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Damned Studios - Parasite Black New Version 0.141 Prologue - Erotic Adventure

Language: English
New Version 0.141 Prologue
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

incest patch installation = copy and paste the rpy file into the 'game' folder.
Info: A mature, dark fantasy adult sandbox game set in Mirnos, a world under the fierce onslaught of a dangerous, bizarre race known as the Demorai. Born into the Kingdom of Alderay, you’re sent on a suicide mission that should have cost you your life. Instead, you’ve been blessed with a second chance… Or rather cursed. But with your newfound “gift”, you may just be able to turn the tides of war and save the realm from the clutches of the Demorai!

-Nijah romance heavily extended past Damzel quest
– Black Diamond lewd scenes (servant during Damzel quest)
– Sell Nijah option during Damzel quest
– As per feedback, pauses whenever lewd scenes happen
– Gallery scenes tweaked according to
– Novaras market location
– New party battle healing item obtainable from Nijah’ market stall
– Tarek death CGs
– Couple under-the-hood tweaks

Engine: – Fix to android (.apk) builds. They now work. Again.
Content: – New Nijah character sprite. – A new quest revolving around Nijah (Damzel in Diztrezz) that you can begin if you visit pleasure district after completing From Another World. Might want to daily-revisit ~twice or so for the event to fire.
Note: this is a first not-quite-linear quest we’ve got. Bring feedback if anything borks up.
– The Black Diamond location. Currently only visited temporarily for the duration of Damzel in Diztrezz quest, will be re-visitable once the quest is finalized & missing assets acquired.
– Three new enemy types: a bandit, a thug, a guard. Currently only used within Damzel in Diztrezz quest.
– Nijah house & some coding scaffolding for her TBA lewd content that is unlocked post ^ quest.
– Applied a quick & dirty visual tweak to sewers battle map.
We’ll most likely change it further down the line. Till then, boosted brightness/contrast should do.
– Added a country-ish street battle map, currently used in Damzel in Diztrezz quest.
– Markus added as a character that you can speak to in his house. Not much there for now, just a consistency’s sake.
– Added a small cozy system playing a random sound from an SFX library. Currently only used for door creaks around the city.
Will come full force when we get to combat sounds. – Added more ‘glowing lights’ VFX to locations. Think we’ve covered all of them.
– You can now select an enemy in party battle instead of hovering about. Will come in play when there’s need to hover over their status effects for tooltips.
– You can toggle narrative auto-forward in the options menu. This Ancient Technology was scrapped along with the original Renpy UI months back, but it was never forgotten.
– Small tweaks to misaligned text on some ui-s.
– Fancied up interactables’ buttons all over the place. (The circles with icons in) Gameplay tweaks:
– Made it so that the player can’t hunt demorai at daytime anymore.
– You cannot rest when the narrative screen is shown anymore.
– As per feedback, changed sewer quest (High Fashion) to only be trigger-able after completing From Another World.
– As per feedback, fixed Shani’s name dialogue bit so that you can’t annoy her about it indefinitely.

fixes a major bug causing quests to bug out.
– Artwork replaced with new & improved versions: princess cg, day/night tavern, prologue laboratory
– Tweaked NVL (bunch of text on screen, like when reading books), so that it’s more beautiful.
– Fixed Vala bugging out duplicating herself
– potions you can use in battle are now taken from your inventory. you can fill your belt slots yourself, or let the system autofill it.
– as per feedback, fixed mismatched ves dialogue
– disabled (fixed) sleeping during prologue
– high fashion quest now properly triggers on entering the shop for the first time
– added lewds gallery: you can find it around novaras pleasure district
– changed hunt bronze reward to lighten the grind
– reworked arlena questline: arlena’s content was most likely not seen by most of the players due to tricky triggers it had set up & it being untracked. it is split into two complete quests and a repeatable romance stage after you beat those.
– added arlena as an interactable character after her introductory quest is complete
– as part of the above, some writing & narrative was added/changed
– cleaned up redundant notes and added a couple more to the journal
– implemented new mouse tooltip instead of an obsolete one we’ve used
– as per feedback, added dialogue history screen, top-right textbubble-like button
– sound values now display in options screen
– added new tooltip to the battle, showing skill descriptions
– “censore violence” option moved to options menu as a toggle
– fixed main character’s house interactables positions
– during reworked arlena qustline, you will sometimes see icons representing permanent outcome. these are meant to warn player to think twice, and should be visually self-explanatory. if this idea takes root, we’ll have more of those placed around when appropriate.
Quality of life changes:
– Added party battle skill numbers, these indicate keys you can press to select a skill
– As per feedback, added an ability to cancel combat skill choice. after choosing a skill, press either esc or right mouse button to cancel skill selection
– Added cheat menu player can toggle on/off in options. a top-right flower-like icon, it allows you to add gold & change corruption levels. in battle, open it to access a “win battle” option. not recommended if it’s your first time playing.
Under-the-hood changes:
– Baked kiara prologue scene into a webm: game folder size reduced by 15%, lag it caused is gone
– Tons of background & cg images converted to .webp, cutting game folder size further by ~%20, with this and above, file size optimization is now pretty much complete
– Codebase optimizations
– Novaras smithy got an ambient SFX loop

– General refactoring of code
– Quest system
– Local navigation system
– Event system
– Time system, day/night cycle + calendar
– Reactive drag&drop system for future inventory and similar UIs
– General notification system
– Additional work on combat system
– UI for all of the above
– Changes to how data is stored to enable greater save compatibility going forward
– Plenty of new content including:
-Regina first peek scene remastered (animated)
– Ves storyline
-Shani (prostitute) content
-Library added
-Store added (Placeholder for now)
-And more…
Hotfix details:
-Ves is now showing off her lingerie outfit
– Ves bj animation changed, should not glitch out on some devices anymore
– ves cuddling art added to a certain scene in her questline
– ves bj now has an outfit choice pop-up if you’ve given her the lingerie
– mc parasite battle sprite slightly downscaled
– new erika sprite
– a slightly improved regina sprite
-Regina peek scene animation added
As of v0.131 Old saves are unlikely to work due to the amount of UI and coding changes as part of the first revamp.

-Over 6000 words of new story!
-Three new ‘lewd’ animated scenes with Adara to find!
-Reworked Regina and Adara character models.
Bugs and general fixes:
-Fixed bug where player could die during the tutorial.
-Some minor UI improvements (WIP).
– WIP Quest log (download walkthrough tho).
To clarify:
This will be the last update before the main revamp update. The combat, UI, navigation, and more, is all going to be overhauled and improved considerably. Some of the art will ALSO be changed in order to reflect a more consistent style moving forward.

Damned Studios - Parasite Black New Version 0.141 Prologue - Erotic Adventure

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