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VNorth - Second Happiness - Version 3.4 Update

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: ADV, 3DCG, Sleeping, Oral / Blowjob, Renpy
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS
Publication Type: InProgress
Tabletka: Not required
Version 3.4
Language of game: English
Interface language: English
Voice language: not available

IGG 18 years old, decides to try himself in the role of "main" in the house. This idea was visited by GG with the presentation of his new mother, who is most interested in him. GG is easily carried away by the guy and therefore under his insolent "charm" sometimes other female characters can also fall, but have not yet got ...

Changelog V 3.0
contains over 2000+ pictures ( pictures for animations inclusive)
120+ animations and 50+ hidden buttons.
1 mini-game (2 game modes)

Version 2.7

Completed gallery and in-game tips. But they can still be mistakes and inaccuracies.
Several animations from the “additional animations”series have been added to the game.
Saturday, the store “Bad girl”. 2 animations. To start, complete Stella’s quest from version 2.6.

Thursday, day, Park, bench . 1 animation, Jeanne. For start – Jeanne was already doing a Blowjob.

Changelog Version 2.5:
Julia 3 animation. Start in the Park, Wednesday. It is recommended to go the same way and in a failed way. End V 2.1 is required.
Event at Breakfast, Monday, kitchen. Only Lala’s branch has an ending. End V 2.2 is required.

Changelog Version 2.4:
Julia 3 animation. Start in the Park, Wednesday. It is recommended to go the same way and in a failed way. End V 2.1 is required.
Event at Breakfast, Monday, kitchen. Only Lala’s branch has an ending. End V 2.2 is required.

Ella and Jenny +4 animations.
Shantrell +1 animation.
(Start at a clothing store, in the evening or in the afternoon. Prepare a punch. (Requirements. The end of version 1.0 of Shantreli is access to the New Year event. Tris with Jenny and Ella on the beach, this is access to the alternative branch of the New Year.))

V 2.2
Lala and Laura +2 animations (Laura’s bedroom, night. End of V 2.1 is necessary and Laura should be fucked at night before this event.)
Moira +1 animation (House of Moira. End of V 1.6 is required.)

V 2.1

Shantrel 1 animation, (It is necessary to repeat the scene in the bathroom from version 1.5. Ending of the scene with the phone from version 1.7 is required. Ending with porn-TV is required. Ending of Lala version 1.8 is necessary)
Julia 2 animation. Now Julia can be met on Tuesday evening in the park, this is not a plot scene.
Julia - start from the house of Moira.

Changelog Version 2.0:
Brenda +4 animations (Start from UNM V 1.9Brend, Stephanie. Didn’t find UNM? Need to find =))

Changelog 1.8:
Lala + 4 animations, (bedroom, evening, Saturday)
Shantrel 1 animation, (morning, bedroom, Monday)

Changelog 1.7:
Shantrel + 2 animations, (kitchen, Breakfast)
non sex
Mina + 3 animations. (requires ending V 1.2 Mina’s) The intro is remade, for the connectivity of story to pass the moment of finding a bag with money.
Brenda: + 1 animation, (New year =) requires ending in the library

Maya + 4 animation. (Start in college. Requirements: sex with Maya on the beach, ending version 0.9 for Chantreli.)
Laura +2 animation (Wednesday morning.) For the ending you need a masturbation in the park.
Julia +1 animation.

V 1.5
Shantrel: + 1 animation (evening bathroom)
Liza 2 animations (with voice) (start: morning-> buy cake-> ask pantie off)
Julia 4 animations (Now the game contains the best yoga)

V 1.4
New Year's branch of Laura "A difficult situation"
Requirements: End-Jeanne, END - Stella, fuck Laura at night.
Jeanne +3 animation (2 with voice)
Stella +1 animation (with voice)
Laura +1 animation (with voice)
1 dance.
Slightly changed intro + animation and 1 animation is redone (some images are also redone).

V 1.3
Shantrel: + 4 animation / sex (morning cleaning, 1 animation specific is the 2 nd version of the puma hunting).
Stephanie 1 animation.
Lala Tuesday-evening sketch with a new hair.

V 1.2
Shantrel: + 2 animation / sex (kitchen, Cristmas event)
1 funny animation for bad ending.
Poster with Shantrel not ready!!! alpha version!!!
Laura +1 animation / sex
Mina 2 animation (2 viewpoints) / sex
Several hidden buttons.

3 animations, (morning, bedroom)
2 animations, (night, bedroom)
Several hidden buttons.
2 animation, (start from college, you need 40+ studies and an open secret place.)

Shantrel: 1 scene rework. (morning, bedroom, V 0.9 starts with this scene).
2 situations extended and up .
Final in the bathroom.
2 animations. Several hidden buttons.
Brenda: secret place.
Event is probably difficult but the save-load is working.
1 animations. Several hidden buttons.

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