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Burst Out Games - Powers That Be New Version 0.5.2

Language: English
New Version 0.5.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

When a girl has the ultimate power over your emotions… do you want to resist?
A successful middle-aged man takes a break from work to take care of his shy goddaughter who for unknown reasons is developing empathic powers that can influence emotions. As they spend more time together and explore a dark event from their past, the story explodes into a mix of drama, old secrets and sensual revelations that involves a desperate married boss, a curvy ex-wife, a sporty stepdaughter and a mysterious exchange student.
This is a story-driven, slow-build game with emphasis on quality content. The first five chapters with 370 images are available now with more to follow!​

v0.5.2 Chapter 16 – Protecting
Chapter 16 added.
Changed some earlier chapters’ dialogues.
Added a replay scene.

v0.4.8 Chapter 14 – Clubbing
Chapter 14 added.
Biggest character model tweak for goddaughter.
Some earlier chapters text changes.
New menu UI style changes.

v.0.4.4 Chapter 12 – Raising
New characters models for younger versions.
Features names and characters provided by previous contest winners.
Dialogue changes – Removed/changed more slang.
Characters models tweaks.
Dialogue changes – Some earlier chapters dialogue changes.

v.0.4.2 Chapter 11 – Working
Added new Scene Replay Gallery.
Added option to name Saved Games.
Added in-game foreign text translations (click on blue foreign text during gameplay to get instant English translations).
Characters names now changeable mid-game in Preferences.
Dialogue changes – removed/replaced more slang.
Dialogue changes – rewrote a sizeable amount of text for certain earlier scenes.
Character model tweaks.
Added easier code for translators to add new languages to the game (readme in the game/tl folder)

Burst Out Games - Powers That Be New Version 0.5.2

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