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Lost Count from Heartomics

Category: Adult Game
6-01-2017, 19:20

Lost Count from Heartomics

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Lost Count from Heartomics Lost Count from Heartomics Lost Count from Heartomics Lost Count from Heartomics Lost Count from Heartomics Lost Count from Heartomics Lost Count from Heartomics
Release Date: 26 November, 2016
Language: English
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Heartomics: Lost Count is a vertical shooting game that uses fan service to entice
players that were too timid to try the genre. Humanoid monsters called "Heartomics"
are summoned wrecking havoc outside the town of Tori. Hero has long been
missing and was recently recovered with the help of three beautiful girls "Euphony",
"Lyra", and "Melody". With their powers combined with technological advancements;
Hero must brave the hostile lands to find the cause of these summoning and put an
end to their destruction.
Main Features:
- Explore a stunning fantasy world across 11 stages, including forests, mountains,
oceans, and the stars. Play through mesmerizing patterns as every boss encounter
reveals an iconic pattern in an attempt to destroy you.
- A smaller hitbox than the character's sprite is revealed when you use the
appropriate commands.
- Thanks to this Heartomics: Lost Count can challenge the
players with some of the most unique and innovative shot patterns in the bullet hell
genre. Conquer and boast about your success on dodging thousands of bullets at the
same time.
- Enjoy beautiful scenes of our lovely ladies in their most precious poses. Each stage
cleared rewards you with an unforgettable view (sometimes a few).
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Size: 1070

Tags: Games, heartomics, vn, visual novel, adv, adventure, sexy girl, nudity, big breasts, teens, fantasy
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