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BreedersOfTheNephelym - Breeders Of The Nephelym [Version 0.661 Alpha] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Breeding, DerelictWulf, Furry, Big Dick, Outdor, Big Boobs, Wet Pussy, Hardcore Sex, Fantasy, Cumshot, All Sex
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.661 Alpha
Language of game: English
Language: English

Breeders of the Nephelym is an immersive, beautifully erotic 3D adventure game centered around catching and breeding the Nephelym, an enigmatic race of monster-human hybrids.

Changelog Version 0.661 Alpha:
This is the final testing build before the public build. Please test the shit out of this one, it’s extremely important that the next build be as stable as possible.
Phase 1 of the completely redesigned UI
Added: Filtering where appropriate
Added: Ability to change resolution and screen mode
Fixed: Various small things
Fixed: Wonky size pairs (report these as you find them, it’s common)
Added Presets Submitted by Patrons
Pikachu by Kitrin
Fredrica by Tequori
Dr. Autumn by Goldi
Santa’s Little Helper by Goldi
Husky Black-White by Goldi
Mrs. Husky by Goldi
Dragon Inverted Nipples by Libertus(Никита)
Thunder Dragon by Libertus(Никита)
Dark Forest by BlackLotus
Weiberheld by Goldi
Dark Elf by Takue

Changelog Version 0.6605 Alpha :
Hotfix: Tweaked Falene’s design based on feedback
Hoftix: Amber material issue
Added: Redesigned Falene, the last placeholder
Added: First sex scenes with Falene, you can finally do the purple thing
Added: Heart eyes
Fixed: Various small things
Fixed: Wonky size pairs (report these as you find them, it’s common)
Added Presets Submitted by Patrons

Release Notes: 0.659 Alpha
Added: Redesigned Camilla, now a proper blessed one
Added: First sex scenes with Camilla
Fixed: Futa underwear bulge
Fixed: Fluid shop bug when buying max amount
Fixed: Various small things
Fixed: Wonky size pairs (report these as you find them, it's common)
Added Presets Submitted by Patrons
Best Female Breeder and Pink Girl by StevenRN
Pink Skinnier Titan by StevenRN
Cherrybrown Foxmale by Goldi
Human Wulf by Goldi
Madonna by Goldi
Katy Perry by Goldi
Rihanna by Goldi
Die Gans by Goldi
Der Fuchs by Goldi
Wood Titan by Goldi

Release Notes: 0.655 Alpha
Added New Harpy Variant: Bat
Added: Same size scenes for Tiny x Tiny
Added: Gallery to Creator Build
Fixed: Renaming offspring
Fixed: Wonky size pairs (report these as you find them, it’s common)
Added Presets Submitted by Patrons

Release Notes: 0.654 Alpha
Added: Reverse Cowgirl sex position
Added Size Pair: Butterfly Large x Normal
Added Size Pair: Butterfly Normal x Large
Added Size Pair: Butterfly Huge x Normal
Added Size Pair: Cowgirl Normal x Large
Added Size Pair: Cowgirl Normal x Huge
Added Size Pair: Doggy Normal x Large
Added Size Pair: Doggy Large x Normal
Added Size Pair: Doggy Huge x Normal
Added Size Pair: Doggy Massive x Normal
Tweaked: Physics restored on breeder only for the time being
Tweaked: Futas no longer ejaculate on males in appropriate sex scenes
Added Presets Submitted by Patrons
Green Dragon by Tequori
Claire by Covert Operations
Vannae by Mordecai
Black Flower by Deluxe Penguin
Little Pink Vulpuss by Tequori
Tamara by Mordecai
Corrupted by Tequori
Tribal by Tequori

Release Notes: 0.653 Alpha
Added: Redesigned sex scene system
Added: Cowgirl sex position
Tweaked: Revamped doggy sex position
Tweaked: Revamped butterfly sex position
Tweaked: No longer need position selected for quick breeding
Tweaked: Male dragon size reduction, notorious balls removed
Added Presets Submitted by Patrons
Katarina by yewty
Mocha by DevilJHO
Crimson by Deluxe Penguin
Guivre by CallMeWombat
Sio by Kieve
Snow by Kieve
Leona by yewty
Autumn by Kieve
Starting off this cycle with some critical foundation work. The sex scene system has been rewritten and the old positions overhauled. While the number of phases has been cut, the scenes as a whole have much more oomph, not to mention fluid effects. Cowgirl has been added, the first new position in some time. This build is an important step, as I can now rapidly add sex scenes which was absolutely not possible before.

Changelog 0.651:
Added: Pregnancy system phase 1
Tweaked: Removed all physics until a better solution is found
Tweaked: Better status messages in breeding setup
Tweaked: Removed auto select from menus for stability
Fixed: Pubes for the breeder
Fixed: Missing tooltips for stats
Fixed: Butt/breast protrude
Fixed: F/Futa and M/F pairs could not produce certain sexes
Fixed: Camera alignment
Fixed: Fluid use when you had the exact amount required

Changelog 0.649:
Added: Harvest Scene System, Phase 1
Added: Semen and Milk harvest animations for nearly all Nephelym
Added: Fluid effect system
Added: Alraune ranch assistant
Fixed: Various small issues
Upgraded to latest engine version

Changelog 0.6481:
Fixed: Hay bale at wrong scale in some sex scenes
Fixed: Incorrect price values in UI
Fixed: Emissary sex camera too close to wall
Added: Ability to control camera at barns
New Size Pairs for the Sex Scenes

Doggy: Huge on Large
Doggy: Huge on Normal
Doggy: Large on Normal
Doggy: Normal on Massive
Doggy: Small on Normal
Butterfly: Normal on Large
Quality of Life Changes

Collapsing detail categories
Prices during item trade
Chart to show what mate sizes have scenes
Dialogue finishes first when clicking next
Finishing a breeding scene returns you to the setup

Added: Exotic demon male

Added: Blessed Nephelym System
Added: First basic sex scene with Emissary
Added: New animation pipeline to speed up creation
Fixed: Every existing animation
Fixed: Various crashes
Added: Exotic dragons, the winner of the recent poll
Fixed: Wonky physics and dicks
Added: Reworked NPCs to fit new lore
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