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KooooN Soft - Tifa - Interactive Touching Game 2 - Completed

Developer / Publisher: KooooN Soft
Tags: kooooN soft, bdsm, tifa, undress, vaginal sex, anal sex, multiple-penetration, arousal, interactive,
Censorship: No
Language: Jap (instructions in english below in the game)
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
Also known as Tifa BDSM.
Once again Tifa got captured tied-up in bondage. Although she is trying to break free she's still all at your disposal.
Now it's up to you to decide her fate, so move her around, undress and touch her up, dominate her, and "enjoy" her company!
Just be gentle with her, she's still one of our favourite Final Fantasy characters.​
Additional Infos:
【About image quality】
The image quality setting of this work is usually set to "MIDDLE (Medium)".
If there is room for operation, please improve the image quality by clicking the cursor with "QUALITY" on the upper left of the screen and setting it to "HIGH (high)" "BEST (highest)".
On the other hand, if the operation is heavy, the operation may be lighter by having the image quality "LOW (low)".
Still if it is heavy, it may be improved by making the window size as small as possible.
【About operation method】
Basically you can enjoy it with the mouse only operation.
Search for the hit judgment of each part, please refer to the message displayed at the bottom left and try using various kinds of clicks and dragging.
Although it is designed to be able to operate with some intuition to some extent, here are some tips on playing.
Standing mode:
● When the mode is "seeing", you can look at each place.
When you look at some embarrassing points when you are in an aversive state, there is a change in the state.
● When the mode is "touch", you can touch various parts.
Rubbing my breasts, messing with my crotch ... ... Pleasure gauge is easy to rise.
● When the mode is "licking", you can lick each place.
Pleasure gauge is easy to rise. Also, you can kiss when used on your face.
● When the mode is "hit", you can hit each part.
The cruel gauge will rise accordingly. When you hit a lot, there is a change in the state.
● When the mode is "Remove", you can remove clothes.
"Tank Top" "Suspender" "Skirt" "Pants" can be removed.
It is necessary to remove it to insert fingers.
● When the mode is "shaving", under hair can be shaved.
You can remove underwear or use it in a staggered state.
● When mode is "Aphrodisiac injection", you can inject aphrodisiac and increase the pleasure gauge greatly.
Disgusting, shame when you inject about 4 places, there is a change in the state.
● By satisfying the conditions, the "Scene change" button appears and you can shift to "Insert mode".
Insert mode:
● By satisfying the condition, the insert button appears and you can shift to the insertion standby state.
In that state, click on the secret part etc. to do the insertion.
If the ejaculation gauge rises to the maximum, ejaculation can be done.
Insertion and ejaculation can be done in both the secret part and the anus.
I dare not have a purpose in play.
Please try looking for your own way of playing.
Download Keep2share (k2s.cc)
For PC
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