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Crazy Forge Studio - World After War New Version 0.76

Language: English
New Version 0.76
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

You take control of Jack, who wakes up in an unknown place inside a lab with a chamber. You don’t know what happened before to be in a place like this so you explore the place.

New Content:
– Small progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.
Minor changes:
– You can now manage the equipment of the squad members.

New Content:
– The Cat pill becomes available to give to Ai.
– Small progress on the “Good Girls” quest.
– New futa on male option when you invite Ai and Ashley to watch a movie with you.
Minor changes:
-Fix, canceling the Anal option during the movie with Ai and Ashley now returns you to the beginning of the options correctly.

New Content:
– Progress on “The Dead World” quest
– Small progress on “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.

New Content:
– Start of the quest: My Bro. [NTR/Avoidable]
– Start of the quest: Good Girls. [NTR – Futa on Female]
– Start of the quest: Pain and Pleasure. [Futa on Male]
Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue that could make it impossible for squad members to attack during combat.
-Fixed an issue that could occur in some missions if one of the girls is assigned in the squad.

New Content:
-The start of 2 new quests with Sakura.
Minor changes:
-Minor UI changes in the resource transfer part.

New Content:
-Progress on “The Dead World” quest.
-One new option with Samantha Cat.
-07 new pictures in the Gallery.

New Content:
-Small progress on “The Dead World” quest.
-New quest “Crystanium Plates”.
Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue with the requirement to start the quest “The Allure of the Pussy”.
-Fixed an issue that entering the room before going to “Santa Rosa, New Mexico” in the search “The Dead World” would skip this whole scene.
-Fixed an issue with the saving of some quest information with one of the girls being in the squad.
-Using Glock and hunting knives in combat now has sound effects.
-Ui in combat shows how much AP the primary and secondary weapon requires.
-Mc now starts the combat with the correct amount of Action Points regardless of name and recovers AP on each player turn.
-8 pictures of Samantha talking in the bedroom were redone.
-Solar panels are upgradable to level 8.

v 0.61
New content:
-Conclusion of: “Houston Desalination Plant” Quest.
-Conclusion of: “Houston Greenhouse” Quest.
-Conclusion of: “Rude Girl” quest. [Futa on female path]
-Progress on the “The Dead World” quest.
-Progress on the “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.
-Progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.

v 0.57
New content:
-Small progress on the quest: The Price of Freedom.
-Start of the quest: Who’s The Boss. [If you do not pay the taxes to Tony].
-Start of the quest: Mr. Blue eyes.
Minor changes:
-Ui correctly shows the amount of taxes payable to Tony if you have fewer resources than taxes.

v 0.56
New Content:
– Quest progress: The lawyer.
– 02 new options during the movie with Ai and Ashley.
Minor changes:
– Added forward and back buttons when looking at photos from the gallery.
This game needs to be on a hard drive location that does not need admin authorization to be able to read or save files and will not work right if the game folder is on the “Desktop” or inside the “Users” folder for example.

New content:
– Peek Angelica and Alexis in the showers.
– The beginning of a new mission: The Price of Freedom.
– The beginning and some progress of a new mission: Rude Girl.
– 58 New Jpg files.
– 04 New mp4 files.
Known Issue:
– Combat works only if the MC has the name “Jack”.

New content:
-Combat v 0.1.
-22 jpg files Gnome MC in the gallery.
-02 mp4 files.
Known Issue:
– Combat works only if the MC has the name “Jack”.

v0.48 public
New content:
– A new complete quest
– A new option in the pool.
– 17 new hot photos of Male on Futa in the gallery.
– 03 new hot photos of Ashley in the gallery

v0.47.1 Public
New content:
– Progress in the quest – Sisters of war.
– Talk with Carol to start a new quest.
– Progress in the quest – The Lawyer.
Minor Changes:
– Fallen Angels quest no longer prevents City of Altus quest to start.
– Fixed the UI, in the scene with Ai in the Bedroom.
– Assign Roles is now saving and loading correctly.
– The scenes with the girls waking up from the chambers will no longer be repeated in some cases.

New content:
– A complete new quest.
– Michelle content.
– Futa on Male content.

New content:
– A complete new quest.
– The beginning of a new quest.

– Rest with Jennifer in the Living room.
– Progress on the Mystery Of The Cookie Eater quest.
– 03 new photos in the gallery.

– 1 New option in the Bathroom with Mary.
– Visit Samantha when she is resting in the Living Room.
– Small Progress in the quest Natural Selection.

Changelog: 0.41
New content:
– New content with Michelle in the bathroom.
– New content with Futa pill with Michelle.
– 06 new Hot photos with Michelle in the Gallery.
Minor changes:
– Some old photos with Michelle were replaced.
– Fix, Button to leave the bathroom with Kassandra taking shower was not working.
– Fix, Giving the Big Tits pill to Samantha with Jennifer’s assistance was not leaving the scene properly in the end.

Version 0.25.3

-A small progress with Sakura, Meilin, and Hela.
-A small progress with Sarah and Megan.
- A small progress with Michelle.
-2 more actions in the bedroom with Ai Futa.
-1 more action in the bedroom with Jennifer Futa.
-Ai Bathroom Scene rework.
-Boring movie option with Suzy, Ashley, Carol, and Kassandra.
Minor Changes:
-Fix, girls in the squad were not activating scenes at the shelter locations.
-Special boxes for doors on the B floor, "Zip boxes", are clickable.
-An unused container for all doors has been disabled.
-The chambers have an ID and show the correct name of the MC.
- 200 is the maximum of relationship points.
- New Hero UI and Ai Icon.
- Photos of the scene after the horror movie with Ai were replaced.
-Fixed some grammatical errors from the first day.
-Fixed, air filter button at the Gym, showing without the quest has been started.
-Fixed, A scene that begins: a new mission "Natural selection", was being triggered before the right time.
-Fixed, Members in the squad that is assigned to clean, are not following the last work routine(rest) when the shelter it's fully clean.
-Fixed, the completed tasks were appearing behind the 2 new "enter the shelter" buttons.

Changelog v0.16.1
New content:
-More content on The Survivors Quest.
-1 Big breast serum scene in the Bio lab with Samantha.
Minor Changes:
-Added 5 themes for the game.
-Some polish on the UI.
-Fixed 2 buttons in the Samanta bio lab Scene.
-Fixed a button for The Survivors mission appearing at the wrong time.
-Save System Fix, The game wasn't storing the UI correctly after the end of some scenes and when you invite a girl to your room.

-Gym Door working properly,
-Fixed sleep button of the end of the first day.

-Replicator and Greenhouse fixed.

Changelog Version: 0.4
New features:
- Added World Map
- Added Craft System
- Added Research System
- Added Build System
- Added Resources production.
- Added Sleep to end Day, calculate resources spent.
- Added Summary showing food, water, energy and morale, gains and spends.
- Added Squad Management. deposit and withdraw squad resources.
- Added Rules, set how much each member will use of water and food per day.
- Added Work Schedule, assign what each member will do in each hour of the day.

New content:
- Added Animation of Mary, Jennifer, Samantha and Michelle inside chambers.
- 1 Short Quest.
- Scene of each girl when them waken of they chambers.
- Scene of each girl after waken.
- Scene of each girl in bathroom.

Crazy Forge Studio - World After War New Version 0.76

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