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Biggus Dickus Games - SlavesOfRome - Slaves of Rome New Version 0.13.2

Genre: Unreal Engine,3D Game, Male Protagonist, RPG training,Female Protagonist, Slaves, Prostitution, Vaginal Sex, Simulation, Female Domination, Male Domination, BDSM
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Biggus Dickus Games
New Version 0.13.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

Roman empire.. 20 A.D… very hard times. NO! Not for you! For the slaves! You are a damn Roman! You can do whatever you like. YOU are a god among men! And… men (and women) are here for one reason only. To serve you and other Romans.

Fixed in this build (13.2) vs v13.1/1.3.1:
Quests not working bug should now be fixed
The statue quest is now easier
The Nymph quest is now easier and not failing if not done fast enough
Main New Things This (v1.3 / v13) Build Features:
Aeliana (refactor)
Maximus VO (new)
Male Slave w/ extra customization (new) ($50 tier Patreon and higher)
Female hair (new)
Female apparel (new) (2 full-body, 1 footwear, 1 head accessory)
Character Mark/Brand (update) (new designs) (extra collectibles)
Character Tattoo (update) (new designs) (extra collectibles)
Quest System (update) (Maximus’ Nymph and Amelia’s statue quests currently utilize it)
MC In-Game Customization (apparel and hairstyle at new NPCs)
Gameplay Statistics (new) (located at home, interact with statue)
SFX Enhancements
First-Person camera now hides the whole MC
Texture streaming adjusted
Emissive hair fixed
Speed/Roughness higher initial values during sex
Persistent scarring punishment fix
White fade screen fix
Player info screen open/close fix
Player customization QoL improvements
Other bug fixes & tweaks

Version 0.9.5

Main New Things This (v0.9.5) Build Features:
Player Character Customization – (only male for now, female player customization is almost ready and will be coming soon)
New Punishment Mode – Whipping now has a new interactive mode in 1st person where YOU actually do the whipping!
Whipping Club VR – The whipping club is now working in VR as well!
New Characters – 2 new characters have been added, but.. you need to find them! (Dharkar Ahuja and Callirhoe)
New Quests/Story-lines: 2 new quests to explore!
Optimization, Fixes and improvements – Some bug fixes, UI improvements and game optimizations.

Changelog Slaves of Rome – Game Build v0.8.1
New Area – You will now get to explore the mystical lands of Arabia and the middle east and look for more exotic slaves for your mansion!
New Slave – In the deserts of Arabia, you’ll find a new exotic slave you can get familiar with.
New Quests – As usual, new quests await you of you know where to look!
New characters: 2 new characters to interact with and explore their stories
Home: Your character now has a home which is being built and you can visit. This will be further developed in upcoming builds.
New Sex Feature: As many of you have requested: Sex scenes can now get ‘view mode’ – for you to look with no need to do anything else. We are also working on new, improved sex mechanics for next builds.
New Game Mechanic: Archery: You can now develop this new skill
Optimization – We worked a LOT on optimizing the game. Both CPU and GPU performance was improved a lot, the GPU improvement should be dramatic.

Fixed in this build (0.8.1) vs 0.8:
Slaves not appearing in the dungeon if bought through the merchant and not the dialogue windows – This problem is fix now and they should now appear always .
Desert traveling quest (arrows shooting) – is now easier to win, as some have complained this was too hard.
Fetal Error – Can’t promise it’s fixed 100%, but should be much more rare and if you are getting it you can email us and we’ll solve it for your PC.

Version 0.7.6

Less “go to Patreon” white screens after sex scenes – Those will still appear once in a while, but much less and not every time. We hope it’s ok. They are there for pirated versions of the game and we hope the balance is “fair” now but would love to hear your thoughts.
Dildo skill/punishment – is now working,
Male slave underwear in whipping scenes – is now fixed and not visible.
Stamina speeds – improved
Endurance speeds – improved
X-Cross Punishment – Is bugged and is locked for this version. It will be back, working as normal for v0.8.
Old saves will not be deleted! (saves from v0.7.5 will work with this hotfix

Version 0.7

New Quests – 2 new quests. Bear in mind they are pretty long (and hard)!
New Slave Missions – 3 new slave missions! (so we have 4 in total now!)
New Feature: Cumming!!! – Finally, we have cumming scenes! With fluid simulation! It’s still not perfect and we plan to build upon it and improve a lot, but the base is finally here.
Story Lines – 2 major story-lines continued.
Bug Fixes – Many of the bugs that were brought to our attention are now fixed. We probably also caused some new ones as well (like always :p ).
Optimization – We started optimizing the game performance. This improved a lot of things but also seem to cause more FPS drop than before, specially on high settings. We will improve as we go, but it should already work a lot better on low spec PCs.
Romius Whipping Club – A fun, new, mini-game we hinted about in the last build ?
Mini-Map – Pretty self explanatory.. so you guys will stop getting lost ?
New Environment – You can now explore a whole new environment of a Roman military camp and there, do… what Roman’s do!

Version 0.6

New Quests – 5 new quests! Some, are pretty complex so it’s actually about 10.
New Feature: Missions! – You can now send your slaves to missions and play the slaves during the mission!
New Feature: Cooldowns – New feature where there is a cooldown if the slave is too tired.
New Feature: Reputation – The v0.5 new stat “Reputation” now will allow you to unlock game branches and story lines for special quests!
New Characters – 3 new characters.
Story Lines – New, story-lines have been added and old story lines developed from previous builds.
Bug Fixes – Fixed a lot of bugs, biggest of which is the “all characters nude” bug. The “Fetal Error” upon launch bug still present but game works even if it shows up.
Player Stats Screen – You can now press ‘c’ and see your player stats, quests, etc’.
Improved Save System – Saves work a lot better now. Still not perfect but should be all done at 0.7 and after that saves should move between versions.

Main New Things This (V0.4) Build Features:
Playing as female! – It's finally here and working! You can now explore Rome as a female. This took a LOT of hard work and actually took most of the development time for this build, but we hope it was worth it!
Quests and Story! – You can now find Maximus, a quest giver and the quest system is working. There aren't too many quests yet (just 2), but they should be easy to add now, so following builds will have a lot of them. We'll also base the story elements of the game on that system.
New area – you can now explore outside of the city gates! It's a huge area which we'll add more and more secrets to in time.
Strap-on – Just like it sounds ;)
New positions and skills – Mostly F/F, but we updated the skill tree and added things.

Version reviewed: 0.3
I finally gave in a payed to try this out and overall I'd give it about a 2/5. It isn't bad, but it is a bit tedious with a lot of clicking for not that much fap worthy. Right now this is a VERY early beta where you can see some interesting ideas coming later but not much else. The goals for this remind me of the medium hardcore games from the Japanese eroge studio Illusion. The sex is pretty much exactly like every other vinilla 3D sex simulator on the market without any fetures to really set it apart yet. Except for one thing; it doesn't have a "hands free" mode, which isn't a problem in terms of "enjoyment" but is a good way get carpal tunnel from the literal hours of clicking the space bar it takes to earn enough in-game money to do anything. Yes, that's right, this is literally a point clicker based around banging whichever slave model you have to get money. All that said? I think I'm probably going to stay a patron of the game because it DOES have interesting ideas and may be something special down the line.

The major downside of this game isn't its sexiness or lack thereof, but rather how much of a beast it is in terms of hardware usage. The system requirments they have listed, like for all games, are a bare minimum. This game requires a modern hardcore gaming pc to play, and damned if I can figure out why. I have one and honestly this looks like Assassins Creed 2 in terms of graphics quality with an overworld of about 0.25km and yet it literally needs hardware like you'd expect to see for the latest Total War game. There are lot of underpinnings for some very interesting, as yet unimplemented, dynamic game mechanics, but those are about as involved as things from AAA RPGs of a decade ago. I tried running this on a couple of older machiines in my "hack lab" to see how they preformed. This will probably improve as the code is streamlined in later versions, but for right now it is a major WTF? and should be a bigger turn off than the money. If you don't have a fairly high end video card and at least 24gb of ram this is incredibly slow and jumpy.
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