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Nenadasanovic - Adventures of Willy D. [Version 0.16 ] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of issue: 2017
Genre: 3D Animated, Adventure, Point and Click
Censorship: Missing
Type of publication: Original (License)
Version 0.16
Platform: PC / Windows
Interface language: English

Adventures of Willy D. is a point and click adventure type of game. If I would compare it, it would probably be "Broken Sword" but with adult content.
Everything in game is animated so it means that it is not a type of graphic novel where you only see pictures or animations in certain situations. Even when the character just stands you can see his movement of breathing.

Here is new update of Willy D.
For ones who are new to this game please read text files how to use save games from previous version. Also there is complete walkthrough with game in same zip file, as enriched walkthrough in pdf file.
This version has main story based on path you chose. But there are a bunch unlockables connected to story so please for all details check walkthrough in text file.
Clothing for girls system is introduced here check it under walkthrough description.
I hope that you will like this new clothing system as much as I do... It really seems to be fun way to expand this game.
Please report all bugs or any weird things you find in game so I may fix em as soon as possible. Best way would be if you can report bugs to my discord (listed in featured tags on my patreon page) but you may also send me message or write in comment here.
Thank you all for supporting me and my silly game.
Have fun playing this new version of good old Willy.

Changelog 0.12 Fix:
There was a bug with one scene that really happen only when we wanna do that scene again after we do it one. First time all works good but when we try do same second time (just for fun) it shows only black screen. It still works and will not break the game you just need to wait to animation finish, but since many people will actually wanna this scene cause it includes Giovanna here is fix for it. Another bug is that we can’t at the moment talk with Nurse but That bug is a bit deeper so I will fix it for next version. Anyway we can’t do anything more then talk few sentences with nurse as for now so you are not missing much. I apologize for this bugs cause I was not aware of them when testing… did not remember to try and repeat animation.

Changelog 0.11 Fix:
Here is version where Giovanna should work normally and should not lock your game if you try to speak with her. Also fixed few minor bugs. If you already did download 0.11 version and don’t wanna bother downloading this, just avoid clicking Giovanna when you see her standing on scene near Willy’s car. Have fun and take care.

Size: 5600
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