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Breeder's Haven Version 1.5 by whiskeyrose

Breeder's Haven Version 1.5 by whiskeyrose

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Due to a cataclysmic virus event, 99% of males have been eradicated from the earth with females remaining untouched (How convenient!) . The world now stabilized, uses the Haven System in order to repopulate the world. A Haven is a region that is governed by a male known as a Haven Administrator (That's you!). Its the Haven administrator's responsibility to screen applicants for his haven, impregnate said applicants, and then manage the upgrades and choices regarding the haven. Each applicant brings specific skills to the table, but you can only accept a limited number of applicants, so choose wisely. The more improved an area of your Haven, the more qualified applicants will approach to join your haven.

You have 16 turns (4 real years) to manage your haven before you're reassigned to a new haven to start all over (New Game +). You will receive starting bonuses to your next play through based on your performance. So while most upgrades and applicants will be out of reach the first couple playthroughs, keep at it!

- Added 14 new girls to the roster. 2 starters, 4 rank 1s, 4 rank 2s, and 4 rank 4's. I'm going to be using the rank 4's for random events, but for now they're just normally in game.
- The order of tech points in all menus is now uniform Sci - Eco - Cul - Rec. Should make us OCD folks feel a bit better
- When hovering over a resident's link, their image will now hover by your mouse. Should make identifying who's who a lot easier without having to jump between menus
- The end of turn window is simplified, giving a summary of which points you lost from residents going on maternity leave, and which points you gained from residents going off maternity leave.
- The endgame rewards has been replaced by an achievements system. Currently only basic achievements are in place, but each achivement grants 2 points to be used for bonuses on the next play-through. Most are easy enough to get, but it makes the new game + rewards a bit more of a challenge rather than just sleepwalking through the game a few times to get max stats.
- Having casual sex with a non-pregnant resident will now increase their primary tech point generation, rather than the haven as a whole. This means you lose their bonus when they go on maternity leave. I hope this gives more difficult choices when it comes to impregnating vs casual sex.
- Every girl now has random stats, with higher tier girls having a better chance for higher starting stats, but still the possibility of having bad stats. (IE: a rank 4 science resident can have anywhere from 1-7 science points, whereas a starter can have 1-2 starting science stats. Both could possibly start with 1 science. Unclear if this will make gameplay dynamic, or annoying, or be meaningless.
-Each resident's monetary reward is now random based on rank, with higher ranked girls earning you more. The original reward values were arbitrarially assigned by me at first, so I figured why not let RNG do it anyway. Each resident's stats and reward reset each play through.
- Higher ranked girls will increase their primary stat through casual sex in larger leaps than lower ranked. IE: a level 1 science girl will increase science by 1 per casual sex, whereas a rank 3 science resident will increase by 3 each time.
- Removed the back button arrow, so you can't just go back and redo casual sex until you get the result you want.

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