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Chemical Fire - Zeno’s Anthology New Version - Erotic Adventure

Language: English, Italian
New Version
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

The life of Zeno is full of interesting and lewd episodes, full of interesting and lewd women. Sometimes he plays the good guy other times the bad guy.
You can explore the stories trough the branching narrative.

160+ new renders for “Devils”.
25+ new renders for “Handcuffs”.
1 Animation (Devils).
“Devils” ending reworked from beta.
New pics “Devils” and “Handcuffs” gallery.
Typos correction and Minor fixes.

150+ new renders for “Devils”
60+ renders “Handcuffs” (new story)
“Devils” gallery updated
“Handcuffs” gallery
Minor fixes

118 new renders for “Devils”
“Devils” gallery updated.
Typos fixed.
Thanks in the compressed version fixed.
Minor fixes 0.2.8/9

110+ new renders for “Devils”
“Devils” gallery
“Devils” renders re-edited from beta.
30+ renders “Dirty Laundry” (post fast-finish-her)
Quick-Event Android fixed.
Minor changes.

110+ new renders for “Cinderella”
30+ new renders for “Cinderella”
Name bug fixed.
Quick-Event bug fixed.
Compressed version error in DL fixed.
Trophies and Nodes Unlocked.
Cinderella Gallery expanded.
Minor changes.

149 new renders for “Dirty Laundry”
11 micro-animations for “Dirty Laundry”
19 new renders for “Cinderella”.
Implemented GALLERY.
All “DL” English dialogues edited and proofread.
Menu improvements.
Minor changes.

64 new renders for “Dirty Laundry”
2 micro-animations for “Dirty Laundry”
30 new renders for “Cinderella”.
New unlockable nodes in the tree.
Permanent custom player name fixed.
Added main soundtracks.
Minor changes to text and gameplay.
English text in “Cinderella” polished.
New UI features implemented.

50 new renders for “Dirty Laundry”.
4 Micro-Animations
2 Unlockable in Tree
Added sounds to the last update of “Dirty Laundry”.
Other typos fixed.

v0.2.3 – Halloween Special
170+ new renders for “Brain”.
4 Micro-Animations
Secret Unlockable in Tree
Speed Optimization
Other typos fixed.

91 new renders for “Dirty Laundry”.
26 new renders for “Cinderella”.
4 Micro-Animations
New Dirty Laundry Tree
Russian Localization
Resize window issue solved
Other typos fixed.

Your v0.1 progression are saved but you need to start a new game (old saves won’t load)
116 new renders.
New node in Tree unlockable.
Add spacebar command for moving forward
Rollback commands modified.
Autoplay speed optimazed.
Typos corrected.
Black-Flashing screen on game start fixed.
UI placement in window mode fixed.

Chemical Fire - Zeno’s Anthology New Version - Erotic Adventure

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