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Kiobe - Last Age of Magic - Version v.0.13 Update

Kiobe - Last Age of Magic - Version v.0.13 Update

Genre: Visual novel, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Vaginal sex
Version: v.0.13
Censorship: No
Author: Kiobe
Language: English,

About game
HI everyone, my name is Kiobe. In my free time I work on the games for Adults. Down below you can find information about the games I develop. With your assistance I will be able to work on my projects much more efficient. Right now, I work on visual novels, but in the future, I plan to start making JRPG

This game is a fascinating journey to the world of magic abilities. The vortex of breathtaking events which take place in the Amber city.
You will plunge into the epoch when the elemental magic ruled the universe, when creatures from elves and orcs to humans and ghosts were equal and only magic and knowledge was the only way to best the foes and to become the most powerful one.

Release Last age of magic 0.1
In game have been added:
- Plot to the end of chapter 1 (Sadly to say, but main hero is still shitty dude)
- Mini-game on market like way to earn gold.
- Development of hero (Levels, skills).
- Fight system.
- System of crafting potions.
- System of drop ingredients for potions has been simplified (From every fight in forest drops a bunch of ingredients).
- Added 18+ night scenes with waiter in tavern. (Ye-ye, now you can not only touch her)
- Added 18+ forester magazine which you can steal and read at home in the bookshelf.
What I were not able to do but I'll back to it when I'll have money:

- System of relationship with Trish.
- Graphics (costumes / emotions / backgrouns).
- Extra quests.
- 18+ content with Trish like extra goal of the first act.
- Translation of the all 0.1 version on English language.
Walkthrough is in the folder with the game (on Ru). Cheat code for money and abilities for a comfortable and fast game - give the character the name "help" (with a small letter).If you want to help in the development of LAOM write to private messages or on the email [email protected]

P.s. A person is found who will help with the translation, it is not known how long it will take for the Ru / En version, since there are a lot of tests.
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For PC
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