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cruelmy - ふたなりひなたちゃん 停止した時間の中でやりたい放題

■ Synopsis

Hinata, a high school girl who lives in a certain town

at first glance, it was a girl who seemed to be everywhere
she had something that a normal girl wouldn't have.

Intractable disease futanari of idiosyncrasy that is said to be one to 1000 million people

she had a great cock growing on her.

When it comes to futanari, libido jumps up to tens of times that of ordinary people
that it's hard to live a decent life

but with the hard support of my parents
you went to a normal school and lived your days.

and the night i finished my studies as usual
when i was at home
all of a sudden, an extraordinary pleasure rushes all over my body.
I have ejaculated a large amount of cock

it was a hinata that the convulsions of the body did not stop in a sudden event
when i gradually regained my composure
in the corner of the room
i realize there's a little girl with horns rolling around.

this gives you the ability to stop for as long as a day.
it was a great meeting.

■Work contents

The usual daily life is completely changed!?

This is also Onaho.............……

i've put up with it so far, i have to put it out a lot

she looked like a high school girl.
his true nature is futanari raper!

i went to school while committing a passerby on the road
after insulting me at school
All you want to do in the city after school

She puts out a lot of semen until the time limit!

Play content
- Suddenly a large amount of ejaculation from the penis is done and know the terrible after the time stop release
- A little goofy Succubus blows Hinata's cock
-Good morning back to the older sister who was walking the school road
-Work hard to push up the housewife in the garbage out from the bottom
- I will frame your sister who is tired of the water business of the morning return
- playing with an innocent girl on a train.
- I also taste the anal of the girl's parents
-Love love sex without permission with best friend in the school infirmary
-To lift the popular lady of the class and pussy
-Saddle by screwing the lid Nari dick in the swimsuit of the swimming part
-Bury your face in the muremure hip of the valley club, Senzuri
- trespassing into a house in the city and sleeping on a woman inside.
- i put the older sister of a company somewhere under the desk and give her a blowjob.
-Fuck the anal of the grumpy sister of the company somewhere
-Use the body of a woman in a public bath and commit it while washing the body
-Bathing while saddle in a sento
- Blowjob instead of a drink at a restaurant
- Blowjob instead of sausage at the eatery
- Forbidden sex with Pedo playing in the park
- connect with a girl who goes crazy in the park.
-In the live of the underground idol, the back dancer Manko is set up every spat
-Fuck the main idol in front of the fans in the live of underground idol
- The last with a succubus without a time stop?Enjoy the sex of

it's all stopped for hours, so don't worry!

Basic CG23 sheets
More than 200 sheets with difference

Of course there is also a recollection room!
You can see all CG after clearing

Play time is about 1 hour
There are sound effects such as slapping sound and water sound

no battle.

Resolution 942x720

■ This work is produced in RPG Maker MV

Whether it suits the PC environment, please check the operation by DL the trial version first.

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