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Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios

Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios

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Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios Alansya Chronicles Fleeting Iris from Heaven Studios
An FBI agent flies to Japan in a mission, he meets a girl called Ayame. They fall in love and he asks her to move to the USA with him.
Having never met her father[/url] and having her mother[/url] die 2 years earlier, Ayame had very little that bind her to Japan so she moved in the USA to him.
A game about a regular woman and her fiance who engage in a story with lots of cheating[/url], blackmailing, heavy corruption and a background of netorare. You will decided how the story unfolds one month before their marriage which is when the game will take place.
Time to reveal the surprise!
You can now choose the size of Ayame's pubic hair via a consumable item called "Shaving Blade".
Currently you just receive 99 of the item once you start the game, you use by interacting with the sink in the downstairs bathroom of Ayame's house, but in the future you will have to pay 5 Zel a piece.
We're making a lot of interiors that will be ready for the next patch, we need them desperately because we want to introduce new mechanics that were planned from the beggining and we need those buildings to place stores, etc.
You will be able to travel the subway and go to the mall which has a bunch of stores where you can purchase clothes for future jobs, consumables that improve your charm like perfumes and lipstick (stat that will be introduced in the next patch) which unlock other hentai[/url] scenes and not on an irrelevant point, you can purchase the shaving blades there as well.
You will also be able to purchase a vibrator in the red light district adult shop, which we're sure Ayame is going put to good use next patch.
You have to interact with the sink every time you want to change the pubic hair size, and each time you do it you use one of your blades (so it's 5 zel per use).
The pubic hair size also influences ALL the hentai scenes, including when you watch them in the CG room, ALL hentai scenes already have a pubic hair version except Melvin's one at the counter which is being re-written for next patch due to popular demand so, no point in adding to something we're gonna scrap.

Lots of early game dialogue was changed and expressions were changed, we're not done tho. This is progress changes, as we improve, it's only natural to go back and improve on stuff that was up to our standards then, but aren't now, a great example of this is Key' that drastically improved as a developer, and scrapped the entire game and started over, obviously we're not gonna do something as drastic, but small changes are always likely to occur.
The CG room is now interactable via a clock (that allows you to see the past and the future, I know, we're geniuses). But yeah, Ayame's house 1F has a clock with a sparkle that lets you access the CG room instead of a weird hexagram outside of the house.
7/11 route and Jack route advanced as we said previously, Muku had to draw A LOT of images for scenes that, well, one of them has quite the short dialogue, the other is a full fledged scene, but all this drawing takes time and he also draws versions for when Ayame becomes more perverted with sluttier faces, more daring poses, etc.
Keep in mind that the dialogue with Fujiko DRASTICALLY changes depending if Ayame had sex with Robert or not.
I'm really a fan of nursery handjobs so I really like this new scene. Futurely for the Jack scene you will need a certain morale for some of the options (you'll figure out in game).
There's a few cameos on specific days around the town with future MC's, have fun spotting them! Tip, they show up from Day 12 onward.
Like I said, we dedicated a lot of time and effort to voice acting, but it just didn't work out, on the positive side we can now dish out patches much faster, and this makes me SO much happy because all I want to do is dish out new content, because having all these ideas I find cool and not seeing them take shape is INCREDIBLY frustrating.

Finally, but not less important I deeply apologize for the two day delay, Patreon maintenance Wednesday was kinda long and it was my girlfriend's birthday yesterday, I meant to get home earlier and post this but the party kept being dragged on so yesterday I ended up " sleeping[/url] over" at her house, didn't sleep jack at night so when I got home I instantly passed out.
While I had internet, I didn't have either my Patreon login and even if I did, I obviously didn't have the game in my cellphone. For important work things like Patreon, bank account, etc. I always use huge randomly inputed passwords that I keep on physical paper just to make it harder to crack, usually I don't have to remember them because of "always stay logged in" option.
I could've posted the game a few hours earlier today but while playing the game one last time I realized Issac broke the freaking CG room entrance later down the road (effectively making you unable to access it, hence the big bold letters at the start).
SOOOOOO, to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen again, and a few other reasons, we decided to hire Ryuuzenmaru as our official Public Relations Manager to transmit stuff like this to you guys and we don't have to seem absent for so long and you guys are not left in the dark

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