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Sad Crab - Innocent Witches (2020) [Version 0.6.4 Final] (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2020
Genre: ADV, Anal sex, Animation, Big tits, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Oral Sex, School, Striptease, Tiny tits
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.6.4 Final
Language of game: English
Interface language: English

An amazing and at the same time a strange story told by my old pen friend. The story tells us about the times when he was a simple boy, craved for young women and their bodies. But the turmoil of events in which he was plunged, led him to a very sad end. His birth was surrounded by a mystery, and his goals were based on the level of a common man. His early life could be the envy of many. But his fate, I could not bear it myself.

Version 0.6.4 Final

1. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day
2. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in act 1 chapter 4
3. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in act 1 chapter 4
4. Other minor fixes and adjustments

Version 0.6 Final


1. Added introductory CG scene with Hermione
2. Added new Hermione’s minigame
3. Added new tutoring scenes for Daphne and Susan
4. Added second date scenes
5. Reworked drinking game interface to make it more user-friendly
6. Added introductory scenes with Xandria
7. Added Christmas event with tasty rewards
8. Updated and added several new music tracks
9. Hermione’s interactions with phoenix received additional art
10. Added new costume for Sonya
11. Added unlockable journal notes for Daphne’s and Luna’s minigames
12. Added random bedroom encounters. Who knows who you can meet there ;)
13. Added casual dialogues option when drinking with Minerva
14. Slightly increased the quality of the art in the main office
15. Added easier version for the statue minigame in Act 1
16. Added new memories
17. Updated the game’s engine to version 7.4.0 (better performance)
18. Other bugfixes and adjustments
19. Added new bugs

Changelog – Innocent Witches 0.6-alpha release
We have spent a great deal of time revamping the game and without further ado:
New things:
Complete edit of chapters through chapter 4, text and flow
Added hinting arrow system that guides you through clicking, only works up to chapter 2
Added ambient sounds, that happen when you open the window or doors, or change location
Added continuance of drinking game
Added test functionality of minigame with Hermione (not yet complete)
Added new Susan minigame, with rewards
Updated objectives as things changed in game
Added small rewards for choices in chapter 2
Added more main plot to Act2 Chapter 1
Added spying on girls prior to dating scene in chapter 4
Added dating scene in chapter 4
Swimsuit quest is simpler and easy to follow, ripped out a lot of redundant text from chapter 4 (We apologize this sucked up a lot of development time but has been the biggest complaint)
You now pick a Waifu at the beginning of that chapter and only solve/read papers of one girl
Added sound functions to support random sounds (not in use atm)
Added function to enable fining Markus for bad actions
Built scripts to swap out translations as we will be redoing the engine completely in the future, so we had to do this to support it
And last, but not least, a new scene with one of the girls, finish Act2 Chapter goals, and you will see the steps required for it in your goals, once you are on the right track.
Things that didn’t quite make it:
Minigames with Luna, Daphne and a special minigame for Chapter 3
Side dating scenes for Act 2
About the new scene:
We now have movement continue while text is displayed, this is a custom module we made for Innocent Witches and is not standard renpy behaviour
Due to this, we have added intro sounds, that have loops queuing after, which then play while the animation is happening, once the player continues, the outro music is queued, this makes it so the sound is seamless, regardless of how fast you play through the scene.

Version 0.5f

1. Dark path in chapter 5 is now passable!
2. Continuation of Luna’s scene
3. Additional scenes for dark path added
4. Miniskirts quest line, you can get 2 shorter skirts on the main girls now (more later)
5. This will allow you to buy new things from an old friend
6. Dressing room added
7. Peeking on the girls in the shower introduced (minimum functionality)
8. Quest to introduce drinking game added
9. Drinking game itself added (preliminary, basic functionality) to make money
10. Sexecution catalogue and market introduced
11. Dark path special scenes with Susan for tutoring
12. Dark path scene with Hermione
13. Manipulation/Fervor mini-game added
14. Continuation of Diadem quest line added
15. Combining and breaking apart of items mechanic
16. Special scene with Daphne introduced
17. Easter egg with portraits is in game
18. Portraits now have random texts
19. Haggling with Filch mechanic added
20. Chapter 4 was slightly overhauled (updated with goals + fixed bugs + more streamlined now)
21. Added an option to change the speed of scenes/events (can be accessed via the “Advanced” tab in preferences)
22. Ability to save screenshots into the in-game gallery (can be accessed by hiding the interface via the button in the dialogue window, or by pressing “H”)
23. Bunch of different QoL fixes and additions for interface and translations

Version 0.5b

1. Act 2 begins! (there are several additions in act 1 chapter 5 as well)
2. New scene with main girl (these scenes are on light path for now)
3. Dark path can now allow you to suspend Hermione and Daphne as well
4. Drinking scene bonus for Hermione and Daphne added
5. Art added for Hermione and Susan interactions with Markus tutoring
6. Added Christmas decorations for Marcus’ office! (better late than never)
7. Updated idles for Nola and Ginny
8. Ginny’s scene was updated
9. Changing room added (WIP, only Daphne is partially added at the moment)
10. New commissar scenes with all girls
11. New random interactions with portraits (WIP, may be broken in pre-release)
12. Dark path continues up to our next minigame which is still WIP (sorry)
13. Memories were added for all girls
14. Changes to Daphne Bathwater event
15. Many quality of life improvements and additions
16. Fixed a multitude of bugs

Version 0.3.1f

1.Fixed display bug on layered images (this is what took the longest)
2.Made Ginny scene repeatable through summons
3.Enabled Influence for all things requiring stats
4.Updated tooltip for Influence, it will even hint when you use it for Ginny
5.Fixed other bugs, related to critical tracebacks
6.Time turner now works even when levels are capped
7.Ginny diary guesses now work in russian
8.Fixed many other bugs
9.Probably added a few more elsewhere.
Sorry for delay

Version 0.3f

Added new Ginny Quest line, with additional minigame, sexual scene (More will be added to the scene in 0.4a)
Converted the entire game internals to english as the native language, this will allow additional languages supported going forward and speed up development
Added peeking on all main girls.
Added additional main story progress on commissar positions with all 4 girls
Added a new mini-location (zoomed in office table), to allow new interactions with the girls
Redid every translation because we flipped the internal text.
Added many dependencies on stats
Adjusted stats to make the grind less-so (we hope)
Added additional easter-eggs with Ginny (you’ll have to look for them)
Added emotions in many places where they are missing (still have much more to go)
Fixed Ginny to not be broken if you lose the key, you can get to it in chapter 5
Updated the abilities buttons layout and issues with beta buttons
As noted above, Diary for Ginny is now decryptable, you will have to play her mini-game first
Added logic to corral player to the right path in chapter 5
Added additional riddle questions for Nola
Added chapter 5 objectives (YAY!)
Made it so you can buy pills from Snape, removing the hard limit set
Added hinting for most menus (it tells you what the level requirement on the stat is)
Fixed many many bugs
Probably added just as many new ones!

Changelog Version 0.3b:
Relationship bars for all main girls (WIP, they will not provide additional content or checks atm)
Added Paths and abilities, you get 1 investment point, per level increase of each stat (check your journal to use)
Updated stats for Marcus, they were negatively being impacted(unintended effect).
Updated the effect of the time turner to negatively impact relationships with the girls
Implemented the X-Ray ability, you can now see through the girls tops, use before summoning (only works on the main 4 girls atm, it will have multiple levels of use in the future)
Introduction of Chapter 5, you will now enter the corruption phase and relationships here.
Nola door blocker has multiple ways to unlock access to the castle through stats (intellect is the easiest way out level 2)
Created open world experience where the player can navigate through out the castle and go to different parts, depending on time of day
Introduction to grading papers to make money (Chapter 5)
Ability to shop markets via the brochure, certain items increase relationship, others are negative (Chapter 5)
Summon girls for swimsuit of your choice (Chapter 5, waifu is easiest, can be used with X-Ray)
Updated the Important notes, it was a day off for people skipping text
Corrected grammar, and translations further
Made Hermione’s minigame easier with the ability to give up
Updated Ginny path to be accessible from Chapter 5 as well, if not done in Chapter 4
Fixed waifu selection blocking Ginny
Added a lot of Sonya hinting for Daphne minigame
Fixed other bugs
Added bugs (See erata)

1. The system of inventory and use of items has been reworked. Now zones react to pointing objects on them. And the cabinet remembers the places to which we drag them.
2. The game has added a tutorigide which gives a hint of the necessary action for passing through the plot. Added and instructions for use in the first meeting with Sonya.
3. Updated the interface of the menu of communication with the characters and changed the order of some items. In general, there is an order there. We hope he will behave well.
4. Added a hole in the door and the opportunity to inspect the location behind it.
5. On the page of raising the level of Sony, a scale of progress by levels was added. According to it, you can estimate the moment of unlocking certain options.
6. From the zanachek a small event was pulled out, which awaits the player in the future with Susan. While you can enjoy it in its current form, in the final version it will crawl far forward.
7. Additional interactions with Hermione were added while she helps the phoenix. We recommend to look.
8. Replaced and rewritten part of the dialogue with Minerva and Snape.
9. Bug fixes, new bugs.
10. “I specifically left a bug for you to notice and correct us.”

1. Most importantly: we changed the designation of the game chronology. Henceforth, the first act is called "Prologue," and the second and third are united in a new first act, broken into chapters. At the same time, we decided not to produce an infinite number of acts, but to switch to a classical three-act structure: a string, a culmination, a denouement. And it's necessary to put the necessary amount of narrative into heads and their necessary number.
2. We have added special symbols for completing chapters and acts to make the process more specific.
3.Do not hurry to miss the prologue. We added some surprise there. Earlier we called it the "Overtime" system. Well, or just an opportunity for the hero to do what he would never have dared to do, do not know that all this is memories. At the same time, we can say that we finally decided on how we want to see the "scenes" in our game. We are waiting for feedback from you to know in which direction to develop this phenomenon
4. Ever since Minerva got prettier, it was not at all superfluous to add a little piquancy to where she had been asking herself. Try to look into the bedrooms with her now.
5.Who interested Elena Kogtevran, we advise you to try to pass a consultation through it. Then you can open something piquant with her.
6. There were added a few more miniatures to different locations. But this is an ordinary matter. Although one is the appearance of all the famous character. Who knows if he will become "more" in the future ...
7. Additional work was done to ensure that all thumbnails were displayed correctly and responded much better to changing positions. The more they will not "flicker" on the screen.
8. The changes have touched the interface. We changed the system windows and slightly improved ergonomics.
9. Work continues with music and sounds. Another array of this work was completed, but there is still something to work on.
10. The editorial staff of the Russian version of the prologue and the beginning of the first act (new) were conducted. The last chapter is still on the waiting list.
11.Prodolzhilas insertion of emotions. At the moment they are in the most important places of the fourth chapter, where it is necessary to regain not only conversation and silence.
12. The editorial staff of the English version was conducted. And it became really better!
13.The misunderstanding with the right click on the owl is solved. From now on (and until the next patch), money will be obtained by a simple left click. In the future, we will return to the game the training system, which because of other reasons for the time is almost not enough. Well, then the right clique will play in almost all interactions. And right click on the owl will open the menu of incoming letters.
14.Other small fixes, about which during this time we even forgot.

Completely redone the engine display and change the browser. From now on, they will not flicker when replaced.
Completed the next iteration of the insertion of emotions. At the moment, 2 acts have already been closed.
A lot of sounds are connected in different moments of the game.
Combined all the fixes of the previous version as well as the fact that the fixes are not horrible.

The game is back connected BORD. There were practically no changes, so that conflicts of current characters and information will arise.
Added an alternative branch of the passage of the BORD - altBORD.
Introduced an offshoot of the plot. The branch is called the "Council of Starosts".
The test possibility for girls (so far only for two) is connected to see the costumes of the branch "Consilium Starost".
The branch of opportunity to fly out the window is continued. In the process, you can meet a new character and update your broom.
Added calendar and schedule. All of them can be found on the screen of hours.
Added a weekly salary of 50 coins. Pay attention to the owl every Monday.
Added ability to skip the text by scrolling the wheel down
Added the ability to reread the nearest dialogue history by scrolling the wheel upwards
Updated curtain menu, added new items.
Added the ability to skip an hour by right-clicking on the clock.
Added setting for the new skip mode (hold for 2 sec) skipping to the nearest interaction screen.
Added setting for skipping the first two acts.
Added setting for return rollback.
Added setting for permanent access to the storage (Shift + S, Shift + L).
The window is now unlocked.
Fixed a bug that did not allow Hermione to return to the office to resurrect the phoenix.
Correction of less critical bugs of previous versions.
The emotions for the first act are connected.
The lost head of the mermaid is returned to the place.
Added additional sounds and music themes for different occasions.
A superficial editorial was carried out.
Finished work on the print and miniatures of Elena Kogtevran. Accordingly, the dialogues with it are rewritten.
The portrait is now a physical object in the study.
The game is updated to RenPy 6.99.14
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