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Night Mirror - Rick and Morty: Another Way Home New Version 3.6 (Fan Remake)

Language: English
New Version 3.6 (Fan Remake)
Censored: No

Main Game:
1. Extract and run.

1. Extract the contents of the .rar file into your main game directory (where the .exe files are)
2. When prompted to overwrite, click yes.
3. Run game.

This is an unofficial ren’py fan remake of Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home by Ferdafs.
Play as Morty as he tries to find a way home through sexy adventures in another universe!
No sandbox! Expanded and extra scenes! Finishing choices for many sequences! New dialogue and story reworks!

r3.6 – Content Update
OLD SAVES REMOVED! Due to a major overhaul in this patch, saves from previous versions would be a buggy mess. I have rolled the save folder forward so that past saves will not appear.
RETURNING PLAYERS: If you are a returning player and want to go right into the new content I STRONGLY recommend starting with the LAST event on Day 37. The fastest way to do this is go to the Day Selector Menu and Click the “New” banner at the top of Day 37. Remember that past actions and other preference will be set to defaults if you do this. So things like Inc, Age, or events will be off unless you change them via Do Over.
Day 38: 2 New Beth Scenes, 1 New (Classic) Summer Scene, 1 New Morticia Scene
Day 10: Summer’s first blow job now has an option to remove the condom (and cum down her throat or on her face).
Day 12: Ballfondlers now only has only one route: Missionary. It has new animations, and controls, along with additional dialog and poses. The Old Cowgirl version (without missionary) can still be viewed in the “Other” Gallery if you miss it.
Day 16: Can now ask to remove the condom in Kitty’s scene (and cum inside or Out).
Day 16: NEW SCENE: Cowgirl art from Day 12 (Ballfondlers) has been used to make a new (short)
Day 33: Can now ask to remove the condom in Beth’s Punishment scene (and cum inside or out)
Day 37: New ending scene after the events with Hooker Beth.
MAJOR corrections and dialog improvements throughout days 0-12 (and some other scenes). A HUGE thank you to aaronminus and kimlana who contributed substantial corrections and suggestions to the game. Including edits/corrections/suggestions for Day 38!
Many bumper scenes in the first few days of the game have been expanded with additional dialogue and character poses.
Further reduced the amount of time players spend looking at a black screen.
Day 6/8: Rick Task, Car Baiting, and Unity event moved from Day 6 to Day 8 where it logically makes a bit more sense
Day 8: Video for Summer’s bracelet recaptured (and found some I missed the first time), will now have a better frame rate
Day 9: Morticia’s first kiss is now optional (and will count as a first kiss (Morty will no longer use an excuse that this first kiss didn’t count if you choose it))
Day 11: Beth Sleeping video recaptured
Day 13: Beth/Morti Hypno toad video recaptured
Day 14: Beth Grind video recaptured
Day 19: Unity Video recaptured
Day 30: Added extra hallway to the Cronberg school.
Day 31 Summer “Favorite Position” has an animations during her blowjob training
Day 37 Tricia’s “Not the Bees” event has been expanded slightly at the end to include dialogue about Morty cumming inside. Dependent on past actions and birth control choices. (Requested by gambit87)
Age choice in the intro now has a much bigger impact if you set it ON. All three choices (can) now affect the ages of other characters, and make at least slightly more sense.
Names in the messaging app have been changed to be more “fun”
Tricia now has a larger model for some scenes where she was scaled up before.
Most days: lots of minor animations, fixes, corrections added throughout the whole game.
Fem-Rick now has her own Gallery.
“Other” Gallery has been moved to a plumbus.
Self-Voicing (short cut key “v”) no longer reads character names. (or on screen menus during gameplay)
Due to continued confusion over skip. The skip message will now show every time. It has been shortened to a single line.
Renpy Engine Upgraded to 7.4.11 (form 7.4.4)
Pineapple Pizza Added to the Game
Slicing! The vast majority of images have been sliced. The compressed version of the game now comes in just under 1GB.
Mind Blowers now has a separate gallery for New events that will update with each major release (not for bugfixes)
New Events in character replays (Mind Blowers) will now have a new/updated header on them.
Scene Selector is a new feature that will let you go directly to a scene in any day. It can be toggled on from the Quick menu or with the “w” key.
Images and Animations (movies) have been split into different directories (to allow a high quality image patch file)
Characters can now be renamed. There is an option when starting (only if AutoMenu is not set to full) that will prompt for character names when you first meet them. This can be turned off in preferences, and also reset all names to the defaults. Names can be changed at any time from the Do Over menu as well.
Nickname and Petname have been added for Summer and Morticia. Similar to how Beth’s pet name works. All three characters will also have a nickname you can set for Morty to call each of them.
Added a Delete button to the Saves page (the delete key should still work on your keyboard). Now android users can join in the fun of deleting saves!
Bug Fixes
Summer’s normal model pants were on backwards! (literally the layering was wrong). Her waistline is now higher up her body instead of an inch above her crotch.
Several minor model adjustments to several characters that had issues.
Many, many, (many,) minor art issues fixed throughout the game
Added Missing condom to Almost Caught animation

r3.5- Content Update
Day 2: Beth Shower, Morty hiding in the curtain images flipped since it appears like the shower was on the right side of the bathroom (where it’s impled the door is)
Day 8: Summer Underwear Lick Video recaptured (to remove old masking issue)
Day 9: Beth HJ Video recaptured (to remove old masking issue). Also noticed it was missing 2 cycles, so garbed the two expressions I didn’t capture the first time around for some dumb reason.
Day 18: Nazi Beth Video recaptured (to remove old masking issue). White flash added for climax
Day 21: The first image in Home Alone has been sliced (might cause display issues with any saves in this first section)
Day 36: Sleeping summer added to the animation (because it was strange she was missing)
A toggle has been added to the Preferences menu for Whisper text (requested by LightmanP). You can now use indicators ‘<' and '>‘ or text size when characters are whispering (default text size). This option also pops up when starting a new game. Shouting characters still use bigger font size.
Speaker Name box has been moved upwards slightly so that it overlaps text less often (requested by LightmanP)
Moved End of Content message out of the day and centralized it as part of the main logic (should hopefully make rollback from a save work moving forward for this spot)
Locked out buttons have been removed from main menu to help reduce confusion. If a button won’t function in the current location, it will no longer be visible.
Time passage and some action over black text is now centered.
Replay Jump ahead added to: Summer Movie Date, Unity’s Party
Minor touchups throughout the game (hopefully shouldn’t impact saves)
Various typos corrected.
Corrected a bug where selecting ‘Re-start Current Day’ would take you to the wrong day, then if you kept playing it would cause an error.
Fixed Quick Menus Visible/Hidden text which was swapped
Using Day Selector while a message conversation is on screen will now properly dismiss the dialog
Fixed a bug where Morty’s age would not correctly carry into replay scenes.
Missing hat added during the jerk off contest on day 21

Night Mirror - Rick and Morty: Another Way Home New Version 3.6  (Fan Remake)

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