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Zem - Paccsu [Version 0.14] (2018) (Eng) [RPGM] Update

Year of release: 2018
Genre: Female protagonist, shortstack, big breasts, anal, animated, monsters, rape
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version 0.14
Game language: English
Interface Language: English

"Paccsu - Namu's Journey is a LEWD RPG game set in a fantasy world called Paccsu. You take control of a Muh'kean girl called Namu, who was taken away from her birth parents at a young age to be a part of a holy ritual in Muh'kea'sdesperate attempt to fight The Undying King, the King of Zombies. She was taken to Kingdom of Ruo'ho by a human refugee couple to live by the shadow of the mystical Tukeva Tower, where she would live her life, train and grow strong. 18 years later, Namu is ready for the adventure with the help of her adoptive parents. Namu has no idea what happened in her past or has any memory of it or what kind of power she holds inside her. Soon, Namu finds herself in the middle of a crisis that threatens the whole world. Namu's journey begins when she is sent to investigate the mines where dangerous and bootylicious snakes from the Clan Tiss'i have been attacking the innocent human workers. It's Namu's job to save the world."​

Version 0.14

New Areas:
Hall of Fallen Heroes/Burial Site
- Someone is tampering with the Seals of Ruo'ho and Namu is sent to this ancient burial site
called Hall of Fallen Heroes by her Dad to investigate.
Someone is disturbing the sleep of the dead, so the halls are filled with ghosts!
Guardians of Light Temple
- Voice of Light Orb is guarded here by the Orb Guardian
Mount Tapett'ava
- Gateway for the Undying King

New Enemies (Hall of Fallen Heroes, Mount Tapett'ava)
- Homicidal Soul
- Undead Priestess (Boss)
- The Undying King (Boss)
All the enemies have new and exciting loot to drop

New Lewd Scenes
- Maht'ava (Final Form, Boss)
Huge Anal Tentacle (Animated)
- Ghosts/Disturbed Souls (Hall of Fallen Heroes/Burial Site)
Namu Futa Ghost Blowjob (Animated)

- Made some adjustments to skills/powers/stats
- BewbTek Facility, Imprisoned in Ooze are now part of the main storyline and need to be completed
to continue the story.
- Kiva receives a new power at lvl 23 called Slimopolooza. (All Allies recover 15 Hp and MP, also 15TP)

Bug Fix:
- Removed the message in the throne room that said "here ends 0.12 version" lmfao

Saves Included:
- Slot 5 (Mainio after completing the Ooze mission)
- Slot 6 (The Undying King Battle)

Changelog Version 0.12
Mainio Sewers (Main Mission)
- Some remnants of the invasion are still lurking in the sewers. People have seen weird slugs and they seem to be multiplying. Namu is sent to investigate.
New Enemies in Mainio Sewers:
Tentacle Mother (Boss)
BewbTek Facility (Side Mission, optional)
- This long abandoned facility located in Kulma'la is filled with amazing machinery and artifacts. Professor Humbledorf hires Namu to fetch a valuable artifact. This mission is available in Mainio (new Mainio Notice Board) after you have defeated Maht'ava.
New Enemies in BewbTek Facility:
BewbTek Guardbot
BewbTek Turret
BewbTek Goliath 69
New Lewd Scenes:
Mainio Auction
- The Clown Auctioneer is in Mainio and Namu gets a chance to buy some amazing items! (just kidding) Namu gets touched in the butt and also blasted inside her butt. (Hotdoggin + Doggystyle vaginal, animated). This scene is available after you've defeated Maht'ava.
Mainio Sewers, Mouthslug
- Mouthslug will spread a weird chemical in the air which makes Namu's boobs grow! These slugs will then attach themselves onto Namu and suck her breasts dry. (Breast Expansion, Milking)
BewbTek Facility, Robots (Guardbot, Goliath)
- These robots will use their robotic extensions to give Namu a hard time. (Anal, Deep penetration, Huge Penetration, animated)
Guardbot Scene
Goliath Scene (Boss)
Temple of Kulma, Snowskull Moth Babby
- These baby moths now have a chance to knock Namu down and shoot spikes into her butt and vajajay. Baby moths can also penetrate Namu with their spikes! (Anal penetration)
Made some of the lewd scenes longer (Will lengthen the rest of the scenes in the next version)
Namu and Kiva will now preserve their TP from battle to another (no longer randomized TP)
Kiva gets a new set of equipment once you complete the Sewer mission!
Adjusted Kiva's stats a bit (buffed defense, agility a tiny bit)
Added some tutorials in some maps to make it easier to navigate and understand the game and its mechanics
Plenty of new gear n loot added (Check the shops after the invasion!)
After the Invasion; Lehava Skinny-Tail now has her own shop in South Mainio with powerful items for sale.
Mainio Notice Board
Saves Included:
Slot 5 (BewbTek Facility)
Slot 6 (Right after Invasion, defeat of Maht'ava)

Changelog Version 0.10
New Lewd Scenes:
Kiva Vine Tentacle Anal animated scene (Tiss'i Vine, Snake Shaman - Mainio Excavation Site)
Kiva Vine Tentacle Titjob animated scene (Tiss'i Vine, Snake Shaman - Mainio Excavation Site)
Namu Anal animated scene (Hulking Zombie - Deadlands/Ancient Underground City)
Gallery Unlock Button
This button will unlock ALL THE SCENES in the gallery (Namu's Memory Room).
Performance Issues, framerate drops, lag
I have installed a new plugin which should help you if you are experiencing framerate drops in the game, just go to the options and turn Synch Monitor FPS ON! It is off by default.
- Namu's passive skills are now Instant cast and will not lose your turn (Heightened Reflexes, Dragon's Claw, etc. (Excluding Concentration).
- Added a skip scene- option for the lewd scenes (You still need to witness the scene once, then it will ask you if you want to skip the scene).
- Many little changes to the numbers
- Added a new attack for Key Keeper "Slasher"
- Kiva gets a new power at level 16 called Massive Slime Bomb
- Namu gets a new power at level 17 called Precise Swing (Better version of Reckless Swing). Namu also gets new powers at level 20 (Freezing Slash) and 21 (Lightning Reflexes)
- Save included (Slot 5)
Bug fixes
- Namu will no longer dodge her own buffs lol
- Examining the billboards in Kaupun'ki will no longer turn your screen permanently black
- Key Keeper "Slasher" won't ignore the Lewd Immunity anymore

Changelog Version: v.0.09
New lewd scenes:
Snakes (2 scenes):
Snake Spear Warrior and Snake Spear Guard (normal and elite versions) have two new tongue scenes (Anal tongue/Rimming and Pussy penetration with tongue). Tongue and head animated.
Ghosts (1 scene): Animated scene
Busty Ghost and Busty Ghost Sister (Pelotta'va Mansion) have a chance to curse Namu and make her grow a ding dong, which they will take advantage of. The ghost will give Namu a full release and the curse will be broken. (Namu's ding dong is not a permanent thing, this will only happen in battle)
Namu, for some reason, decides to work in the Bar Short & Stacked again. This time she'll be serving drinks, but she doesn't realize that she is on the menu aswell. Some mysterious fellow in purple casts some sort of spell to turn all the men of the bar in sex crazed maniacs. This scene is available after you are done with the first scene and slept at the Inn, next to the bar.
-Mainio Mastermind/Perverts in Mainio
There is an evil mastermind in Mainio, using treasure chests as decoys. Namu is hoping to find loot in these boxes, but gets something different instead.
-A lot of perverts in the streets of Mainio, so Namu should watch out for em hands trying to grab some of Namu's goodies.
Currently there are 3 of these perverts in the street of Mainio. They come out of the woodwork after you are done with the Excavation Site and talked with -the Emperor.
- There is an item placed in your inventory under "Quest Items" (Formerly "key items") that you can use to check your progress if you get lost or don't remember what to do.
- Defeating the dungeon boss(Or just finishing the dungeon) unlocks all the lewd scenes in Namu's Memory Room (example; Defeating Rumpus unlocks snake tentacle and the rimming & tongue penetration scenes)
- Vines in the Excavation Site should no longer get you stuck in the walls

This is kind of a small update, but includes a few things that make your journey a bit easier. I've spent a lot of time planning for the future, so expect the next update to be bigger.

1. New monster:

- Hulking Zombie (Deadlands, Ancient Underground City)

This huge zombie comes up with 1 new lewd animation(Standing doggystyle, vaginal)

2. New Bar in town: Short & Stacked.

- This new bar in Kaupun'ki, next to the Inn, comes with 1 new scene of public butt touching

3. Magic Shoppe, Orb Specialist:

- There is now an Orb Specialist inside the Magic Shoppe, where you can use your old and unwanted Orbs to learn their magic! For a small fee, of course. You can use this person to learn spells from the Orbs without wearing the Orb, but this will destroy the Orb in the process.

4. Lewd Immunity Spell:

- You can use this magic spell to prevent from any lewd stuff happen to Namu. You can remove the Lewd Immunity with the "Remove Lewd Immunity" spell, that you automatically obtain if you are using the Immunity.

5. Lewd Enemies:

- Those enemies who want to have their way with Namu will have a speechbubble with a heart over their heads when they approach Namu. Enemies that don't have anything lewd will just have the regular Exclamation Mark.

6. New Items:

- Scholar's Orb (Magic Shoppe) with a new power called Light Blast (Deals Light Damage)

- Templar's Orb (Magic Shoppe) with a new power called Light Wave (Deals Light Damage)

7. Bug Fixing:

- Hurricane Orb now actually gives you powers lol

8. Misc:

- Zombie Enemies take 30% more damage from Light Attacks (new) and 20% more from Fire Attacks (from 10% to 20%)

- Animations added to Goo Goo and Nature's Call. (Swords dropped from Slimes)

- Slimes and Zombies have a slightly higher chance to drop loot now

9. known buggy things:

-Key Keeper "Slasher" ignores your lewd immunity for the initial attack. After the first animation plays, the immunity works.

-After applying Lewd Immunity, you still have access to it. It does nothing unless you remove the lewd immunity with Remove Lewd Immunity spell.
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