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General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia

General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia

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General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
General Practitioner Version 0.0.5b by Bruni Multimedia
Every examination has been updated to include the "Comfort Level" (CL) of a patient.

The CL substitutes the "Trust level" of the patient.
The comfort level of a patient is calculated both by the patient's trust towards you and his/her mood, education and shyness.
Every patient will have a different CL, it's up to you to raise it to a level where you can treat him/her in the best of ways.
Every action will affect the CL, from asking questions to having the patient undress to examining him/her body parts.

Each patient has a different mood. While a patient can be looking for professional doctors, another one could look for a more strict one.
Some even prefer a playful medic, while some others are looking for more sexual stuff. It's up to you to determine your patient's character and behave accordingly.

You can now reply to a patient in seven different ways:
- Calm
- Professional
- Strict
- Sensitive
- Charming
- Flirty
- Playful

Each patient will see his/her CL raise/lower based on your behaviour and his/her character. Each patient is now based on one of six archetipes (some will be added in future updates):
- Normal
- Doubtful
- Agitated
- Sad
- Shy
- Sensual
- Tired

Each archetipe works with the MC's methods in a rock/paper/scissors kind of combination. A sad patient could be stimulated by a playful answer, or even a calm one, while shy patients could get mad if they receive a flirty answer from their caregiver.

The CL influences everything in the exam, from asking a patient to undress to examining him/her, up to giving a proper medical evaluation of the issue at hand.
* Corrected some bugs
* Added new Codex entries
- Codex entries now have pictures depicting the object of the entry
* Added 153 new images (as of 0.0.5a)
* Improved the coding of the game, which should now be smoother on slower machines
* Added a tutorial for the game
- You can disable the tutorial when starting a new game.
- The tutorial is always ON on Exam Mode
* Added a quick menu in the lower right corner of the screen
* Added a "Load" option in the contextual menu
* You can now fast skip a new game directly to the new content introduced in the updates
- Click "New game", perform the interview with Dr. Kirkman and then follow the instructions on screen
* You can now interview and hire a new staff member from a pool of three
- Perks and costs of the new staff member are outlined in the game
* Vanilla mode is now completely implemented. Vanilla mode disables sexual content in the game.
* Examination mode's exam has been modified to include the changes made to the exams in story mode
* Examination mode will consider all staff to be available and every item as been bought
* You can now buy items from the store!
- Check the Codex for info about perks given by each item
- You can access the online shop in the Daily Planner after Rita's examination

* Comfort Level for each patient has been introduced (see the beginning of this changelog).
* New examination available: Kiko
- Kiko's exam will be available after June 2nd
- Kiko's exam has been chosen by a 30$ patron
- Kiko is a flirtable character
* New examination available: Katia
- Katia's exam will start after June 18th
- In the final game Katia's exam will be restricted to whose that hire Dr. Borelli in the staff. However, since the other examinations are still in development the game will act as you hired Dr. Borelli.
- Katia is not a flirtable character
* Added more dialogue options in every exam released until now
* Clara's exam's difficulty has been revamped in order to apply the CL changes

* New storyline: "Clinical Methods"
- CM is scheduled to begin after you talked with Dr. Richards at the end of "Trip to Seattle" content
- CM will start on June 17th regardless of your daily activities
- CM will introduce you to interviewing and hiring new staff members for the clinic. Choose wisely.
* New storyline: "Kiko"
- After your examination of Kiko you will be prompted to the new storyline regarding her
- Kiko's storyline will be explored even in future updates
Known issues:
- Stats/Money gain and loss is functioning, however stats are still not used in events nor situations
- The game will end on June 30th to prevent players to go further. Full version of the game will cover an additional 11 months and there will be at least two more events in May.

In development:
* Added sound effects (breathing / heart) to all examinations

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