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Fresh Mulan - Defenestration [Version 0.4.8] Update

Genre: RPGM,2dcg, Corruption,Fresh Mulan,Female Protagonist, XXX Game, Porn Game,All sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Fresh Mulan
Version 0.4.8
Language: English

“Defenestration is set in a futuristic soviet union, the player takes up a role of Kira, young promising girl fresh out of school. Help her get on her feet in unfamiliar megapolis, dealing with various day-to-day problems and different characters. Some will try to help you, some to corrupt you (mainly the second one)
The game is planned to be choice based and semi-open worlded. Which means no combat system. Current version has at least an hour of gameplay.

Version 0.4.8

-New village/town – Vivarium.
-New quest.
-New outfit and its revealing version.
-Four new characters (Including a historically accurate character art for “Napoleon”.)
-Two new fetishes that will affect the game overall – Pregnancy and lactation.
-“Personality test” to turn them on/off.
So far they partially change the narrative of the quest, appearance of one of the characters and add one extra event specific for “lactation” (uses the same art, so it’s fair for all routes and preferences).
-Kira’s character artwork was partially re-coded to support new changes.
-Word-building mini-events
-Character art of “imperator” was added to the groping system and immediately used for “sexposition” (mini groping event).
-One new event at the church for everyone (text adjusts to turned “on” fetishes) and one lactation related event that uses the same artwork (co-written by Lostraven).
-The overall script for all routes is 182 pages long.
-Prison outfit can now be found in the dumpster near prison.

Changelog: Defenestration v0.4.7b
This update focuses on fixing what we knew – bugs, unintuitive quests and art in some events
– Fixed crashing issue (hopefully);
– Started implementing “night” to the game – use a dorm alarm clock.
(So far you can only steal liquor for Party Quest as an alternative way of starting it, and there’s a small interaction at the gym);
– Added information on how the “night” will work to the first interaction with an alarm clock;
– Small interaction at the church that can also lead to your arrest, or it can give you minor boosts (one time deal);
– Edited the artwork for the following events (basically half of our events were changed in some way – 197 pictures):
New You “dream”;
Party quest Katya version;
Party quest Tolstoy version;
Katya pole event;
Chief Officer events (all 4 of them)
Intro Breast enlargement event;
New You Breast enlargement event;
Prison shower event (first half)
(Every “other” event that uses Kira’s frontal face – Red Kira etc.)

Changelog Version 0.4.4:
New “Legion” Event;
Preview of our new dialogue system:
Lust is primarily responsible for her H-events talk, while intelligence controls her overall speech, the do occasionally interact with one another (if possible). In this new event and in a “buildup” for it, you’ll see this system at work. It will be implemented everywhere in our next update.
Above 50 Lust – Kira will speak differently in H-events;
Below 0 intelligence – Kira will speak differently everywhere else;
There is now a loading screen, as a quickfix to one particular bug, we will try to deal with it in the next release.
For new event – Complete Legion’s first quest “80085” and then sleep.
If you’re not familiar with his first quest – You need to use the boat at rebel’s base – Enter one of the buildings in there – Use a “machine” in said building (it has a star near it) – click on “memory” (you’ll see red code on your screen, that means that the quest has started) – Use subway thee times – Sleep.
To quickly get negative Int and/or high Lust – use the usual trashbox in residential areas subway. I’ve attached a screenshot, just in case.
This is yet another relatively small update, because we’re currently redoing everything. This event will also be somewhat changed in the rework and next update will break your saves.

Save files will work.
It has an event that kickstarted this whole rework process in it, you will be able to see your outcome from it after the rework will be finished. It’s intended to be right at the end of the “New You” questline, but for now it will be just accessible in there, talk to the doctor at “New You” and you should be good to go.
There might be bugs and I am still not done with the art, especially hair and expressions. I had to cut some corners in order to release it now, so keep in mind that this event might also be changed after the rework.
This update has a lot of art and the longest event up to date, you will be able to choose from Bimbofication, Slutification or you’ll be able to customize her completely by choosing whether or not she will become dumb, pink haired, busty or have enlarged lips.
For the last options you’ll need to interact with five objects within this event.
We’re currently busy with the rework, and this is step one out of three.

Changelog 0.4
1 new location
2 new quests
2 new outfits (shop)
1 new diner job
1 new movie related job
2 new job events
5 new character busts
2 new H-events
some worldbuilding encounters
small reworks
Access to new content:
Trash box in Metro station now gives 10 Fame, which is enough to trigger a new quest (through new diner job or Shwift’s terminal messages). Quest will lead you to the new location (access through the Slums bus stop).

Changelog 0.3.7a
New game subway issue was fixed.
Second Kira
Some tiles
Some typos

Changelog 0.3.5
Park exposure minigame. (You need to complete all four hypno sessions with Chief Officer and then go to sleep, new events will be added to it progressively)
Law & Order system.
Patriot outfit (third one from the last outfit poll, you can buy it at the Mall).
Ability to walk around topless (Rebel, Patriot and Casual “Ghost cut” outfits, unlocked by one of the npcs in the park minigame ).
KGB Agents will attempt to arrest Kira if she walks around topless.
Court story related event (Not an H-event)
New lower back tattoo (You need to get arrested, speak to one of the inmates then; Events that show this tattoo right now – dorm shower, pet training and bobby park event).
“D” button now shows Kira from her back (only naked for now).
“Pet training” event.
Reactions system – Npcs are now able to recognize what Kira is wearing and if she has a tattoo shown (Now I only need to write text, it will be added automatically).

Added 10 new character busts
Mini-event related to Shwift at the “new you” facility, you can access it by clicking on a terminal behind the reception. (Will be moved to a different place)
Option to sacrifice Katya at prison now has an event attached to it.
Memory training now has a “Katya’s punishment”, regardless of what you have chosen, just for this update.
Added another floor to the facility, temporarily.
This update mainly focuses on Katya, her dialogue should work now.
There were a lot of bugs this time. Hopefully they all are fixed.
Minor art things, that I’m not including in Major.
You don’t need to replay the prison part. You can see everything in the “New You” facility. The dialogues don’t change that much to validate a new playthrough.

Changelog Version 0.3a
Fast travel - unlocks after initial introduction to the “rebel’s base”, use sewer entrances.
You can now change narration during H-events from second person to third - use Kiosk at the Hospital area to turn it on/off, I moved it closer to the hospital entrance.
Two new outfits: uniform from hypnosis, and winner of the poll - you can get it at the rebel’s base, I have plans for it in the future update/updates.
Two new character busts.
Two new locations.
Two new quests, one is completely finished and another will be advanced with each update.
Three new events, accessible right at the end of this update. Two of them are hypnosis related and the third one is a BE (Breast Enlargement) event, not related to the Bimbo route (but stackable with).
Overall there are 28 new busts of Kira, with bigger breasts. And here’s the list of events that got an updated art because of the BE scene (Park, Dorm Shower, Tunnel, Subway)
Important Notes:
Save before the new BE scene, it has a chance of not working if you choose to get paid instead of paying for it (Don’t grind for it, it has the same art and dialogue in both cases).
There is a new item “Jammer” it will show alternative dialogues during new hypnosis events in the NEXT update, it doesn’t work yet (Again, don’t grind for it).
New quests lock old Hypnosis events, so if you haven’t seen them on your current save and want to have their consequences - do them before new content.
There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in this update, be prepared for some bugs. Save often please.

- Fixed game “freeze” during Lenn-Y’s initial interaction.
- Some dialogues were working out of order, they should work fine now.

Change-Log: 0.2
I advise you to save often.
Updated artbook and a bugfix will be ready later this week.
I have a discord channel. You can submit your bug reports and ideas there, or write directly to me.
Major changes:
Finished “Prison Break” Quest.
Advanced Hypnosis questline (you need to sleep between your sessions).
New main-quest related event.
New hypnosis-related outfit.
Some not H-related art. Just to add to the story.
I’ve made some questionable music choices. sorry in advance, I couldn’t help myself.
Party Quest is still unfinished.
Minor changes:
Too many to list (cosmetics, backend, etc)
Content ends after you’ll speak with Supervisor Razin again.
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