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Friends in Need – New Chapter 3.4 [NeonGhosts]

Date: 06.11.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.34
Censored: No

Extract and run.

Taboo Content Patch:
Patch Instruction:
“Step 1. Move “patch.rpy” into “game” folder.
Step 2. Allow “patch.rpy” to overwrite the existing file of the same name.
Please note that this patch can be used on any version of the game, from v. 0.15 forward.
Info: Friends in Need sees you stepping into the role of a man who made a very bad financial decision, which nearly resulted in your ruin. Years later, the reverberations of that decision echo once more through your life, suddenly enriching you beyond your wildest imaginings. When your best friend and long-time crush comes to you for help with her own financial misfortune, you realize that with nearly unlimited resources, you can be a force for good – or evil.
69 total images for the Halloween Special.
Added reactive dialogue to the Halloween special, changing Guy’s dialogue based on his relationship to the girls.
Added 9 new images, creating a new event in Chapter Two.
Added 1 new image in Nicki’s Chapter Three lingerie scene, replacing an old piece of art.
Corrected various coding errors and typos.
Corrected a broken image in Gabby’s boutique scene.

Friends in Need – New Chapter 3.4 [NeonGhosts]

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