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SUPER_ALEX - Lucky Mark [Version 17] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Unity, Classic, Blowjob, Anal, Lesbian, Group Sex (MMF, FFM), Hardcore, Bondage, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Submission Domination, POV, Roleplay
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 17
Language of game: / English
Language: / English
Language of voice: / English

this is a sandbox game in which you will play as a young programmer. You are moving to the house of your boss.

In the game you are left to yourself. Change of time of day. 10 levels of relationship with each character + negative level. In each level there are new dialogues and different possibilities. You have a choice with how to develop relationships and how. Russian and English languages.

Version 17

1. Scene with Annie
2. Scene with Christina and Katerina
3. Minor bug fixed

1. Scene Christina and Elena on the balcony
2. Scene with Christina in the MC room
3. Addition the scene with Anya
4. Addition the scene with Elena after the party
5. Addition the scene with Elena in the SPA

Text: 38,000 Characters
Images: 158 (without animations)
Animations: 27 (536 images)

· Add Elena scene
· Fixed minor bugs

Add 5 endings at the some events (Christina)
Scene with Christina
Scene with Christina and Jessica
Scene with Mia
Scene with Zari (at the date)
Fixed minor bugs
Text: 45,000 Characters
Images: 105 (without animations)
Animations: 26 (188 images)

1. Fixed Zari Symphaty bug.
2. Fixed Jessica Sympathy bug.
3. Fixed missed Keys from Zari (garage)
4. Fixed Elena reward in boss bath
5. Many minor bugs
6. You can take Car Keys without Date with Zari (after first date)
This update works only on v13.2 version.

“Bug fixed. Links updated
Fixed Zari Symphaty bug.
Fixed Jessica Sympathy bug”.
Means, again download..

1. Date with Zari 2. First Blow Christina 3. Meeting with a friend of Christina 4. Added 4 animations with Elena in the bath (which did not have time to finish in the previous version) 5. Fixed minor bugs
Text: 96,000 Characters
Images: 319 (without animations)
Animations: 27 (210 images)
CheatEnergy, hunger, neatness, fitness, and style will stay at 100.
Lust score does not matter anymore, if the event has been triggered you can do it, tested down to -99.
All peek events, with the exception of the massage room ( masseur and wife always catch me 2nd time ) and husband and wife in their bathroom Monday night and in the bedroom right after ( always get caught the second time ) , should no longer fail. Luck score just has to be greater than 1 for peek event success. Some events may be hard coded by the dev for failure no matter what your stats are.
Doing homework for daughter, work for boss, and hacking work from boss a lot faster, the hardest task for daughter can be done in one 6 hour block, hardest work for boss and hacking work from boss can be done in one 4 hour block. Or if you so choose all levels of homework from daughter and work from boss can be completed instantly by clicking on the two hour block.
Like the original mod go to the office of the main character, click on the computer, click on ViewTube, and take the Hacker’s Path course to max out all other stats
By using the mod and taking the Hacker’s Path course all the stats for the characters will be maxed out allowing for a quicker playthrough. If you would like a slower playthrough (closer to how the original game is played ) you can use the mod, but do not take the Hacker’s Path course.
If you want a slower playthrough:
Create a save after the introduction is over
Go into the Lucky Mark ALPHA 13.0\Lucky Mark ALPHA 13.0 WIN_Data\StreamingAssets\Save folder to find the game save file
Edit the save file with Notepad, Notepad++, or similar, then look for these values:
​* 19999 – enter in however much money you want​
* 100 – enter 100 here.​
4. Save the edited file and reload the game save.​
​This give you money to start out with, and will give you the hacking skill without having to take Hacker’s Path course, which should not affect game play at all. Mod

1. Event Annie (her bedroom)
2. Event Annie (hero’s bedroom)
3. Annie’s schedule has changed with her start of work (linked to the plot)
4. Animation with Christina
5. Added several scenes with Elena
6. The SAVE folder is moved to the AssetsLoader folder and is created by itself if it is absent (now there are no problems with hanging on the sixth day)
7. Fixed the problem with saving on the MAC version (the folder with the save will be created after sleep)
8. Separate volume level for background music, separate for Event music.
9. Fixed a problem in imagination 2 and 3, now they can be watched to the end.
10. Fixed minor bugs

1. Improved game optimization (more about this separately above).
2. A small continuation of the storyline.
3. Improved Annie’s schedule and added 1 event for her + the ability to chat and give gifts. (this is not the final version of the schedule, it will be improved)
4. Scene trip to the companion Bill.
5. Scene with Elena in the shower.
6. Added animations in the Breakfast with Helen event.
7. Returned the quality of images that had to be cut in previous versions due to technical problems. (problems solved)
8. Added a separate button HELP in the game menu, which describes some game mechanics (at the request of the players).
9. Removed the parameters STYLE and MOOD. Their role in communication, quality of work, sympathy of characters (as a result of voting) was also removed.
10. Changed events in which actions in INTRO led to the end of the game and the need to restart. Now everything is more loyal (at the request of the players).
11. Corrected the translation of several events (I will gradually make changes).
12. Fixed minor bugs.
Text: 30,000 Characters
Images: 71
Animations: 36

Changelog Version 9.0:
1. The scene with Christina’s homework is continued.
2. The scene of Bill and Elena in the pool is completed.
3. Added a new location.
4. Added a secondary hero.
5. Fixed minor flaws.

Changelog Version 8.0.1
1. The scene with Christina in the shower is finished.
2. The scene with Elena in the evening in the hall is finished.
3. Added porn videos on the computer and I increased the mood for this action.
4. Added the ability to watch fashion TV to increase the style attribute.
5. Fixed minor flaws.

ChangeLog 8.0::
1. Added the opportunity to contact with Christina in the kitchen at night.
2. Added the opportunity to contact with Elena in the hall at night.
3. Added the opportunity to contact Annie and the gallery of pictures in the phone.
4. Continued scene with Christina in her bath.
5. Fixed minor defects.

ChangeLog 7.0::
1. Added the opportunity to contact with Christina in the kitchen at night.
2. Added the opportunity to contact with Elena in the hall at night.
3. Added the opportunity to contact Annie and the gallery of pictures in the phone.
4. Continued scene with Christina in her bath.
5. Fixed minor defects.

1- Make a save file.
2- Open the save file e.g: Save01.lm with Notepad (Notepad++ is better)
3- Edit the values you want to change (They’re all in plain English)
4- Save and load the file.

Changelog 6.0
1. Added a scene in the spa with a massage therapist
= event day WED / call him (press T on keyboard for phone *yeah this is sarcasm*, call Masseur) / 14:00 massage Elena, talk about replace masseur, she will tell “next time” / 15:00 go to massage room / left swirl put $500 / enjoy
2. Added a scene in the spa with the hero.
= continue from above / the next week, again tell Elena to replace masseur / 15:00 massage room / must have Tan Oil / enjoy
3. Added a scene from Zari in the kitchen.
= everyday 9:00 / talk to Zari / imagine / enjoy
4. Added a scene with Elena and Christina on the balcony.
= event day SAT 14:00 / continuation from SUNBUTH FOR TWO / enjoy *p/s: for me, it triggered at the 2nd time when talk with the pair
5. Added a scene with Christina in the hall.
= event day SAT 1:00 / continuation from LOOK AND REPEAT / talk to Christina / thought about the movie / next week same time talk to Christine / practice it / enjoy *p/s: for me, it triggered after i repeat the whole LOOK AND REPEAT process, then wait her on the pool or better yet, edit savefile 1

Changelog 5.1
1. Reduced energy costs for training in the gym (the pyramid is preserved, than higher the physical preparation, the less energy is spent).
2. Added the dependence of the speed of work from the level of programming (than higher the skill, the faster the work is done).
3. Added the dependence of the rate of writing coursework from the level of education (the higher the skill, the faster the work is done).
4. If you work or write a coursework your programming and education skills will add.
5. Fixed a bug where you could not start an event with Cristina in the movie.
6. Fixed a bug where if you start to play anew, you could not start the event with Christina’s help from the coursework.

Changelog 5.0
1. Added endings to spying girls (one image each).
2. Event with the help of Christina with the coursework is completed.
3. Event with Elena in the kitchen is completed.
4. Reduced the mood penalty if hero catched for spying and Increased the mood for success.
5. Increased mood and purity from washing and taking a shower.
6. Increased mood from breakfast.
7. Fixed a bug when game freeze on the fourth day in the intro.
8. Fixed minor flaws.

СhangeLog 4.0:
1. Interactive with Elena in the cinema.
2. Interactive with Christina in the bedroom.
3. Added ending in the scene with Elena on the balcony.
4. Several scenes with Christina in the cinema.

ChangeLog 3.1
Sorry for this mistake but now all problems with LOAD OLD SAVES are FIXED!

Changelog 3.0
1. You can buy gifts now.
2. Fixed blurriness of images when Elena is going to bed.
3. Fixed blurriness of images Elena in the kitchen.
4. Added clarifications on some attributes.
5. Changed the navigation in the game.
6. Fixed minor flaws.
7. Then higher fitness parameter, then less energy you spend per training session now.
8. Reduced the price for video courses by 2 times.
9. Interactive with Christina in the gym.
10. Interactive with Christina at the bar.
11. Interactive with Christina coursework.

Changelog 2.1
1. Combined INTRO and sandbox in one assembly.
2. Optimized the cost of resources for the game.
3. Fixed the change of music when leaving the cinema.
4. Replaced the images in the event with the daughter in the bath.
5. Fixed minor flaws in INTRO.

Change Log Alfa1.1
Updated the distribution:
1. Fixed logical errors when navigating in the boss's bath.
2. The possibility of switching to an event with Christina through dialogue with Elena is excluded.

Release Alfa1.0
I promised to upload the game on the 1st and I will do it. More precisely, I will do it right now. I don't see the point of pulling until tomorrow. I'm anyway will not have enough time to do what was planned. I warn you right away, the game is not ready yet and if it was my will, I would not have laid out such a raw product yet, but my conscience tells me that you have able to look at what I'm working on, because there have not been updates for a long time!
The game already contains content from VN, but I did not have time to add content from the first version. Yes, and in general, I didn’t add there a lot from the first version, cos I plan to rework a little and update the old images and events. Also, not all the functions of the game will be available. This will be a kind of evaluation version, so you can see where we are going.
Also it will be very interesting for me to hear feedback from you. Who else but you can be my alpha- and beta-testers ...:)

P.S. You don't need old saves. The game is a logical continuation of Episode 1, it in turn will be like an intro. I did not unite them for a number of technical reasons.
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