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Kosmos Games - Bright Past - Version 0.68.1 Update

Censorship: None
Version 0.68.1
OS: Windows
Language: English - Russian
Genre:Female Protagonist, 3DCG, Sandbox, Adventure

Dear friends, the day has come! It is with great pleasure that I present you a demo of my new project. Some may consider it to be a remake of my very first game - "

", that many of you liked. The new game is called "Bright Past" and is also based on the concept of an open-world sandbox with a main storyline. However, this time we are doing it on a completely different level! In the current version you can meet the main characters, learn about their background and game setting in general.
As you can see in the screenshot, the game will take place in the modern world. The main character will be a girl. The genre of the project can be described as a sandbox with elements of the quest an RPG.​

Version 0.68.1

Version 0.65

You will meet again with Valerie’s sister and meet the big bosses of Jade City.
I completely replaced the gloryhole cabin in the toilet with a better one.
I also replaced all the scenes and Albert’s dick. A tattoo option is also included.
4 new animations, including recycling 1 old.
Now you will be able to receive orders for fulfilling piquant tasks. Take a look at the website work.bp.
The deep blowjob lessons were not in vain. You can apply knowledge on Broom.
In a leather dress you can now walk without panties (you need a high level of courage).
Alex can sleep without clothes.
New images of Barbara in the shower in the first scene.
A new image of a clothing store + seller.
New breakfast images (including tattoos).
On the street to the right of the house there are now people.
Dialogue with Margie in the store no longer needs rhetoric.
An elevator appeared in the sports complex.
2 bonus cards.

Version 0.63

Alex will be able to attend deep blowjob courses.
Intimate acquaintance with nudists on the beach.
The ability to sunbathe and swim without clothes.
Your group will begin preparations for their first concert.
Alex will be able to get a tattoo. It will be displayed during dialogs and in the wardrobe.
The image of Alex in the wardrobe has been improved.
New location – tattoo studio.
New clothes for performances.
New very hot selfie.
You can use the fuck machine in the secret room for arousal. To do this, you must interrupt the act of masturbation. Event in the casino also increases the arousal.
Starting a teacher job has been simplified. A hot selfie is needed only for the event with Teddy.
Some old scenes have been updated with new underwear.
The save menu in the English version has been fixed.
The condition for opening a sex shop has been fixed.
Fixes for many minor bugs.

Version 0.35.3
You can build a relationship with Ruby.
You can go on dates with her, chat and get to know each other better. If you know what I mean…
An animated scene is present.
I completely redid the mood system. Almost every action affects the mood for a while. In a bad mood, Alex will not be able to work. The system is still being tested and I’m waiting for your feedback.
New locations: Old Town and Highway.
It’s best to walk on a highway on a rainy day. Sex scene is present.
In the toilet of a cafe, Alex can do blowjob. Also now she will receive money for this.
At night, the park becomes really dangerous. It would be better for you to avoid this place (or not).
Unprotected sex will now lead to pregnancy. The system has not yet been fully developed.
A full pregnancy in the game will not be. I will tell the details later.
Emergency contraception and a pregnancy test appeared in the pharmacy.
You can close the game menu by pressing ESC.
I modified the relationship system a bit. Now the bonus art will open automatically, and relationship points will accumulate.
I also added 2 bonus images from Ruby.
After the rehearsals start, you can go to Rick at night and talk to him.
New sounds added.
Now, Alex will only wear a jacket outside in the rain and at night.
After the cafe closes, Jane and Amanda will do the cleaning.
The hospital will now be available at the very beginning of the game.
Many bugs have been fixed. Minor fixes are also present

upd 1: I fixed some critical bugs.

Changelog 0.2:
Penelope will suggest that Alex stay for an extra lesson. Animated scene is attached.
Continued webcam stories. Is it Alex’s turn?
Play basketball with Rudo and his friends. And not only basketball…
Alex can get a job at the casino. She will have to look good.
Uniform attached.
The masturbation scene in the room is replaced by an animated one.
Excited Alex can masturbate in the solarium.
A younger sister will come to visit Alex.
A vending machine appeared at the hospital. There you can buy a chocolate or cereal bar and eat.
With high courage, Alex will be able to walk around the house in his underwear.
The wardrobe has been redone.
Alex can wear stockings, which gave Barbara.
2 swimsuits and a beach towel are added to the clothing store ..
Beach added. Alex can swim and sunbathe there.
Accidental meeting with a pervert attached.
On the beach you can meet Jane.
A basement appeared near the house. You will have to find the key to it.
In the beauty salon near the mirror, you can now do makeup
Owl can be found in the library, and Valerie – near the newsstand.
You can buy a coffee maker and make coffee yourself.
A pack of coffee can be bought at the store.
Alex can drink coffee and energy drinks only 3 times a day now.
NPC that have new dialogs are now labeled. (while not working everywhere)
NPC that have new dialogs are now labeled. (while not working everywhere)
New girl now helps Owl in the store.
Wet wipes appeared in the store. They are well help wipe sperm.
You can talk to Barbara when she changes clothes in her room.
4 new collectible cards (total 18)

Changelog 0.15.2:
Support for old saves. (Instructions included)
Alex is getting more naughty.
She still can find a bass player. For the first time, Alex will be able to use open seduction.
Someone will invite her on a date, and everything can end up with something hot. (+ 1 sex animation)
Alex was inspired by the work of Babrara. Why not try?
You will learn the secret of Falsetto and Leila.
Alex will remember her first sex and tell how it was.
Barbara will tell you why she doesn’t have a husband.
I added 3 new collectible cards.
The daily routine of Valerie and Barbara has changed. Now in the morning and in the evening they will eat together. Alex will be able to them join and eat for free.
The kitchen is completely changed.
New suit for Alex. At the moment it is used only by the quest.
The phone now displays air temperature. In the future I want to add a change of weather.
I changed the inventory system. Same products are not duplicated now.
I also added the ability to transfer some items from the bag to the drawer and back.
New location “Car Dealership”. Alex will go there for the plot.
I fixed a lot of minor bugs.
Perhaps something else.

Changelog 0.1:
German language added.
Alex will complete Falsetto’s task and start to singing lessons.
Alex will gain experience and receive her first invitation to the band.
Alex needs to find the first musician for the band.
But she will visit terrible and dangerous place to do this.
Characteristics and interface:
Now “charm” matters. With a sufficient level, it will help you complete some quests.
Added the ability to use perfumes.
In the beauty salon appeared the services of a hairdresser. Hairstyle change will not work, but Alex will be able to cut a little the hair and temporarily enhance the “charm”.
Interface changed. Now you will always see 3 main characteristics.
Now you have the option of fast food. You just need to click on the hunger icon and select food. Same system with drowsiness and energy drinks.
The coffee shop has the opportunity to buy coffee to go.
The effect of hunger is changed. Now Alex can work in a state of hunger. But hunger has a negligible effect on work efficiency and on wages.
If Alex forgets to smoke before work, it also reduces income a little.
“Amadeus” has become a Spanish restaurant and is now called “Havana”. Alex can eat there. The food in “Havana” gives a “gourmet bonus”, which will increase your efficiency at work.
The salary in the cafe has been increased.
Alex can do make up and apply perfume only near the mirror (in the bathroom or in the cafe toilet)
Some icons are replaced with luminous surfaces.
Alex will be able to work as an articles creator. This will give extra money and a small increase in some characteristics.
Alex will be able to watch porn. The internet offers many categories of adult films.
The online store will be added.
Online store :
Here you can buy an electronic cigarette that replaces regular cigarettes. In future versions, this will help Alex quit smoking. Liquid for e-cigs is sold at the newsstand.
A dressing table is also sold here. This will let you do cosmetic procedures in you room. Also there will be an opportunity to set up automatic makeup every morning.
Alex can also buy expensive perfumes here to choose from.
With a high level of courage and excitement, Alex will be able to visit the far cabin in the toilet.
2 new animations was added. One of them replaces the old scene in the quest with Evelyn.
1 achievement has been added.
Now you can take a taxi to Pearl Beach and Rose Street
New appearance of Owl.
Every night the game will automatically be saved.
Fixed bug with call Jane.
Changed most tooltips.
Fixed many minor bugs.

Changelog 0.09a:
Alex learned how to do makeup. For now, this only affects the appearance.
New bonus points system. You can get points for completing quests. You can spend points on hints and special bonuses (only 1 is available now).
The continuation of the story of Barbara. Alex will be able to personally observe her “workflow”.
New girl Ruby and piquant quest with her participation.
New looks Amanda and the quest, during which Alex learns her secret.
A new, lively part of Rose Street, where you can meet a violinist and a guy handing out flyers.
A sports field appeared in the center, where you can meet Valerie, Margie and Ruby.
New location “Red Quarter”, where the most depraved events will unfold in the future.
The mood option is deleted.
Main characteristics have icons now.
The quest log displays requirements for some quests.
Some backgrounds have been replaced by improved ones.
Images in the erotic sleep event was replaced.
In his laptop, Alex can register on the social network.
Many interface fixes and small nuances.

Changelog 0.08a:
Main plot. Alex will go to his first rehearsal and find out about the vocal teacher.
In one of the voting you said that you like Margie (the administrator in the sports complex). I added an event with her. I will make her more important NPC in the future.
If Alex falls asleep with high arousal, she will have a good dream. And something after waking up.
Alex has new nightie now. She can wear it outside the room. Images of sleep have also changed.
If Alex comes home late, there is a chance that a maniac will attack her … a sex maniac … With consequences.
I added some people to locations to make it more realistic.
New locations: college of Arts (porch, corridor, Rector’s office), hospital.
New NPCs: nurse, two police officers, rector, maniac, vocal teacher.
New appearance of Valerie’s sister.
Now you can add money on your card. It will protect them from being stolen. There are 2 ATMs in a game.
When entering the location, you will see which NPCs are there.
Alex can sleep 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours now.
The work isn’t a grind anymore. You will work until the evening by one click now.
Jane can call on a weekday now, not just a day off.
You will see a special marker next to the icon when new NPCs and quests are added.
Some old events will now be added to the quest menu.
2 collectible cards have been added.
Bug in the solarium was fixed.
Bug with the game on the phone was fixed .
Some minor fixes.

Changelog 0.007:
A big event with Valerie will be available after we catch her with a guy.
Accidental event at a bus stop at night.
An inventory bag was added to the game.
NPC menu with information about each friend is added.
A mood system was improved. Now it’s influenced by hunger, smoking, eating ice cream.
Orgasms get your mood to the maximum for several hours.
Alex can’t work in low mood. Same with hunger and sleepiness.
You can buy cookies and energy drinks in the store, which increase satiety and remove drowsiness.
Untranslated strings were fixed.
Prices in stores were changed.
The taxi was added. You can call it from the phone book.
You won’t be able to sleep in the center at night. Alex will call a taxi.
A work schedule of different places was added.
Alex has a passport now.
An interface was changed. There is a left menu with actions now. And you can see not only the mood, but also the current outfit on the Alex icon on the right side.
A dialog interface was changed.
Alex may get undressed in some places.
The scale of sexual arousal is completely remade.
A sports shop was added. There you can buy a yoga mat and sneakers.
A music store was added.
Alex can do sports at home and in the park.
The second edition of the newspaper was added.
You can buy a laptop (ad in the newspaper). But for now this is a decoration only.
Alex may have a headache. For now, it will only be in one place of the plot. (may need aspirin)
Collectible cards boost arousal.
A quest with rock couple was simplified.
Some additions and bug fixes

Changelog Version 0.006
About the plot: It's not that easy to get into rock-club. You have to make new acquaintances to do this.
New locations near home: park, lane, basketball court and abandoned building.
A total of 7 new NPCs.
You can meet Lucas in the park and talk to him.
There you will make another acquaintance, and find events connected to it.
It's good to talk to basketball players too. Quite useful acquaintance.
Now you have an opportunity to look at the main character in underwear and without it in the wardrobe.
If the NPS has new dialogs, you will see a special sign.
Valerie introduces us to her new boyfriend. He will come and visit on the weekends. Watch them.
Now you have an opportunity to sign up for yoga. Talk to Valerie about it. After yoga you will find new content in the shower.
You can buy a newspaper in the newsstand. They will be weekly in the future.
You can visit the solarium.
3 new collectible cards appeared.
Edited bugs and made minor changes.
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Trooper от 8 November 2019 10:48
I'd like to have more save pages or know the location of my saved games on my mac, if possible
Asad pathan
Asad pathan от 27 April 2020 06:31
Me first time this game download butt exciting game

I'd like to have more save pages or know the location of my saved games on my mac, if possible

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