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Doujin Circle Gyu! - ナイツオブメサイアIF ~囚われの亜空間城~

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World ahead of the war, 1 year after the Battle of the Knights of Messiah.Selis and Alicia get married.
however, alicia, the wife of the hero ceris and the princess knight, and maya, the fighter who is his sister
He is abducted and kidnapped by Prince Ritz of the Kingdom of Windsor.alicia and maya were waiting for the Ritz meat urinal collection
It was a great experience.Princess Alicia and Maya in the harem room of the enemy general are to be called by the number as one of the meat urinals of his collection・・・

The Battle of the Knights of Messiah is the name of the war in which the main characters' country "Mauduna" fought against each country of the Empire.
The war is over 1 year after the world.


■ Basic CG36 sheets.More than 400 diffs!

It is a story in which Alicia and Maya, the heroine of the game, are kidnapped by Prince Ritz of the Kingdom of Windsor.
Seris, Madou General Rini, and Tool Shop Riku are on their way to rescue Alicia and Maya.The Kingdom of Windsor is in subspace.
In order to find the Kingdom of Windsor in the subspace, Celis and his team explore a "magic stone" called a gem stone.

★ Play contents "devil, prostitution, customs, harlem, pregnancy, childbirth many, multiple play many, sex slaves, nibble fuck" etc.

● It is a crispy story.You can also play for the first time.
■ "CG browsing / recollection mode" complete


★ It is as shown in the introduction image as a sale, but we use the effect and cross-sectional view that sways so that the image is powerful in each scene.It is a game that can only be viewed through a crystal ball, just the main characters that important women abducted are treated as a collection of sex slaves.

(1) There are very many "squirting, pissing, giving birth".

(2) As a trend, there are many situations such as being exposed in front of the populace and being given birth to the populace in a certain town.

(3) As a pussy collection to the general of the enemy, it is called by the number with meat urinal No. 85 (Alicia) and meat urinal No. 86 (Maya)、
They are allowed to exist only to satisfy the meat stick of the enemy General Ritz.If you resist or run away, your concubine will be executed immediately.
So the hero Selis and the others can not be rescued poorly, and his wife Alicia and sister Maya are treated as a collection of enemy generals
You just have to keep watching.

・・- If you ask so far, you may think that it is a rather depressing game、
This game is relatively, please rest assured those who are wary of depression because it is somewhat bright atmosphere.


"Play without stress".You can watch porn right away!Crispy story!This is the game.For those who want to enjoy eroticism easily
I made it.You can play easily and quickly without taking your precious time.
It is a handy game, but the illustrations were drawn eagerly.

You can choose the difficulty level, but originally the difficulty level is very gentle.There is nothing to do with it.You can see erotic without worrying.
■ Since it is complete with CG viewing / recollection mode, you can see carefully after play.

no stress!Crispy story!You can watch porn right away!・・- How is it?
I think that it is content that you can enjoy even if you do not play the previous work.


※ There is no battle erotic in the battle screen in this game.
(It seems that there are people who are misunderstood as ... even though I thought it was a masterpiece, this game is a simple stress-free
It is a game.It is not a masterpiece, but there is confidence in the illustration.
Please judge by trial version and sample image.We will do our best to help you.)


We hope you enjoy it.

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