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3Diddly - Wifey's Dilemma [Version 0.13] (2018) (Eng) Update

Year of release: 2018
Genre: Visual Novel, 3dcg, NTR, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Voyeurism, Vaginal Sex, Animated, Romance
Censorship: None
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version 0.13
Game language: English
Interface language: English

The main character is you! You have been able to get her green card since she was in high school. Over the years, you have been asked to get an American citizenship. Of course, you need to be a good friend (and also having an ulterior motives)! The story will turn out. If you make mistakes, she will become promiscuous.

Changelog Version 0.13
In this update, the wife is sick, and the PC has the opportunity to take care of her. Her self esteem is a little low when she's under the weather, so the PC will have to make her feel better to improve their relationship.
The wife will also need to change her uniform for work, and it seems that this time she needs to wear a school girl uniform! The player will get to "enjoy" the wife's uniform at the end of that day.
Later, the wife will tell the player that she has been offered the position of personal assistant, and has been taught how it will work in the company. The branching of the story will begin here:
Fidelity path:
- Low love points: The wife will become the player's PA, and the player will actively try to corrupt her with the company's help.
- High love points: The wife wants to be the player's PA, so that they can both earn some more money. The wife feels safe while the player protects her, and both the wife and the player agree that if the company tries to mess with them, they will quit together.
Cheating path:
- Low love points: The wife will become Mr. Davis's PA. The player wants to see her become sluttier, so he doesn't mind too much.
- High love points: The wife wants to become Mr. Davis's PA until she can find a new job, since she can still earn some money in the meanwhile. The player agrees, but tells her to be wary.
At the end of the update, if the player's love points is high enough, he can go on anther date with the wife. If it's low, the wife will hang out with Katie!
There are now effectively 4 variants of the game some paths are similar as of now, but will become more differentiated as the story progresses. The main focus of the game is still high love points in both fidelity and cheating paths. Try all the paths to see what you like!
Other changes:
-In the fidelity path, the player will no longer want to corrupt the wife if love points are high.

In this update, the player will change jobs, and work in the same company as the wife in order to spend more time with her, and earn more money. The wife will be given some administrative tasks on her time off when she doesn't have contracts. The wife will then be enrolled in the FSTRM program: Female Success Through Role Modelling program. What this means is that there will be characters associated with the company who will mentor the wife. In the fidelity route, these girls will help the wife become more sexually awakened and open to the player. In the cheating route - you guessed it - they will help corrupt the wife.
Katie will be the wife's first FSTRM mentor, and will talk to her about her appearance at the company.
The wife will get another gig as a promotional model, but this time it's to give out beer samples at bars. This client has more money, so the outfit is of "higher quality". The player will be offered to pick up the wife after work, and will be able to earn more love points by taking care of her. The player also discovers at work that he has access to the cameras in the company. You will be able to choose whether to peek on things that are happening in other offices or not. This will usually involve sex with other characters. Of course, if you picked the fidelity route, the wife will never be involved with other people when you're spying around.
At the end of the update, there is a date scene if the player's lovepoints are high enough!
Other changes:
-I also updated the icons. Reila was nice enough to provide me with his/her hand made icons! Thanks Reila!
- The player's last name is bugged in older versions. To fix this on an old save: Press shift + "o", then type pclastname="[type whatever here]"
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