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BadMustard - Almost Dead New Version 0.C

Language: English
New Version 0.C
Censored: No

1. Extract and Run.

A young man awakes after a very bad car accident to discover that his life is going to change forever. Follow along as his story unfolds.

Whats been done for chapter 12
226 images
6 animations
5 replay areas
6 gallery images
added 496 dialogue blocks, containing 6,041 words and 32,196 characters for a total of 6,795 dialogue blocks, containing 93,584 words and 486,577 characters

Whats been done for chapter 11
3 gallery images
7 animations
9 replay areas
244 images
768 dialogue blocks, containing 10,006 words and 52,087 characters for a total of 87,537 words and 454,334 characters.
I fixed the bug in chapter 5 that ended the game.
added replay areas for all previous chapters (26 total)

What was done for chapter 10
5 replay scenes added
7 gallery images
218 images
8 animations
10,482 words and 54,845 characters for a total of 77,531 words and 402,241 characters.
Pressing Shift + B now toggles the text box background on and off during game play on android, swiping down will toggle the text box background on and off, and swipping from left to right will go backwards in the story.
Turned on the side face images (default is off for android).
The text box background can still be toggled in the Preferences’ menu on all systems.

Chapter 9 what I have done
Added 11,766 words and 61,447 letters for a total of 67,001 words and 347,134 letters.
5 gallery images, 249 images, 4 animations
Changed the font for the text box names. Added a replay gallery so that once you have played through a scene you can go back and replay that scene again.;) currently this is only for chapter 9 if I do it for the earlier chapters it will kill your old saved games (with no way to recover) so I’ve opted to wait on them.
There were some other smaller tweaks here and there to make the game better.

9 gallery images
141 images
8 animations (2 are just faster loops of the same animation)
Added 552 dialogue blocks, containing 8,698 words and 44,108 character for a total of 3,930 dialogue blocks, containing 54,535 words and 279,435 characters.
And a new Icon.

112 images for chapter 6
4 new images for the gallery
4 new movie clips
Patreon page
added Buy Me A Coffee link
Preferences added turn on/off (Text background, and Messaging system)

BadMustard - Almost Dead   New Version 0.C

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