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Enyo Eerie - False Hero - Version 0.20 Update

Name: False Hero
Genre: Visual novel, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Thriller, Adventure
Version 0.20
Censorship: No
Author: Enyo Eerie
Last updated: 23 June 2018
Language: English

About game
False Hero is a free erotic game set in a well-known fictional universe, where you'll be able to play as Sebastien, an attorney in a law firm company. There are 7 female characters in the Sebastien's story. Each of them have unique personality and is demanding special approach. They're so different, but you will decide how to get them, and what you will do with them, when they'll be yours. Also, Sebastien as character, has his own story, that will progress with each update. This demo already includes, at least, 1 hour of gameplay. "The game contains 2,518 dialogue blocks, containing 35,284 words and 188,190 characters".

Version 0.20

Major changes & additions:
100+ images and about 19000+ words in total:
-2 event with Jane
-2 event with K&A
-A lot of new choices were added in the game.
-I did proofreading of the game, made possible by the saints who have big hearts to help me! HUGE AMOUNT of mistakes were fixed.(There are a lot of things are still needs to be done though)
Old saves have to work.

Version 0.18

The update consists of 3 events with Melanie, 1 event with Tiffany and 1 event with K&A.

Version 0.16

150+ images and about 12000+ words in total.
-6 new events with Twins.
-3 new events with Jane.
-All Twins’ route was remade in code, Jane’s code was also slightly changed.
-Quality of pictures drastically improved.

Version 0.1

I redid my game as I planned.
The update looks small in terms of the amount of adult content. But the benefits of all these changes are huge for the future development of the game.
Major changes & additions:
-New prologue(10 completely new scenes/events).
-Date with Jane after the 1-st dialogue.
-Jane’s dialogues were changed. Added new content at the end of the event in the changing room.
-The second event with K&A was updated. (additional new text and images)
-The code is rewritten in a lot of places. The order of events was changed.
-A lot of pictures were updated and remade. Some of the characters were slightly recreated.
-One saint helped me with proofreading. A LOT OF MISTAKES were fixed thanks to him.
Minor changes:
-Small update of Derrick/Tiffany event.
-Added small additional content to Mark’s peeking scene.
Other stuff that I probably forgot to mention.

Version 0.09.1

Added the text forgotten to translate the last time and fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes.

Version 0.09

A word from the developer.
The game is at an early stage of development. It means that gameplay, its core features, plot details will most definitely be changed in the future. Right now I’m in the process of these changes and I’m redoing old content, with which I’m not satisfied anymore.
I almost redid my game as I planned, but there are still some things left to do.
So far this is only the first part of these changes. I had only put all old content together and made full prologue. Now it’s huge, but in the next update, I will reduce it, make it shorter, more exciting and will add 2-3 additional events with Tiffany. All this will finally allow me to get on track of creating new content fast, without looking back.
The update looks small in terms of the amount of content. But the benefits of all these changes are huge for the future development of the game.
Major changes & additions:
-Old content almost fully rewritten, shorten. I had put all old content together and made full prologue, which in my opinion makes the story only better. Still it is not the end result of the prologue.
-Added 3 new events with Lucy (all events are in the prologue).
-Added small additions to Tiffany’s events. With Blake and at Sebastian’s home.
-Jane’s dialogues was changed.
-I changed code in a couple of places.
Minor changes:
-New map. It will make map navigation easier. (test version, visual part will be changed in the future)
Other stuff that I probably forgot to mention.

Version 0.08

I continue working on redoing my game. For now, only content with Melanie and Tiffany was remade(it consists of a prologue and new gameplay which I’m only testing, it may change a little bit in the future). Next update will finish these changes.
You can find all the new content in Melanie’s house.
Major changes & additions:
-Added 6 new events with Melanie.
-Added 2 new events with Tiffany/ Melanie.
-Added new dialogues with Mark and Tiffany.
Minor changes:
-Add NTR block function at the beginning of the game.

-Added content with Kate and Ashley to the public version.
-Added and change a lot of text in the game, plus some small bugs fixes and proofreading.

Changelog Version 0.02
This version already includes, at least, 2 hours of gameplay. The game contains 5,067 dialogue blocks, containing 71,138 words and 381,558 characters.
Important information:
Too much things changed in the game, so old save will not work.
Major changes:
New event and dialogues with Lucy.
New event and dialogues with Tiffany. (Two path: Love way and NTR way.)
New content with Twins. 4 dialogues and the longest event in the game. (Patron only content)
A lot of different additional dialogues throughout the game (Seth, Mark and Melanie, messages, stolen data and etc.)
Prologue for Melanie and in the beginning of the game.

Minor changes
New start of the game. Now the game doesn't start with the café event.
Removed a couple of late scenes in the game. A lot of places in the game were fully rewritten. Removed a lot of things that I decided bad for the game.
Café event was rewritten significantly and became much shorter.
Some interface changes (now you can see how much dialogues left before event. New style of choices in the new update)
Fully remade café for Twins
The bug when you clicked on the "history" in two events that resulted that the game crashes has been removed) and a lot of other small changes and bug fixes
Other stuff that I probably forgot to mention.
"The game contains 5,067 dialogue blocks, containing 71,138 words and 381,558 characters." So it's practically in two times more than in the last version: 2,518 dialogue blocks, 35,284 words and 188,190 characters.
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