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VincenzoM - Puzzled Life Build 7.0 Update

Censorship: No
Version: Build2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Female Nudity, m/f sex, Puzzles, hardcore

The story is about a young man(you), who just came back from military service that lasted for 4 years. You live with your step-family. Your real mother abandoned you as a child for a rich Sheikh so your father remaried for another woman, he is working for the military, but you haven't heard from him in years.(this backstory can change of course *wink*wink*).
Lots of things have changed, starting from the beginning you try to find your place in this world. The adventure begins here.​

-Advanced Hellens story (the good stuff :p)
- 4 new animations
-Added 1 more portrait in the character screen
-Fixed some old images

-This update has the most renders so far and 3 animations instead of 1
-Advanced Hellens story
-Added 3 more puzzles and cards to unlock. These are the last ones for Hellen, her next update will include the unlockable scene
-Added 1 more portrait in Hellens puzzle menu

-Implemented Cheats input field
-Advanced Steph story with a few scenes and 1 animation
-3 new puzzles and cards and 2 more portraits in her menu in the Steph menu

-No new Story content!
-A whole new Main Menu
-New UI with animations and popups
-Warnings for closing the game without saving
-Option to go back to main menu from the game
-Quests can be accessed with just hovering over the left side of the screen
-A whole new Character information panel with extra unlockable images
-Now the puzzles are accessed from the cards they unlock in the Character panel.

Changelog Build 3
-Advanced the Hellen story
-2 new puzzle levels
-Reworked Living Room
-Added Refresh activity icon in the menu bar in case if ou get stuck with advancing time(or somehow skip sleep)so you can run,watch tv etc again.(or use it like a cheat lol)
-Fixed some bugs and other backend tweaks
-Added a walkthrough for the Job puzzle, available on my patreon page
-Added one more starting skip point, now for a total of 2

-Reworked My Room and Hellen's Room now they look better
-Advanced the Rodney and Hellen's story
-4 new puzzle levels
-New Save system, now you can save your progress(currently the game has one save file so if you create a new game and save again it will rewrite the old one)
-Buttons that do stuff(like advancing time) now have little icons that indicate that
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