's humanity, to corrupt her soul...
and make her the perfect abode for a demon spirit.

The training scenes are all smoothly animated!
From the camera work to the frames themselves all finely crafted!

All heroines are fully voiced.
Confine them, torment them, and break their will.
First person point of view for extra realism!

After clearing the game, features / modes are unlocked for replayability.

* A fictional story that helps you kinder feelings of darkness

You interview a girl Aya who has come to your town to perform an exorcism.
At night however, the two of you witness the same dream over and over...
A dream of you, violating her in an abandoned house.
As the day she is to perform an exorcism draws closer... she weakens.
You begin to believe that it is actually your task to stop the exorcism.
and on that very day... your dreams become a reality.

* The contents of discipline change depending on the circumstances!
A system that allows for 5 different sexual training tasks to be performed in succession.

[Voice Acting]
Aya (CV: Yuu Shimotsuki)
Mikoto (CV: Koneko Nanaumi)
Sayo: (CV: Mio Namimi)

* Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Warning: contains depictions of scat, stomach punching,
sexual violence, bleeding, wounds, and slightly grotesque scenes.

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