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Jimjim - Terminal Desires - Version 0.06b Update

Genre: 3DCG, Oral sex, Female protagonist, Vaginal sex, Big tits, Big dicks, Adventure, Combat, Monsters, Impregnation
Version 0.06b
Censorship: No
Author: Jimjim
Language: English
Made in: RPGM

About game
Explore the town, face fearsome enemies in combat, make important story defining decisions and sexual choices. Will she submit to her every desire? Or will she resist and uncover the shocking truth hidden deep within the town's walls? Her fate, along with the town's is yours to decide

Changelog 0.06b:
*Added 2 new quests (1 if sided with Milburn & Helped Vanessa, another in the ‘South Western Alley’)
*Added 3 new sex scenes via the quests (Vanessa & Dr. Milburn, Tiffany & Jasper, Hitomi & Jasper)
*Added a new enemy (Sewer Zombie) & their combat sex scene. (Found in one of the 3 new interiors)
*Added 3 new interiors in the east part of town.
*Added a new ‘Surrender’ option, to lose the fight without submitting and becoming a zombie slut automatically.
*Added option to skip sex scenes.
*Fixed a save updater issue where you could incorrectly receive the Helping Hand #2 quest before completing #1. (Will only affect saves that haven’t been updated)
*Fixed an issue where you could go into the woods before talking with Jebadiah.
*Fixed some typos and other small bugs.

Changelog 0.05b:
*Fixed the wooden boards outside Magnum’s pen in the woods.
*You can now see which fetish content is toggled on/off before making a toggle selection from the “Toggle Fetish Content”‘s key item menu.
*Hopefully fixed a problem where the player could die upon loading an earlier save game due to thirst/dehydration.

Changelog 0.05:
*Added 4 out of 8 sex scenes from v0.05.
*Added WIP versions of 2 new quests (Go see Jebadiah).
*Added a new girl – ‘Debra’.
*Added Companion Framework with Debra as a test case. (Debra will get combat sex scenes in a future version (NOT v0.05 FULL RELEASE)
*Remember to download the updated ‘Content Patch’ from the blog.
*More Save Slots.
*Vanessa can Make Armor Repair Kits out of 3 Cloth scraps + 1 ‘Needle & Thread’.
*So much Missing it isn’t funny. Definitely Recommend waiting until the FULL RELEASE of v0.05 – this is neither a polished nor complete experience.

Changelog 0.04:
*Added George & his Gunshop.
*Added a Shotgun and Shotgun Shells.
*Added a continuation of the “Robert’s Legacy” Quest.
*Added Robert’s Shed, containing his stash.
*Added a Tit-fuck scene for regular Zombies.
*Added a small sex scene with George (part of “Robert’s Legacy” Quest).
*Added a “save-file-patcher” which should automatically run when loading a save from a previous version (v0.02a+) and make it compatible.
*Added the option to choose which sex scene is played when submitting to enemies in combat (if there’s more than one avaliable for that enemy type).
*Fixed the Endurance Bug.
*Fixed a bug with enemies attempting to strip an already naked Tiffany.
*Enemy CG’s will now be hidden from the background during the combat sex scenes.

Changelog 0.03:
*Added 3 new enemies (Double Dick Zombie, Futa Zombie, Zombie H0rz3) and their defeat/submit sex-scenes.
*Added 2 new characters (Sydney, and Jebadiah).
Added Zombie 3-way sex scene
*Added Sydney blowjob scene.
*Added Lactation content.
*Added 1 Sidequest.
*Added 2 character quests (Vanessa and Hitomi[only if she’s rescued]).
*Added 2 misc quests.
*Added outfits for Vanessa and Hitomi (Rewards for character quests).
*Added combat knife weapon.
*Added Key Item to toggle beast content.
*Added Key Item to set sex scene loop length (lightly tested.)
*Added Farm Map, East Town Map, buildings and more…
*Added Item to Restore Endurance.
*Added item to Increase Ovum Health.
*Added some items for the next version (Needle & thread + Cloth scraps will be used in v0.04).
*Replaced the old sounds on the original, zombie vaginal scene.
More detailed changelog coming later…

Changelog 0.02a:
* Added Options to Refuse Dr. Milburn’s ‘Abortalite’ if he’s already impregnated Hitomi
* You can now speak (very breifly) with Hitomi and Dr. Milburn after the Basement Quest
* You will now receive all of the correct loot for Killing/Arresting Dr. Milburn
* Terry will now arrive at the Pharmacy (if he hasn’t already) after completing the basement quest
* The basement access door control dialogue is now more helpful in how to progress the scene
* Fixed Glitched Terry Diaogue when saving Tiffany
* Fixed “ghost chair” ~OOOO SO SPOOPY!!! :O
* Fixed a couple of typos.

Changelog Version: 0.01b
* Added new sprites for Tiffany to better reflect her current number of Armor Pieces.
* You can now toggle Tiffany's footstep sounds using a key item.
* The 'Reload' action will now be hidden if Tiffany can't reload, to prevent accidentally wasting a combat turn with a full clip.
* Reduced file size by 270 MB by removing unused RPG Maker files.
* Adjusted default audio levels.
* Changed the music during some of the more serious story moments.
* Fixed some minor bugs with the opening cutscene.
* Fixed Tiffany's dialogue expressions if she hates ugly men, but accepts Robert's impregnation proposal anyway.
* Fixed Robert's dialogue portrait for when he's shirtless.
* Fixed a minor 'Armor Piece' bug after Robert's impregnation scene.
* Fixed some minor quest journal bugs.
* Fixed some typos.
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