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KilljoyTRV - The Rise of Vruk New Version 0.18

Language: English
New Version 0.18
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

In The Rise of Vruk is a game you play a goblin who must recreate his clan to take revenge on the orcs that destroyed your entire race. This is done by turning human women into corrupted breeding stock.​

-Quest ‘The Search For Vera’ added
-Introduction of a new girl
-If Gita is on the corruption path she will sell you sleeping powder after the Old Gobbo is dead
-Remastered renders for almost all the old scenes (A new save is NOT required, but you may want to restart just to see them)
-Tish’s story advanced (pregnancy and non-pregnancy routes -consequences!)
-New revamped loss scenes for both DD King fight and Old Gobbo
Note: Some renders are still be remastered (not many) and some are being reworked due to lighting issues (WIP) Remaster will be 100% done in 0.19
Please note that the journal is NOT up to date in this build. Listen to the characters very closely as they will tell you what to do next.

-Quality of Life adjustments: increased gold received from Vicki and Jack for work done, also increased gold received for selling bat and DD wings.
-Opened up the forest earlier in game (enter at your own risk)
-Rescue of Lara and Shannon Quests completed -The breaking of Shannon completed -Lara’s reveal convo -Pro/No routes for Lara added
-New girl: Sera!
-Corruption of Tish Quest completed
-New area! (unlocked after The Search for Lara)
-New movement ability
-Quest log implemented (Must start a new game to find the in-game journal) Journal is not caught up to this update, but has been added!
-Unlocked messing with Elsie. You no longer need sleeping powder to insert tab ‘p’ into slot ‘m’ while she sleeps…
-Various quality of life updates and tweaks that I cannot remember at the moment…

Added 3 new girls: Elsie (has blowjob scene), Tish (Intro, no sex scene yet, arc ends after flower quest), and Mavis (Intro, no sex yet)
Main storyline extended
Gita’s cum-test quest completed (no more scenes after reward/denial convo)
Alchemy system integrated
Bats changed to be aggressive only at night, fly above Vruk during the day (you can still fight them, but Vruk has to initiate combat)
Lara’s training quest completed (end scene is repeatable)
Added in several new ways to kill Vruk. GOTTA FIND THEM ALL!
New secret scenes to be found
Oh, and various tweaks to story triggers to allow ‘unsticking’ when an event is missed (you can skip time and try again)
MAJOR NOTE: Follow the main story line CAREFULLY as you CAN fuck your game if you get out of order as Vera’s pregnancy is on a timer and the story must move along with it.

1.) Finished acceptance into Denmar (Day 2)
2.) Gita the shopkeeper intro and quest beginning
3.) Added in Vicki side quest (Farmer’s daughter)
4.) Update UI with time-keeping symbol, also added in a new timeslot: Afternoon
5.) Added in 3 new secret encounters (I won’t tell you, just explore!)
6.) Progressed main story up to Vera’s baby bump showing.
7.) Implemented pregnancy system (will come into play in 0.14…hopefully)
9.) New main menu pic
10.) Completely re-worked the Castle and added two more floors to it (will come into play in future updates)
11.) Updated Denmar map, Vera’s house, the Farm, the forest, and Monster Town maps
12.) Various bug fixes (including the exit-transfer bug that was freeing people’s games when Lara left the screen in the evening)

KilljoyTRV - The Rise of Vruk New Version 0.18

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